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excessive need to pee

by dan

i keep needing to go to the toilet, i can probably go like 15, 20 times a day, maybe 50 times if i kept drinking, i stop drinking at a point as i dont have much money to buy bottled water, so i usually dont drink much to save money??
can you help me with this question

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first things
by: Anonymous

The first thing to do is to have yourself checked out by a physician or natureopath and rule out any medical causes.

Frequent Urination
by: Elle (Arizona)

I totally agree with the previous comment, you should get checked by a licensed practitioner to rule out any serious conditions. But I would like to add that I was just telling my friend that I have been going pee ALOT in the last week. I'm drinking the same amount of water, but seem to be urinating every hour, which is alot for me. And the strange thing is, that I'm not losing weight from it. Usually when you lose that much water, it'll show on the scale.

I told my friend that I was going to keep an eye out to see if anyone else blogged about peeing alot too, as one of the new symptoms...And here it is! My confirmation! Thank you for sharing :0)

by: Anonymous

i have been to the doctor they said i am in tiptop condition
has anyone got anything elese to add to this as i am looking for spiritual advice "we all know doctors dont give out that type of knoledge"

by: Anonymous

From a Spiritual point of view; We are at a very intense part of the purification process. Everybody goes at their own pace and different people have different symptoms. From what I've read, June 21, 2010 Summer Solstice is a huge point in this process. It will be a big upgrade in the activation of the Lightbody process. Even though we have many more steps to go afterward, this upgrade will be the beginning of putting our creating abilities into action. We should be able to start manifesting and creating easier in the end of June (coupled with the full moon). It seems that some of our bodies are sort of cramming in all of the cleansing it can before the end of June, so it may be more common to have abnormal symptoms that may not make sense in the next few weeks.

When we go into deeper layers within ourselves, we will uproot and discard lots of stuff that we've held onto for many lifetimes. We must release that stuff to make room for more light. When those things are released, it may trigger physical symptoms like headaches, allergies, rash, fever, throat issues, flu-like symptoms in general to name a few...

Frequent urination could be your body/kidneys releasing and filtering out more stuff in this cramming phase. It's a phase that should pass within a couple of weeks as most symptoms I get do seem to pass in a couple of weeks. If it doesn't, then of course, you should get a second opinion. I really think it's just another symptom of the purification process. Hope this helps.


by: Anonymous

dear dan,
i have had this for a long time, but i feel i have alot of clearing to do, ALOT!
i kind of think what you are saying is true as alot of songs sudgest the same thing "washing out sadness, drowning your sorrows, when the levee breaks by led zeplin also"

thanks for advice

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