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New Light Body News, Issue #005 -- September 2009 Intensity and New Light
September 16, 2009
Dearest Friends,

Welcome to the September 2009 New Light Body News, and welcome to all our new subscribers! Thank you for participating in this newsletter.

This past month was very quiet at our site, although I felt the intensity levels of what is happening spiritually for many of us continued to accelerate. Our site traffic continues to grow as more people are becoming aware of spiritual light and its effect on the body.

Here are our newest highlights and resources!

Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred

This is a new video by Julie Redstone of Light Omega which is very profound. When I watched it I felt a huge shift as light opened in a new way in my body and consciousness. Here is a link to the video: Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred

If you'd like to be notified of new Light Omega videos as they are created, you can sign up for the mailing list here at

New Articles by Julie

Julie Redstone wrote about the experience of Invisibility that some are experiencing as their bodies move into a new vibration. I'd like to hear whether you've experienced anything like this. Please Share

How to Become More Present in the Present is a beautiful and simple reminder that God is present right here, right now, and contains many useful practical suggestions for living this profound truth each day.

Light Body Blessings

Last month there were three new Light Body Blessings messages which addressed current issues that many of us are dealing with right now. I'm reprinting them here this month as they are still quite relevant to the changes that many of us are experiencing.

Unique Challenges for Lightworkers Today

Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose

The Sanctification of the New Earth

New and Ongoing Discussions

Questions Needing Answers

Infections, Rashes and Skin Eruptions?

New Discussions

The Language of the Soul


Ongoing Discussions

We have a number of visitor contributions on the following topics that you may find helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or share your own experiences!

Light Body Experiences

Energy Sensitivity

Share Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future New Light Body discussion topics, please contact us here.

A Personal Note

I'm experiencing many new energetic and physical changes. I have been dealing with over a month with a persistent level of mysterious pain that does not seem to fit into any kind of dental or medical category.

I've asked for guidance repeatedly about how to resolve the situation and am told both from my spiritual guidance and from my medical professionals that I need some rather invasive treatments which I am not looking forward to. :(

I carry in my consciousness an awareness of what is possible for the human body in terms of healing, regeneration and rejuvenation, and it is painful for me that I am not capable of creating this level of healing in my own body. I do believe that this will change as our bodies and the energetic atmosphere of the Earth continue to transform.

The development of my new business has been slower this past month for several reasons, including technical problems with one of our main affiliate merchants and difficulty getting needed services to expand our offerings. For background on this please see my personal note from June 2009

I struggled with discouragement some days, as the energy of contraction felt so overpowering to me that it was impossible to get anything done. My guidance has been to not give any energy at all to the limitations and setbacks, but rather to focus on my heart and my purpose ... regardless of what appears to be manifesting or not manifesting.

Despite so many challenges I ended up discovering some new training resources which helped me to refocus the direction and focus of the site, which I believe in the long term will make it more successful.

In the past few months I've been feeling a greater connection to my soul's purpose which has provided joy and comfort even in the midst of these trials.

I continue to feel that this is a time of major and profound change. I never know what will happen next! I'm very grateful for all the spiritual supports that God has sent to help me continue to move forward even in these challenging times.

What are you experiencing during this time? I'd like to hear.

Thank you so much for participating in our New Light Body newsletter. I feel much possibility ahead for the future and I look forward to sharing with you!

With much love and gratitude,


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