Feeling Someone Touching Me

by Elle

A blue light captured in a recent photo

A blue light captured in a recent photo

I've had lots of symptoms for the past 2 years; headaches, dizziness, ringing in right ear, seeing gridlines & geometrical shapes, seeing white lights and blue orbs (lots of blue stuff), heat within the body with a cold sweat, buzzy feeling on legs and arms, strong stream of energy pouring out of my left foot, extremely tired all the time, EXTREME sensitivity to cell phones and computers (my cell phone burns my hand when I hold it), cannot be in large crowds or around people anymore, I just want to be alone all of the time now and never go ANYWHERE. But the thing that stands out the most is feeling someone stroking my face and arms throughout the day, and actually feeling someone reaching into my back and chakras at night. There is no pain involved with this contact, but it is clearly, with absolutely no doubt in my mind, someone reaching into my back and chakras. Sometimes it lasts for about 20 minutes, sometimes for about an hour. Only once I recently heard a soft voice say "we're adjusting your meridians" (I didn't even know what a meridian was, I had to look it up on the internet!). Other than that, I don't hear anything or see anyone, I just feel the sensations. Is anyone else experiencing this type of contact? I have asked "them" lots of questions and I am not receiving any answers. It makes me very sad to be going through this without a teacher or any form of support. NOBODY will answer my questions :0(

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Dec 15, 2014
by: Daniel

I experience most of the same. I often wonder why this is not explained to us! Funny, just take it as an adventure. I also feel wonderful OIL being poured all over me and I get to feel it dripping down! Others can feel it when I pray for them. Sometimes I get scared and wonder if it is something bad trying to trick me, but Jesus said that by their fruits you can recognize them and since this has started I have become more and more loving and compassionate and much more. Reply to me? PS anyone from MN?

Dec 10, 2014
My name is name
by: Anonymous

I'm going through someone not there touching my bottom more then once playing with face and hair it fee let like a hand iam spritul I can see ghots ect

Dec 08, 2014
For elle
by: Joni

And if you want a healer, here is the email for a free healer in New Zealand that works with Ascended masters of healing like Jesus, Buddha, etc. She has a huge site to read about too, the healings take place every Wednesday, of free will you have to send her a photograph of you with about 1-2 feet of clearance above your head, she can see the rays or energies, anyways each person gets 15-20 minutes of healing that day, and you are to heartfully intend a loving connection with them that day each week for 4-5 months.
She is the only person i have found that is free. She had energy portals in her hands, etc. and takes her sacred relationship with them honorably. This is the gift she has received from help others.

Her site: http://www.alphaimaging.co.nz/diary

Much peace & help to your situation ;)

Dec 08, 2014
For Elle
by: Joni

Hi Elle,

Nope you are not alone, the things happening to you and for you are real. To introduce myself, I am female, age 42, single mother of 2 older children, I don't take any prescribed meds, I don't have a history of any ill happenings, etc. I don't have any physical impairments, i am hardly ever ill, except for those nasty migraines (which are btw teachers for us to be good to others and not shut people out of our lives) I am as normal and rational as they get.
I am a natural helper of all and try to see the love to give to others rather than judgment. I believe there is a way to help without causing more harm or negativity. So for you I bring you understanding and love.

The experiences you have with a being reaching into your back chakra, i have had similar, and usually felt my hands or arms being stroked by an invisible presence in church, the thing you mention with meridians, is really outstanding information, you see you don't need a teacher for other things, or they would be teaching you. If we work for the greater good doing things, then things work better for us. 'you are land based' when energy pours out of feet it goes into the earth, mostly making people tired, if you try to do all things that are helpful, loving, and have a mindful heartfelt interactions with people, you will feel the energy change. We don't want to be cold people, do anything and everything to be loving and everything will become better. Read this site: http://www.sahej.com/meridians.html

Notice a yogi wrote it.Wow!! It really makes sense, the colorless liquid flows from the heart, so be love and your body will be warmer, more flexible, and your life will change for the better....You see the blue actually represents the 'blue emotions' you are feeling, the lowly feelings...so for you to do your part, you must reach, reach, reach out to love others, hopefully with they adjusting your meridians it is for the good to help you, but even so, you can jump start it in the right direction of love.....never settle to be alone, nope, nada, never! We are meant to love, interact and receive love. What we give is what is duplicated, so duplicate what you want to stay in your life permanently. I hope I have helped, i know i have, please do it & love life, sweetie.

Nov 24, 2014
Good / Bad / Ugly
by: Anonymous

I have experienced some strange sensations over the course of my life. I am not sure they are good or bad. All I know is, I didn't ask for most of them knowingly. If you are scared go to church. Some of my experiences were terrifying and you should be very careful about just reading everything on the internet, there are bad as well as good people out there. Every time I go to church the energy stabilises, but outside of church if I sin a little more than normal (nothing that bad!) I can sometimes get psychic grief. The big thing for me is consent. I only want psychic experiences I consent to and not a whole bunch of stuff I didn't ask for.

Nov 15, 2014
Strange things happen in live.
by: InocenteAnonymous

Hi,I feel and hear some one of the peoples I live with reach home before they came home,most of the time I have to open the bedroom door to see of they are there allready and over a 5 of 10 minutes they are there.My question is,how is this possible.

Nov 15, 2014
Kisses and Caresses
by: MawT

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment in August 2014.

The past few weeks as I am in the waking stage I have felt a kiss on my cheek...it was so real that I turned over to see why my husband was up so early~~no one was there. I wasn't scared by the kiss just curious that it seemed so real.

This morning, about the same stage of sleep/wake, I felt someone put their hand on my upper arm and a hand caress my hair. Again, I turned to see if my husband had waken up early....no one. And again, it didn't scare me but I was wide awake after that!!

Nov 10, 2014
Tingling on my face and shoulders
by: Mollei

I have experienced stuff like this too, i've seen faces and even had someone/something talk to me.... it is VERY CREEPY. i have'nt been able to get answers either. i know this probably wont help but i got some answers by watching ghost adventures. they've experienced the same things.

Nov 06, 2014
Have you found answers or help yet?
by: Anonymous

I read your post today. I know it's a few years old at this point, but I wanted to know if you were able to be helped. I'm a sensitive and have been told numerous times throughout my life that I'm a psychic and a medium. I didn't need anyone to tell me that though, because the experiences I've had already made that obvious to me. I can usually handle all kinds of odd experiences, but the one thing that has been happening to me lately that I can't seem to brush off, is the feeling that someone is touching my ear. It sounds so silly and insignificant. I've had WAY more intense experiences and sensations that I was able to get rid of or reconcile, but for some reason this darn thing won't stop. It's annoying me because it's even distracting me during meditation. No matter how many protective actions I take, or how well I try to listen to the possible message it's sending me, it doesn't stop. It doesn't seem to be a medical issue so I'm just not sure what to do with it. I'm hoping maybe you'll have some insight for me, or maybe I'll be of some assistance to you.

Many blessings and best wishes.

Nov 04, 2014
seeing/being touched/etc.
by: Bluebirdsoul:)

Wow I hope I can count on honest stories, I am 100% HONEST in my story..I did open my pinial/third eye spontaneous thru illness I thought it was a NDE-near death exp. It started with deep sorrow from being ill and giving myself to higher power because the illness was taking me down fast..Feeling Better

I see what I call firefly sparkles usually white or electric blue, they take pictures as whitish spheres with rainbow edges some have faces with what looks like a combination of beluga whale face with light eyes to shaved alpaca face nose shape with small mouth I know sounds strange kinda similar to anunnaki looking if you look up the picture Im not saying thats what it is Im just saying look similar. maybe spirit guides, It doesnt feel dark or scary.

Orbs and spheres all over my home and yards, I feel light touching stroking my face tapping on my feet waking me up, I hear voices saying time to get up in the morning and I tell the voice go away im tired. I hear my name called sometimes it sounds like my kids voices. ive heard a loud trumpet horn in my right ear it woke me up in the morning i think it was the OM sound. When i close my eyes and its dark I see pulsating purply bluish violet looking flames that open to dark sky with stars like the eye of god nebula similar not exact colors imagine purple violet outer with goldish greenish edges open to dark sky with stars.

I felt grabbing pulling sensation from ankles to astral and I saw a 8-10' blue being (no face) maybe to scary for me? and then I looked at my arm i was also blue normal size tho of course I woke up. asking myself

I now meditate once in the morn and before i go to bed thats my quiet time with husband and kids life gets crazy'er.

I have seen violet pinkish static with goldish whitish balls of pulsating rays of light 3 times. once one of the balls of light moved from the group and talked to me and answered a question. it seems like it has calmed down at this time but i am accepting and if it gets scary i ask to slow the process down and call for protection. I have had eyes checked i dont drink and dont do drugs im a logical person mostly look to debunk the situations but it is what it is..

I have never practiced anything metaphysical no yoga no meditation no witchcraft "NADA"

I am your normal average person, if this has happened to me it can happen to anyone.

Once the pinial gland/third eye is open and you see any pulsating colors or color like the sun shining in with your eyes closed, your on your way meditate like crazy.

If thy eye be full of light, then thy be one with GD.

Everyday its exciting new and scary at the same time, would I talk to the average person about this in normal conversation "WAKADOO" NO, but I will let you all in on the secret....

Oct 31, 2014
Practice Safe Zones
by: Anonymous

When I sense something to close to me wanting to touch or hurt me. I remember that I have a safe zone around me and this zone I have is so strong that nothing can break it. This usually occurs when I am alone or at night. I don't feel that these spirits are right and sometimes these spirits may look like people you know but they are not. They are just trying to fool you. They want to control you. Don't let them. You may just be helping someone fight off
an abuser until they are caught. This has happened to me more times than I can count and when it ends
I hear about a sick mind that has been hurting and abusing someone in the area. I have a very hopeful attitude that over time this gets better for all of us. Please remember No means No and don't argue with them but keep yourselves safe.

Oct 31, 2014
Third eye melt down
by: Anonymous

Your having a spiritual attack and someone is doing major black magic or charakra blocks on you since you are talking about the third eye that is mainly what they are aiming towards. Don't know what you are dealing with or who. So your best bet is to build up your defense and protect yourself and do a spiritual cleanse and rejuvenate your chackras.pray and meditate and stay blessed.

Oct 22, 2014
Feeling Someone Touching Me
by: Anonymous

Accumulation of BHT or too much science fiction.

Oct 22, 2014
Being Touched
by: CkingAntsirs

Such an interesting post and series of comments. I too have experience similar things. About 5 or 6 years ago I was very interested in meditation and hypnosis and through my activities I opened up something or invited something.

It started with the sensation of hands touching and even groping me. They would stroke my leg and neck and run fingers through my hair and massage my back. They also "felt me up" sexually. I won't lie, it felt great.

I felt someone get in bed with me many times and felt the bed undulating underneath me several time. I started feeling a strong buzzing in my left foot that would precede interaction. After some time the buzzing just stayed present but would increase and move up my body when "she" or "they" wished to interact.

Sometime after this started I had an event that was rather intense. I had a period of about 1 hour or maybe a little more when I felt extremely intense rushing sensations move from my base chakra out through the top of my head. These were so intense they interrupted my vision.

All this finally settled down after a period of months until all that was left was a close companion who developed a sexual and friendship relationship with me. This is what is left and ongoing at this time.

Oct 19, 2014
Loved ones whom has past visit us
by: Anonymous

Since loosing my son to murder 3 years ago, Iv had signs he has been around me. Tingling on skin, arms, legs, head is a sign the spirit is very much by you. I have learnt alot from a medium and books. Also sometimes you might feel like someone has touched your hair or head or blown in your ear... all these signs are your loved one close to you giving you signs.

Oct 12, 2014
Butterfly Kisses
by: Judith

My husband died 7 months ago from cancer and I have felt his lips on my lips, it felt like butterfly kisses. Could this be true ?

Oct 10, 2014
The angelic touch
by: Joshua

I feel an angelic touch on my forehead for awhile now. now i can channel it at anytime but i still dont know exactly what it is but im goin to go out on a limb here and say whats on my mind, i think its a way of channeling my spirit but not knowing what to do with it or how to use it.but yet i can somehow make it happen when i want to now. im sorry thats not a real answer to your question but your not alone and i believe somethings are just bigger then us.

Oct 09, 2014
i have a similar experience
by: lordofmepham

I have a very similar experience it sorta worries me, but is difficult to deny because of the circumstances. Well it started out as small sorta cold caresses down my arm and cheeks, its slowly getting I don't know if I'd say worse but it touches me in more sensitive areas if u get my meaning, I was laying down preparing for sleep and I felt a hand press down on my leg, literally physicaly, it never moved just placed their which happened often now when I'm alone, the next time I was laying down a day or to later I felt hands on my hips and a pressure around my body it felt like imwas floating again I felt sexual touches on me, to the point of well....the max point. I'm trying to do research on what this is if anyone has any ideas please contact me email. I wouldn't give my email out unless this was true please I need answers

Oct 08, 2014
dont listen to the others
by: Anonymous

You have some psychosis symptoms. Visit a psychiatrist to get help.

Oct 01, 2014
by: Stevothree

Yes I have been having the same type of symptoms? Something touching me at night, playing with my hair, tapping bed, i wake up in the middle of the night screaming feeling somthing is watching me. This happens during some periods of the day as well I would like everyone here to answer some Questions please.

-1.Is there any prescription medications anyone is taking that might be the cause of these symptoms?

Me I am taking an SSRI antidepressant.

-2.Is there any foods we are eating that might trigger these feelings?

-3.Is anyone doing or has done astral projection or any kind of new science parapsychological practices?

Me-I do astral projection now and then and I meditate infrequently.

-4.Does any one feel it could actually be Ghosts, or Interdimensional entities, or extraterrestrials even?

Maybe interdimensional communication?

Lets all keep a record of this and answer the questions to see what may be the cause

Sep 30, 2014
by: betty

Are you a child of God if not that maybe God trying to get your attention he's no king on your hearts door he's right there with you all you have to do is ask him to come in for god so loved the world he gave his only son that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. He loves you so much wants a relationship with you it was the best decision I ever made he will give you joy hope future here in this life and with him in heaven.

Sep 28, 2014
Feeling something touching my head
by: Ally123

I keep feeling something is touch the top of my head and i dont know why and no body is in the room with me and i also keep feeling like something is going threw me because i get cold like every 20 seconds i feel a light cool breaze going right through me ... I dont know why ...But if someone could help me and tell me what i should do then i would like it if you could tell me cause it is really freaking me out right now.

Sep 22, 2014
by: Lara

I was reading your words and felt sad that you feel alone in this. Perhaps google Belinda Davidson, I have read and listened to a lot of her stuff. She is a medical intuitive and deals in white light healing and is psychic
Check her out
With love and light

Sep 22, 2014
some thing in my body
by: Anonymous

you are not on you own

Sep 20, 2014
Same experiences, but Kundalini is involved!
by: Tanja

Hey there, I am glad that I found this article, as I experience the same things! 5 weeks ago I woke up because I had an extreme sexual arousal feeling which directly activated my Kundalini energy. 4 days later I suddenly felt the upwards movement from the base of the spine going into the neck and the head. After this experience I started seeing light flickers around my eye corners, I see purples light swirls with closed eyes and also can see vision kind of pictures appearing without being asleep but closed eyes!

So then one day I watched TV and suddenly felt a massaging motion and pressure on both temples going up on the sides of the head. 3 days ago I started hearing a electric growling kind of noise in my left ear, it just suddenly appears.

and now I can feel everyday in the night and the day soft breezes and touches at my legs and shoulder. Sometimes it feels like someone is tapping my shoulder or the top of my head. Sometimes I even get a feeling in my body at the chakra points that feels like rotating very fast! It's extremely amazing and I am not afraid, but this touches just started like 2 days ago. My whole body feels always shaking and vibrating. Sometimes I even see the air shaking!

Thank you for this post!

Sep 15, 2014
Like all of you....
by: Mark W

I have had these same things happen to me. This all started back in boarding school in 1981. I remember waking up from a real dream for where I saw a box. The box was showing me that where we are and where the spirits are as when you are down, you cant see the other side but when you "hover" over it you can. therefore exposing yourself to all that may see.

I have suffered for other types too. From Being hit, restless leg syndrome to hearing my name being called.. Most of all (these days) it is my name followed but some sort of strike.

Several years ago, i lived in Costa Rica. Had this great home that was all mine and been there for some years. During a trip to the UK I was given a picture of a pub that we used to go to as my brother lived up the road. This picture was nothing fantastic, but something for my home. I had placed this picture in my bathroom in a window frame (leaning backwards) that was only for the interior of the house. It was late one night (alone) when the picture came out of the window frame and smashed on the floor. Since there was no wind or the capability for wind to push the picture from about a 65-70 % degree leaning back to on the floor. Felt totally freaked out.

Several weeks later, I was at home (alone again) and was woken up to the sound of broken glass. Knowing that no one else was inside the house, i went down to check on it...There in the kitchen was a broken glass on the floor... I had been in bed for sometime as I like to watch tv...

I have been talking in my sleep and even yelling, which also hurts my relationship as they cant deal with it.

I dont know if my constant problem with insomnia also is a factor..But it has been happening for years.

So.. LAST NIGHT!! i was in bed watching tv (as always) and was close to finally falling asleep, when I heard my name and some some of pressure build up in the room (hard to explain) then a punch to my back. now this happened and I know I am alone and there is no way that I could possibly reach that part of my back.

I know that I am not alone as per reading here. But I can say that my back hurts today and there is no one in the room with me.

Sorry if you are freaked out by what I have written here but thought that I should share..

Side note.. am not religious at all and dont believe.. but maybe something else other is there.. Dont know...

Sleep Well

Sep 10, 2014
back stroke
by: domonic

I was laying alone at night, all the lights off and my kids were gone..i layed to one side of the bed, and I felt someone or something stroke the top of my back to the bottom..i jumped looked and no one was there smh

Sep 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

I'd like to know, I was kinda going to sleep and felt a tap on the top of my head, woke up tried to go back to sleep and felt someone tugging on my big toe, by then I was wide awake no body around so I'm wondering what it could have been ( puzzled

Aug 28, 2014
strange phenomenon
by: Anonymous

I know what you are talking about. I have had experiences where I feel like I walk out of my body and back into it in seconds. When this occurs it feels like time stopped. I sometimes feel light as if I left and went back into my body. I have even had experiences where I feel like someone is lightly touching my head like they are playing with me. It's just the spirits that are letting me know they are around. I also hear ringing in my ear occasionally. When it does happen. It sounds like a long ring, and then my ear feels plugged up for a while. Today I felt light again. I wouldn't worry about it.

Aug 20, 2014
by: A

I've have had the same symptoms, but not the meridian's thing. fb me initials are A.J.M last name for M is Mckenzie

Aug 05, 2014
All this experiences are special!!
by: Edison

Wow Elle, I had this just last night! Difference is, I knew about it, wanted it, and asked for it. Something is trying to reactivate you to true self! You Guys Have "Ascension symptoms"! It's a good thing and you CAN reject it, but only when you learn the truth and get rid of the fear! For me, everytime I say it with my heart that I'm not ready, it all comes to a halt!

This is the greatest video I ever watched! This should take you to the next level!


Also watch "Zeitgeist" If you haven't! also easily found on youtube!

I hope you come to embrace it and move on to healing the rest of the world!

Lotsa' love!

Jul 26, 2014
Fingers that itch me
by: Joe B

3 years ago I prayed to an angel to come to me and it showed up, I experienced a great zero point perspective my thoughts were non existent and I felt constant bliss.. after about 3 weeks the phase passed and I came back into the realm of human suffering. since that time ive had every night and day something touching me, my head my nose ears, back, zaps, fingers, itching all over.. a concentration feeling like a ball over my third eye it doesnt stop.. im tired all the time and it isnt comfortable and im not sure when it will end. thats my story thanks

Jul 23, 2014
book of answers
by: Anonymous

Aliens. Simple. There is more then one race that can fade, transfer or become invisible.

If you are looking for answers google this. KGB + sibirien + alien info book. Read about the diffrent races anr powers. I know you will find something of interest.

Jul 22, 2014
me too
by: bally

I m feeling the same. It is like these things are sucking energy from my legs, feet and head. it is like a tingling feeling and a little hurtful on soles of my feet. I can see them flying here and there. Seeing means like a glimpse here and there. they are like hairy smoke of energy. Sometimes this agitates me a lot like feeling violated, on other occasions i just ignore them. i think they feed on negative energy produced from FAILURE, SADNESS, DEPRESSION, ANGER OR DRUG USE. This is just what i think. i don't like their presence but there ain't much i can do. Sometimes i used to question my sanity , but now after reading this i know that i was right and i am not the only one.

Jul 18, 2014
by: Brittany

The other morning after my husband went to work, I went back to sleep and woke up to what felt like someone rubbing my back. I felt a bit cold and my back was also tingling. It was the weirdest thing. We've lived in the new house for almost three months now and I haven't felt like this since I was back home in Indiana almost a year ago. I know for a fact that back home there was a spirit attached to me at my parents house but whenever I would move out of state, that feeling of attachment disappeared. Now, I feel like it has started again.
I'm honestly not sure what it is about me; I'm not saying that I'm a medium in any way, but there are so many things that make me stand out from others and no one understands. It's like spirits are attracted to me. My passed relatives visit me in my dreams to check in and see how I'm doing. I was the only one back home that the spirits would try to contact or would try to make themselves known to.
Maybe I'm just crazy!

Jul 18, 2014
Someone touching/hearing voices/seeing blue orbs or sparkles
by: BlueBirdSoulFeb-2012

My storm of symptoms began in 2009/10 I believe my body started clearing out,(FORCIBLY) to numerous symptoms to tell after seeing 25 different doctors 3 emergency visits 4 different dermos I became very ill. Finally Feb-2012 I had my awakening a electric blue sphere (my soul)? landed in my right hand twirled clockwise around my right hand arm then down to my abdomen under my top around my body up to my jaw/neck/head then flew away. It felt like pure bliss like a bug drawn to the light, I thought I had a NDE-near death experience. After I had weird symptoms I was ultra sensitive to light i couldn't watch tv the blue hurt my eyes I was jumping out of my skin at any noise I was weeping for no reason mad/sad/ emotional for no reason I started to feel a surround sound type of pressure in my head then one night while watching tv I felt strong pressure in my head then a cracking sound and then a pop the pressure was gone. After that I started seeing what I call firefly sparkles I took a picture once after seeing it and it is a 4-6 inch solid shiny white orb/sphere with rainbow colors around it beautiful I also started to feel something touching me poking pushing or shaking me gently then I heard a voice say time to wake up this has happened several times on different occasions, it has even woke my husband he now believes me... This experience opened my pineal gland (third eye) I now see purple/blue/white when i go so sleep at night it looks somewhat like the eye of god nebula I never knew what any of this was, its been crunch time learning experience I myself am looking for like minds at this time are you out there???? BB:)

Jul 11, 2014
I am a pro at this having something always touching ya stuff, for 3 years now!!!
by: Anonymous

This is going to be Quick right now just a question for everyone, but yes the Gentiles vibrating and buzzing on my, well pouch, all night sometimes to the point where I'm trying to hold them cause I can't take it, and yes the arousal thing too when I'm trying to fall asleep that I have no control over, I'm 35 it's very weird, and the vibrating on the back of my head went on for a year or so, and yup the hand in my back thing and touches on the face and lips and body I f$&@ing hate, the face the most errrrr. But yeah sorry guys 3 years going strong and no stopping them, but if you can all take a survey and answer me this one question, I might have some solutions for a lot of you, maybe most of you. These are some things that you can say I've wokeing up too over this time, I come from a lil bit of a gifted family when it comes to; ESP, Clairvoyance, and hyper-sensitivity, it's been just 3 generation of guys me, my grandfather, and my great grandfather, and when you learn to really tune into these scenses, you start seeing a lil more of the world around you, trauma and near death experiences usually will awaken these sense, oh and people close to you passing will start this as well..... SOOO This is the IMPORTANT Question first, I just need to know how many of you some how on this site cause this is the most I've ever seen, but how many of you actually are practicing religious? If some how I can get somewhat of a close number that may help answer a big question for me.. Now I'm not but I'd be interested to see if a majority are...... Hey thank, I'll check back soon..... RA

Jul 10, 2014
Response to "Elle"
by: Michelle

Hi Elle,

It sounds like you have at least one "spirit attachment". Usually a "Shaman" or a well-renowned psychic-medium can assist in getting rid of them. I'm in Los Angeles and have been experiencing similar issues over the past 9 months. (it seems that spirits are everywhere, and almost everyone has a "spirit attachment". I've learned this because I can now see with my 'third eye', and it sounds like yours is beginning to open up, too.) I've learned that I am what they call "an astral beacon", and I tend to attract a "seedier" earthbound spirit to me. The only way to really prevent them from being attracted to you is for you to work on raising your "vibration" - which is in our "auric field". My vibration is considered " low", because of my childhood traumas, which left me scarred. :( Going to someone who does "energy work", a "shaman" and working with a psychic-medium will help you immensely. And if anyone insinuates that "you've asked for this" to happen to you, dismiss them quickly. I've learned that people can be super-judgemental, especially if they are uneducated in the "how's and why's" of this phenomenon.

I hope this helps!

Jul 08, 2014
re: Desperation
by: Virginia Vibrations

Point 4: Unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things are bad because they are like mosquitos; they like to feed. In the woods, we do not like mosquitos bothering us, so we swat them and wear repellant. Mosquitos like to sneak up on us, land on us when we are unaware, and gorge themselves. In the same way, unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things like to gorge on us. They do not choose us for our outstanding moral values, they choose us because they like something else; sometimes addiction, sometimes weakness, sometimes lust, sometimes rage, sometimes loneliness. Whatever the reason, we should swat and battle the unseen things. In my experience, the unseen, touching things bother me most in my bed when I am less active; however, a swat sends them scurrying away until I turn my back or close my eyes, then they come back and start to annoy me. "Good" things would not scurry away and "good" things understand the word NO; unseen things scurry and do not understand no. I do not believe we should be allowing unseen things to do things to our crotch area. I too had been bothered by them there, not to your extent, but I battle them by sleeping in the fetal position on my side and covered up. Sometimes I put pillows in front or in back of me, which lessens their activity. Just like alcohol or other addictions, pleasure can become an addiction of its own with the unseen "mosquitos" gorging themselves. I recommend you battle them by denying them what they want. I recommend talking to your doctor about changing medications, if possible. Do not allow the unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things to cause you to expend energy on other things as it sounds like you need your energy to get healthier instead.

Jul 08, 2014
by: Paul

I can't believe I am posting on a site such as this, but I have nowhere to turn.

In 2012 I received a kidney transplant from a cadaveric donor. A year later I went through a bad patch, started drinking heavily and attempted suicide. Last year I went on testosterone replacement therapy to attempt to save what's left of my bones (I have a DEXA score of -3). That's when all the weirdness started. Despite having hypopituitarism and therefore having no interest in sex, I am being sexually aroused by unseen 'beings' whilst fully awake. They lie in bed with me, fondle my genitals and have straddled me on occasion. Their motivation appears to be to cause arousal which very often leads to the obvious occurring, whereupon they will run their fingers through the ejaculate. Naturally, one's response would be to assume that the medication is causing these strange feelings. That is these sick spirits' clever plan. They are using the medication as a screen to explain away any odd behaviour I may be exhibiting. They know I can't get help, no-one will understand and will assume it is the medication or that I am having some psychotic episode. I am desperately trying to stay out of the clutches of the mental health profession so I am keeping quiet about all this.

Jul 06, 2014
Unseen: Good or Bad?
by: Virginia Vibrations

Some unseen things are good, like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirt; however, here are the reasons why I think other unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things are bad.
Point 1: If unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things were good, then the good they transfer to us should be transferred to others around us. If the unseen, are good to us, then why aren’t we doing more good for others? Why is the world still full of hate, of misery, of bullying, of jealously, of impatience? Instead of thinking unseen things are good, we should instead focus on the physical people around us and start concentrating on them. In my battle with unseen, touching, vibrating things, I do more good for people. I say hello and good day to people on the street. I assist with projects and things that I thought I had no time for. I do this of my own free-will and because of the love I need to give not because an unseen force is trying to change me.
Point 2: Unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things make us concentrate on ourselves. This is a good and a bad point. Good in that we need to reflect on our lives and think about why the change and what brought them on. Bad in that we can become self-absorbed in ourselves and lose focus around us. Initially, in my concentration with the vibrating things, images of myself would form. Just me, no one else. Images of what I wanted to be. However, those images were selfish and the more I thought about them, the more they would come. At one point, I was convincing myself that by studying them, I would become a great healer, able to do wondrous things for people. However, what I found is that I wasted my time and energy with unseen, vibrating, undulating things instead of doing something good for someone else. In my battle with the unseen things, I get out and visit with my neighbors, do projects that no one asks me to do, and I see all people as children of God. I am not that special to have unseen things in my life, but I can be special to others around me.
Point 3: Unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things do not give us love. They touch, they give us the chills, they zap, they weigh us down, they are aggressive, but they do not give love. I would rather hear someone say they love me or feel a hug from a person, instead of feeling something unseen touching me. Today, a little girl came up and hugged my legs for no reason and that felt much better than what unseen things do to me. In my battle, I am love and I am loved by those around me and it is my duty to extend my love to others.
Since my awaking to unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things, I have reflected a lot about my 43 years of life. I had filled my life with hate, of bigotry, of seething, of lust, of materialism. I allowed fear, isolation, and loneliness to creep into my life. I spent way too much time on the computer. Today, as a result of the unseen forces, I battle them by doing 180 degrees of what I used to do. They do not bother me as much now, but they still are with me, which makes me work harder to change the direction in my life so they finally leave me alone. I go to the church garden and pull weeds. I pull weeds and reflect on the weeds that have grown in my own life.
I believe the greater challenge lays ahead for me; for once the unseen do leave me, then I need to be on guard that I do not slip back into the same routine that landed me here in the first place with unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things. For each step forward, I take 50 steps behind, but I keep moving forward, intent on battling the unseen things and extending my love and my service to others, and my devotion to God. For those who are realizing unseen things are bothering them, it is scary at first, but you must learn to battle them. I believe people who can sense the unseen, touching, vibrating, undulating things have the greatest chance for conquering them; for if we do not feel or see the unseen, then we cannot battle them and we continue down the same destructive path.

Jul 06, 2014
Feeling Someone Touching Me
by: Dr.Lad D.B.

Hi, Elle Arizona.
Good morning,Just I read your spiritual experiences and I am happy to read this type of experiences. Very few lucky spiritual people experience such wonderful experience.I don't know your present situation but I will suggest a name of spiritual master from India and you will definitely satisfy with the blessings from him.
He is born yogi and born with extraordinary psychic powers. He is a master in pran vidhya( the subtle science of pranic energy)and kundalini shakti.His name is Parmacharya Paramhamsa Swami Niranjanaananda saraswati.Bihar school of yoga,Bihar India. I hope you will definitely get result and balance your inner subtle experiences.u can search His name on net. www.biharyoga.net or www.yogavision.net

Good luck,thank you with regards, Dr.Lad D.B.

Jul 01, 2014
Elle vibrating chakras
by: Emily

Dear Elle,

I am so happy to have read your story.
I have a quite similar one and I have googled alot before I stubbled upon this blog.

Last summer My boyfriend and I were a little tired during the day, so we decided to lay on the bed for a little bit.

The sun was shining and the window was still wide open.
I fell asleep, it felt like a deep sleep but at a certain point I felt awake and glancing over the room.
I could not really speak and felt a bit paralised.
I could definatly feel a presence in the room. Something came true the window.
It felt like a formation of little light orbs something I have not seen yet.

Than all of a sudden I felt someone tapping me on my back. It actually felt as if there was a dog or something standing on my back touching with his paws at certain place from the base of my spine to my head.

All of a sudden I felt really strong vibrations moving from my lower chakra to my head during a period. It felt every energetic.

After I woke up my boyfriend told me he had also felt somthing in the room and told me I had a very high temperature during the nap.

I also noticed dirty stains on the bed and against the wall than weren't there before...

This has been a year ago. I read about kundalini and the last months I've been very much drawn to crop circles and atlantis and et's....

It doens't feel bad to me. I think it's about waking up on a spiritual level but I would also like to know more...


Jun 29, 2014
by: Anonymous

Never before:Would not believe if didn't happen to me. Early hours in morning, 2 days ago, half woken from sleep as I felt and saw my partner get up and leave the room. I thought toilet break as usual, I then heard glassware in kitchen, and it had woken me more as I felt this was unusual for him to go to kitchen. I know I was partially awake as he told me this is what he did do, and he did hear me from the kitchen momentarily muffling calling. My daughter, a late owl herself, heard me muffling call out as well but again for of them they say it was only a short time.
What had happen to me, was after my partner left the room, and I heard the glassware in kitchen, I felt like something sat at the end of the bed,I thought it was my night owl daughter coming to visit after she say my partner go into the kitchen. I open my eyes and I was half asleep. There was no one there and then what felt like a hand come through the doona and gently grasp my leg just above the ankle. I froze with fear and panicked and tried to thrash my legs about, then felt a air of presence on the side of my face, the same side of the ankle that was just touched, then words, 4 or 5 words that were like command type words, the voice was a voice I had not heard in years. No hushing, no whispering, It was my fathers distinct voice. I panicked and wanted to move and be free from what felt like frozen state. It only lasted seconds.
I was left feeling frighten and at the time remembered his words, but fell back asleep, but by morning I did not. I regret now I shown fear and tried to physically move and retaliated. I am left now trying to find answers. I go looking to see if I can make sense of this and stumble on this site and to find its not isolated case. Can anyone clarify to me what and why?

Jun 29, 2014
You people please listen
by: Anonymous

Im on my lunch AF work reading these. I have had many, many experiences like the ones I am reading. Some much worse or much stranger if you consider this a good thing. To the ones that will listen.

First of all, it is not a loved one contacting you. When our love ones die, they are at peace. Not conscience or aware of anything. Believe me or not, you will find out for yourself what I am talking about. If you are bringing "crystals" or "Ouija" boards into your house, you are bringing it on yourself. Even if you are trying to make a connection in your head, that is enough. All you have to do is basically give them permission to intrude, and they will. They will almost always pose as a loved one, to gain your trust. It will start off innocent and loving. But as time goes on, you will isolate, talk to yourself, and justnwant to be at home all the time. If you start dabbling in "New Age" things, they will come. Once they are attached to you, it is hard to make them leave. They know your heart, and they know your faults and shortcomings. They keep you away from God.

You must pray, pray, pray. Ask Jesus for forgiveness for your sins. You must feel it in your heart. It must be sincere. You are dealing with Demons so it won't be easy to shed their negativity and darkness. Stay away from Wiccan things, it is a Pagan practice and the Demons are very fond of it. Do not watch movies pertaining to spirits, demons, etc.

Jun 28, 2014
Praying Blessing on House
by: Anonymous

LORD, God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth,
I pray the blood of Jesus on the door posts of the houses of those afflicted with entities touching them while they sleep and at other times.

You have promised us in your word that you will never leave us nor forsake us. We accept that promise and welcome your presence in our lives.

We welcome your guardian angels that are sent to protect us.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

Jun 28, 2014
by: Anonymous

It might be your guardian angel watching over you with love I hadthe same experience also much worse than that the spirit tha strokes your back might be someone who knew knew passed i away in the spirit world watching over you If you feel is bothersome talk to that spirit without fear kindly say please go away or ask the saint michael to guide that spirit to the light I havent been feeling kiss on my hand no more and I know what spirit is cause I heard his voice is my soulmate helping me in spirit sometimes he kiss my forehead if you are christian you must know that christians most are spiritual some dont have this charisma dont be affraid if you speak to the spirit with kindness and you want it to stop it wil some thing stroke my back too now it stoped I know is my soulmate he was in bad place and I prayed to god to help his spirit go to the light he was atheist when he was alive I never met him when he was alive but he contact me in my sleep pay atention to your dreams hope this helps

Jun 27, 2014
Thank you, Elle
by: Anonymous

Thank you Elle, what a breath of fresh air. God's breath, thank you...

Jun 26, 2014
Ok, I'm chiming in here...
by: Elle (Arizona)

I usually don't respond to comments saturated in FEAR, but I just had to chime in and say that there is absolutely NOTHING evil or negative in the experience that I've been having for several years now. This post was originally written in 2009 and it's now June 2014. I've learned and experienced a lot since then.

The experience has only gotten better and has brought me much closer to God. It's been the most beautiful experience I've ever had in my entire life. I literally feel enveloped in LOVE and bliss.

To the religious people preaching about fear and evil, did you ever stop to think that maybe you're promoting the dark side (ego) by doing this and trying to scare everyone? THINK ABOUT IT...you're preaching FEAR. Maybe you need to look within yourself and figure out why you're so scared and why you feel like something is out to get you????

We all create our world and our experience here. If you're full of fear, then that's what you'll create and that's what you'll experience. Trust in God, tune into LOVE, lead by your HEART (not your programmed brain) and then maybe you'll see the TRUTH.

I will say a prayer for all who live in FEAR


Jun 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

Seems like they/he could be kind.

Jun 24, 2014
What's really up is this --ANSWERS FOR ALL THIS
by: Anonymous

Ahem first off i'm christian and very honest I've seen a lot of miracles happen in my life a testiment to my belief and relationship with God and Jesus. FIRST OF ALL this is all EVIL NOW LISTEN!!! I too had and have these problems if it was good you would get a very STRONG GOOD FEELING or at least see an angel THE EVIL attacks were getting from these things are iether LUKEWARM or plain EVIL not good DON'T believe in chants worshipping angels (what satan wanted from the beginning) read your bible and PRAY that's all we can do as far as all of you suffering --I'm sending you a strong hug!!!!STAY STRONG why God and Jesus would allow this to happen to anybody especially strong christians is beyond me but all i can say is be strong unite with others. i am 32 yr old guy shocked and angry too my email is vabeach757king@gmail.com hit me up anytime you'd like i will respond Asap

Jun 15, 2014
by: Jay

I am 70 yes old and nothing weird has happened to me all my life until about 6 yrs ago. The first thing was a tug on my left foot late at night as I slept. As if someone grabbed my foot as I slept on my back. It lgrabbed then let go and that was all nothing else and nothing and nobody there when I awoke which was immediate. Then a couple of yrs later my son was in Los angeles in a rather concerning situation. I talked to him on cell phone. He was ok so I went to sleep. Then it felt like someone punched me in the right side of my stomach 3 times and I awoke quickly but nobody there. I went back to sleep and then it felt like i was plugged into an electrical outlet being shocked when I awoke I figured I was coming down with flu symptoms but realized quickly that I was not. I got up and called my son again and he was still ok. I went back to sleep and nothing else happened. About 4 yrs after that I coul feel something or someone run their hand softly across my left ankle very late at night like 4am but no one there. That has happened 3 times since same each time. Now about 2 months ago I felt a cold presence about the size of a human body move across my body seemingly about a foot over me about 4am but awake. It moved from my right to left in about 3 seconds and was gone nothing else no one there nothing. Then about a month later which was also about a month ago I was laying on my back at about 4:20 am but awake when someone or something gave me a hand type pat on the top inside of my left knee with no other event at all. This concerned me more than any because this time I knew beyond a doubt that I was awake. It was so profound and concerning that I woke my wife as I was looking around the room with a flashlight. We got up but then got back in bed and tried to mimic the event again but was unsuccessful. We were both very concerned and did not go back to bed. At 6:30am my best friends son called and told me that his father and my friend passed away at 3:30 am this same morning. I had the knee pat at 4:20am I know that because I looked at the clock quickly upon immediatley arising after the pat. Nothing has happened since then. Jay

Jun 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

let the truth be exposed and let evil not prevail in Jesus Christ name

Jun 13, 2014
Am I bugging?
by: Spider-Man

At night I get this feeling like I'm being watched and at times when I'm trying to go to sleep I feel stroke liked (touches) feeling along my body. At times I try to ignore it because I think I am bugging but my 10 month old sleeps across the room from me & when these things occur a couple seconds later he'll move as if something touched him too or let out a very brief cry. I've always had dreams that foresaw the future and always got vibes but never thought extremely of it. As I got older I noticed that maybe I did have a special ability but now that I think about it, is it coming with other energy as well? I don't know what to do to stop it but it's taking a toll on my life. Any suggestions?

Jun 11, 2014
last night I woke up around 2am.
by: Eric S.

Last night approximately at 2am. I felt somebody get in bed with me. I guess you could call it spooning. It felt like a left leg went over me first followed by a left arm and moved in as close to me as you could get. I opened my eyes and I seen CNN on TV. I like to sleep with it on sometimes. But I wasn't scared. I didn't want to move because I felt so safe and secure. Finally I had to get up and go to the bathroom. I don't know what to make of this. Was I really dreaming either way I feel different today in a good way, that's all that matters I guess.

Jun 09, 2014
This could be
by: KObla

A very good supporting case of Kundalini energy at work. It would explain the ghost-like touches and sense of outer communication during your "re-wiring" so to speak. The communication is likely sub-conscious and it will dissipate over time slowly until the snake's energy has finished renewing your chakras! I experienced delusions, hallucinations (audio, visual hallucinations) as well as many other physiological symptoms while going through this trans-formative stage in spiritual growth and health. What you are experiencing should not be feared, stay strong and it will subside within months. The 2-year mark is the only thing you've stated that would be out of place for Kundalini, but if the energy becomes trapped within, it may take a lot longer to process reality.

Jun 05, 2014
re: I need help
by: Virginia Vibrations

Lei, I understand how the presence makes one feel. I understand how the presence feels warm and comforting, holding one close; however, for something that is unseen and reacts to us when we move, the presence is not a good or nurturing force. The presence takes and does not give. It is not capable of love. It likes us to be alone, away from others, giving us its embrace; however, we need to find the fellowship and love of others. We need to find comfort in the true physical presence of people and not things that we cannot see. The presence wants us alone, to make us call on them. Please find fellowship and the warmth of a group, an activity, a volunteer project, a service project. Fight loneliness with the love of others. I will pray for you Lei and I understand.

Jun 04, 2014
re: Virginia Vibrations
by: Anonymous

Thank you Virginia Vibrations! Your serenity and calmness in the face of the battle is healing to read.

Jun 03, 2014
by: Virginia Vibrations

On April 22, 2014, I was awakened to things I do not desire to understand. I live in Virginia, USA and over the course of several nights, piercing cold chills from head to foot, the feeling of something rushing over the covers, the vibration in my bed (I had noticed it weeks before the awakening but dismissed it as the wind shaking the house) however the vibration began moving from head to chest to feet - back and forth. Soon the vibration began following me through the house, on the couch, at the computer, folding laundry, vibrating or buzzing as I believe. Like a cat, the vibration would hover near my feet and make them tingle. Soon what I believe another vibrating thing appeared and began to hover in my right groin, making it hot and zapping which felt like water dripping down. Then what appeared to be another vibrating one came to my left bicep and left chest (over the heart). This one was different and aggressive, like a dog gnawing. I tried to escape one night, but they followed, and I began to recognized the symptoms I felt when they were near, ringing of the ears and heart beat speeding up. My body appeared to be ready for the fight or flight response, trying to hone in on what was there. I learned there is no escape when I went away to North Carolina and they followed. A new vibration came into presence, one I could make out like heat waves on hot pavement, moving back and forth in my hotel room. The vibrations are a constant annoyance now, following me to work, to the supermarket, to church, anywhere, vibrating. I feel tingling and touches over my body when not clothed. I dislike the vibrations tingling my head, but one seems content to hover and tingle all the time. When I concentrate, I see little blinks of light in my room at night and shadows moving back and forth in the glow of my clock light. At one time I did not believe them to be either good or evil, but indifferent. They do not speak or move things, just focused on vibrating near me. After many nights of wondering and concentrating on the vibrations, I am convincing myself that they are evil, feeding on my energy, fear, and loneness. I am filling my life with fellowship and love to battle the vibrations. I focus more on projects I neglected in the past and I am learning to ignore the vibrations and their feeding. As I'm a man who does not understand all things and doesn't want to understand many things, the vibrations were scary at first but it was the fear which they like. We each have free will and do not need to give into the vibrations, which is what they want and desire. Although, I do not believe they communicate, I believe they try to manipulate our actions by doing things we normally would not do. I will continue to ignore and wage a battle with the vibrations.

Jun 01, 2014
I need help
by: Lei

It's been almost 1 year now since I first felt this. What should I do to get rid of it? How long would it remain in my body? Will it voluntary leave me? Whom I should seek for professional help?
I'm not afraid of it though because the caress on my left side face is always so kind and gentle. But it's activity has become stronger and increased lately. I feel the touching on why whole face now,kissing me on my lips and shoulder , stroking my breast and even went on my private parts. It never leaves me, even when I'm walking or sitting I still feel the presence. And last night, I felt for the second time, theres someone massaging my feet.

May 27, 2014
Pressing on my chest
by: Mohammed Azharuddin

Dear All,

Its common one for each and everybody to face this feeling, touching and pressing on chest, its all because of evil or bad shaitans (Demons, black magic). kindly follow these instructions you will get rid of it. 1. before enter the toilet step with left leg exit with right leg, while exit from toilet don't look back. 2. don't speak inside the toilets and don't spend much time inside. 3. always keep clean your toilets and rooms. 4. before sleep wash your face, hands,legs also before you sleep lean with your right shoulders, but must not sleep back and front then sure you feel the pressing feel. 5. after had your dinner non veg, must out the trash (Bones and coals)outside the home or house. 6. don't sleep in a dark room and don't let your toilet dark, its always dangerous for you and all. 7.keep your body clean (I hope everybody understood)

May 24, 2014
soft touch
by: Phoebe

Me and my family moved house 5 years ago. Everything was great apart from one really strange, a bit funny and... perverted? o.0' Sometimes when I was washing up I could feel a soft touch/stroke on my hair, then shoulder and sometimes my bum! Always on the right side. There was no wind as all windows were closed. When I told my mum about it she said it happens to her too! We had a few laughs about a 'perverted ghost' in the kitchen but it kept continuing every so often. And always, every single time, I came down the stairs from the second level, I could see a slim, see-through/greyish shadow half way down to the first level; sometimes it moved softly. There are no windows there to create light. Only artificial light. Sometimes it was just a weird shape, and sometimes it was a sleek vertical wave. The house is really new, when we moved there it was only 4/5 yo, but sometimes I joke to my parents that maybe someone hang themselves there. There could have been a different house years ago. Also, once my parents friend told us that she saw a shadow in our living room passing across with the corner of her eye she she thought it was her son, but he was sitting right next to me all along. It was night time and only a small side light was there, and everyone was sitting. Later she said that she felt a soft stroke on her hair and her bum when she was washing up. And we didn't even tell her about it before! 0.0

May 24, 2014
paranormal activites were happening to me , but got over 'em
by: Anonymous

3 years ago , i used to feel someone sleeping beside of me in the same bed , i found my room's window opened so many times , i always see orbs and flashes of light , once i felt something touching my neck softly, and once when i was sleeping and my hair was on my face , it got it off n touched my face , and wherever i sit or stay i feel like something is sitting near me , and watching me all the time , and eventhough i tried to communicate with it doesn't wanna show or communicate with me , some people told me that it's a demon who's in love with me , and other say that it's a ghost , but i don't know what it really is.it doesn't freak me out anymore , got used to it, and somehow i know that it can never hurt or harm me because i always read qoran ,am not a very religious person but i tried qoran and when i did i felt so secure.

May 20, 2014
Also Touched
by: Anonymous

Last night, I woke up about 2am, and was laying there with my wife at my side and I felt something stroke the side of my knee opposite my wife. I laid there, and felt it three times more, so I sat up and looked. It was not my wife, and nothing was there, so I laid back down and it happened again.

I spoke out loud and I asked if someone was trying to communicate with me, and I felt a stroke. I asked was it for me, and I felt nothing for 10 seconds. I then asked if it was for my wife, and it stroked my knee again.

At this time, I started to freak. It did not touch me again until I asked, Do I know you? I then started to pray inside my head, and it stopped. Are these things safe or demons?

May 15, 2014
o my god
by: Ajohnnonymous

elle i got the hair feeling to its like how can anything body do it so lightly u must have a very mad or hurt spirit iam juswt glad iam not alone can u call me 8572473288

May 02, 2014
Someone pressing me when sleeping
by: Anonymous

Two occasion while sleeping someone or something pressing me both occasion I chant mantras of Amman than I wake still chanting mantras after woke up

First incident I struggling with something in my hand I can feel it I chant mantras than able to wake up

Second occasion eventough I sleeping on my bed I feel I sleeping alone a fair looking guy was pressing me and I see some shadows chants mantras I wake when woke up I still chanting Amman mantras

Pl advice any evil thing disturbing how to overcome

Apr 25, 2014
demonic activity
by: Anonymous

i have experirenced the same you are describing demonic actvity thats why you always want to isolate yourself, your always tired chronic fatigue, its not kundlainin rising the chakras you speak of are being manipulatedenergy stolen I was into the wholekindalinin new age movement its bs your inviting the entitys who look to do you harm into tour life pray the rosary ask God jesus to show you what is wrong, your eyebrows are connected to the frontal lobe and near the piutary gland take back your life!

Apr 01, 2014
Me Too
by: Anonymous

I feel a finger rub above my eyebrow quite often. I have had numerous occasions of feelings of a hand on my shoulder, a breath in my ear, on a couple of occasions I heard the voices of loved ones that have crossed over. I also acted on what one told me and was correct. I feel "out of the norm" when it comes to relating to most people on this. I have a few select friends I can talk to about it. There are a few of us like this in my family.

Mar 24, 2014
I'm having some of the same experiences
by: Mike

It sounds like you are experiencing what many describe as your Kundalini energy rising. Before this started, did you have a physio/neuro/spiritual event (Kundalini awakening) when you felt a powerful tingling spring up from the base of your spine up to your brain, probably accompanied by spiritual ecstasy? Sometimes though one's K energy can begin to arise even without a dramatic event like that. I would very much prefer a more scientific explanation, but science isn't there yet, and in its absence,the Hindu tradition's notion of Kundalini seems to offer the most wisdom. Check it out on the internet.

Mar 03, 2014
by: Susanne

I have been woken up at night with a strong breeze - sometimes on my face; sometimes on my arm/hand. It happened a lot after my mom passed 16 years ago. It hadn't happened in a long time, and recently, I was awakened to it again. Each time it has happened is when I am in a spiritually good place or feeling. I also see blue lights a lot - mostly around people. Blue lights tend to be on the right side or out of their mouth. Red lights as well - these are 99% of the time on the left shoulder or side of face or side of body of a person who is emanating a negative thought, feeling, or energy.

Mar 02, 2014
feeling my sons and father
by: Anonymous

I am a surviving parent of two sons and my father has also passed. last night i felt a touch on my face and a presence of someone there. Im I just missing them so much or did I really feel it?

Feb 22, 2014
Rubbing my forehead
by: Paul In Werribee

I have for many years felt a finger rub my forehead ,mostly at night ,I know its from the other world ,it sometimes comes to comfort me ,I enjoy it ,anyone else had that feeling ??.

Feb 19, 2014
Presence of a late love one
by: Margie

I lost a man I loved last nov. I'm beginning to see a pattern when he is around me. I feel an intense heat going up and down my back, quite often, he sleeps in bed with me between the hours o1am-5am. I get very warm during these hours what gave me a clue is that I can smell the scent of his hair on my pillow. These are not hot flashes I'm too old for this, and they only happen on certain hours. The most recent thing I noticed I get goose bumps on my head every now and then and I think he's caressing my head. I like that he is feeling me and I hope he never stops because it's comforting and I want him to be with me all the time

Feb 17, 2014
Energy body awakenings
by: Louise Fesrn

I have had exactly the same thing. its simply your higher self and energy body awakening through activation of Kundalini energy and its because you have a spiritual purpose. I have been like this since about 2008 and I also get vibrating up my body. I used to think it was my phone on vibrate till I realised my phone was elsewhere. My spirit guides also adjust my meridians when I'm feeling down or unwell to help with emotional healing. it feels weird though, like hands are inside your body but it can also be very relaxing once your used to it and I don't get physically I'll any more which is a plus. I'm here for you if you or anyone needs support with this. Love, light and blessings from Louise.

Feb 09, 2014
same thing happens to me
by: Tommy

I am often woken up by some one touching me. It used to be real bad but i asked for whoever to stop and it has calmed down. i am often woken by the feeling of an electric shock, usually shortly after i fall asleep. I bought a Christal pendant and the first few nights i found it in my draw in the morning rather than around my neck. the weird thing is now i often find the pendant in my bed in the morning but the silver chain that it was on is still round my neck and there is no way of taking it off without taking off the chain. this is all since my partner passed away but like you i always ask questions but never get a reply. maybe a pendant would help you as it does seem to help me. i would love to hear more.

Jan 06, 2014
by: Emily

For the past few days - things have been different - my son had a night terror as we call it and he wouldn't wake from it, but continued to cry. Whilst in this state a ball of light (best I can descibe) but hollowed out about the size of a fist travelled around our room and zipped off into the kitchen via the doorway - it did not pass through the walls. It followed the contours of the room. I got my necklace which has a cross on it and warned it to leave my son and my family alone. I paced the room a while and 15 or so minutes later it returned and did a loop of our front room at coving height. Since then I have been "noticing" things but am not scared - but aware. In bed 3 nights ago I experienced something very odd. I am a light sleeper unlike my other half and will be the first to hear my children cry or cough in the night. This night I was asleep - unsure of time, still black outside. I felt something lightly touching my outer left leg and it moved from top to bottom. I was only wearing knickers, so wasn't pj bottoms etc and it was touching my skin. My immediate thought was - there is gonna be one big spider when I pull back this duvet. I lay there a while longer feeling it move further down my leg and then stopped at the bottom where my two legs met, but I could still feel it there. I just went for it and pulled back the duvet and there was a dry baby wipe layed over the bottom of my legs. I grabbed it and threw it out. I did the sensaion on my leg the next morning with the dry wipe - that was it, but what had moved it and with a duvet on top of me too! My legs are being touched quite regularly now, but not always at night.

Jan 04, 2014
Hand touching
by: JF

I am actually looking this up because this is what i experienced last night,and the Hand sensation on my right hip~ side was a bit startling and it also tickled me as well , i was trying to scream in my sleep and couldn't or wake up they would not let me for a few seconds. Dont ask me what the Heck was going on? I didn't feel pain. I feel like they were working on something i just dont know what! I have only Had one experience like this before and that's when i conceived my Daughter whom is also a lightworker as well now.But Glad to see i am not the only one.

Nov 07, 2013
Light/energy/spirit body
by: Anonymous

It's a beautiful feeling all day. Some things make it more intense but for the most part it's a moving tingling warm feeling. (Like energy looping in with my energy or my energy coming alive/being rearranged/unlocked. I have an undeniable feeling that a team of loving beings are fixing my spirit or preparing it. Maybe we all have a team!?!?!

Oct 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

When ever this weird things happen just say

Bismilah al rahman al raheem. should every think be ok after you say it.

Oct 14, 2013
whts going on?
by: Anonymous

I cant believe there a ppl tht are experiencing the same the things. I have had visions while im awake and sleeping since i was twelve. Ive seen white glowing orbs floating around me since i can remember. Now in the last two months or so..im having this 'spider web on me' feeling, and like a fwather or something light constantly touching my left foot. Whats going on ? I am a christian and i pray..i visit church..i dont believe in the church which i why i say 'visit'. But now im wondering if its something on that level ..spiritual. Tht is tryong to come at or in me.

Oct 08, 2013
my father came to me in a dream
by: Steven

My father died almost one year ago I ws asleep about two days ago when I felt two hands gently grab my shoulders I didn't see his face but he spoke to me and I felt my chest absorb a warm energy I've never experienced before. This may sound weird but it feels like there is a part of his energy inside of me. Just curious if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before.

Aug 25, 2013
i experience a lot of those things for years. i associate white light with guardians becuz of the warmtj they display n also whn i take pics of pics i c a giant white wing coverjng me
by: Anonymous

Try taking pics wth your cell phone whn i c the light honestly u will probably c more than u will wanma deal with. Pray n just know u r never alone. To b honest i will b surprised at thkngs tht cn b done to u n u will never know. It. Buzzing n my feet n tvs scramblin wjn i walkd by as well as my hair standin on my head. I would b crazy if i didnt hv god. its a matter of fact i always wished i were crazy. it wld hv made me feel much better. god bless u. i too pray that i could find someone to help me all of the time...

Aug 04, 2013
throughout my life....
by: Anonymous

let me start by saying I am NOT a religious person... I do not believe in good vs evil LockEd Eternal struggle. But I do believe we only understand small portion of this world.... this universe. we are beings of energy as are all sentient creatures and while science has Acknowledged it, they have yet to explain the energy that flows between us.that being said throughout my entire life as far back as I can remember I have randomly woken up from very vivid dreams and found myself if only briefly in the presence of soft blue light.I thought I was alone in this never discussed it until my mother was dying... I stayed with her and her apartment one night and woke to soft blue orbs of light the foot of the bed immediately i became terrified when I found that I could not move... the orbs came to close to me and a calm immediately came over me and I slept the most restful sleep I ever had in my life what seems like only seconds turned out to be many hours my mother woke me and when I told her about the dream I had just had she told me it wasn't a dream because she sees them 2 The Closer she gets to death the more often they appear she believed it was energy perhaps from another dimension... Either way it scared me I said I need to leave cause I put my shoes on walked into the other room and saw my sister who is 11 years younger than me and in her twenties she said what's wrong when I started to tell her she said "Oh the blue lights that's why I never sleep here." My mother passed 4 years ago now and at least 4 times I have awoken to the soft blue light in my room see it only briefly and then its gone I still have the Dreams vivid dreams accompanied by the sensation that I'm floating on almost nightly basis.I am an artist by trade I make a very decent living so I spend most of my time daydreaming... I had attributed this whole series of events to my vivid imagination until I randomly decided to google it and found this thread now I find myself locked in thought spurred on by the revelation that I'm not alone... We are being visited. by whom or what I do not know and I will not pretend to know... these orbs of energy...they're real.

Jul 28, 2013
might help?
by: Anonymous


This might help?

Jul 24, 2013
I have the same symptoms and driving me crazy
by: Mary Gap,PA

I wish I had an answer too. I've had the worst time sleeping too. I feel like someone has touched me in my sleep like a web or a feather is touching me mostly in my feet. I do use fabric softner so it is not static. I've heard a mean voice saying"I want satan" and I have a horrible dream(about a week ago) that I would see someone with red hair and they would raise there head up and it would be a skull face. I don't do drugs and I'm a faithful catholic which bothers me more about this. I have ringing in my ears and it sounds like morse code beeps in my ears. I feel like I'm being gently touched my ears on my neck with gentle pressure. I feel like I'm touched with a feather or I went threw a spider web on my body also and cannot sleep. I am worried there is something wrong with me and I need to go to the doctor's but I'm afraid they will think I'm crazy. I am under alot stress with no job and autistic child so I don't know if that contributes to the problem or not. I tried putting lotion on my body before bed have use holy water and splashed in my room and say my prayers every night. It is a mysterie but I do feel relief that I'm not the only one who has this going on. I wish you the best of luck and hope somehow someone can determine what is going on.

Jul 23, 2013
In the same boat
by: Anonymous

What you described Elle is the exact sequence of events that are happening to me. I have no idea what these mean (i actually googled for answers and came to your story). I see crazy colours in meditation as well as green grid like geometrical matrix shapes. I feel touching all over my head and face. I first noticed these things happening... when i would hear various frequencies in my head, as well as intense flux of energy (almost static). I pray every day and night, and one day asked for answers in my dreams... the last two nights i've woken up with supernatural ideas one told me to "look north" no idea what that means... and the next dream i was pulled out of my body in an OBE and was floating through the walls in my house before i became scared and asked to be put back in my body. I was and then fell asleep again. It was then followed by a dream in which a middle eastern man was tearing out pages in the bible and he gave me two pages... i remember reading them in my dream but couldnt remember what they said when i a woke. The point is, you have caught the interest of something 'inter-dimensional' and spiritual and you must listen to what they are trying to say. A benevolent spiritual being will never give definitive answers , but will guide your free-will to the right path.

Jul 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

Last night in a dream I was first touched then pushed into the mattress. I was not able to scream for my husband who was right next to me. He couldn't hear me, and would not wake. I let it go and fell asleep in my dream again. Later in the same dream an alien appeared in my room and I got up to face it. I touched it and the body felt like rubbery flesh and it sent shocks threw my fingers to my arms. It grabbed me by the head or shoulders with a force between us. I was afraid but I danced with it then thew it into my closet. I locked it in there. While all this happened my husband was fast asleep. I fell asleep in my dream again to wake up... Still in this same dream to check the closet to see if it had all been fake when I saw the tips of the aliens fingers smashed in the closet door still. It felt so reall and I can't get it out of my head. What's even more strange is I saw an unexplained light moving in the sky two weeks ago. It was to far away to be a plane and it did a large circle around my house. I was entranced by it. Then it just dissapired. Help I'm highly sinsitive to paranormal... This was NOT paranormal ... This was extraterrestrial

Jun 24, 2013
Touching on head following nightmare
by: Anonymous

I have had paranormal activity going on in a house I'm renting since we moved in and starting to think I'm going crazy or is there really something here.
A long story short what I have been experiencing in 2 months living here.
Started out with weird foul smell on chair and carpet that really bothered me as it was very sudden.
After that lights flickering or going on and off by itself the same as fans. Once the flickering was so intense and only light flickered but tv stayed on during a thunderstorm and I also felt one timing of the flickering and said it out Loud that now it's starting and so it did. My brother it really in to this and started asking then to turn a fan on and the fan went on when we were not in that room. The same as a light that was under a fan that only went on by pulling the string.
My brother woke one night up without a shirt and he also felt a heaviness on one arm and depressed feeling when that happened.
I have been experiencing a door get locked from inside, very bright light flash in a dark room that has no lights in this room we also sleep with my daughter and son. My daughter saw a bright floating light she explained as bumpy. I have seen same flash outside only through this one window.
One baby musical toy have went on and starting to play music and changing them fast with static sound between the change.
I have had a blanket put between me and my daughter folded nicely on my pillow while asleep and last night I tried to sleep and there was a wooshing sound like a sprinkler would go on and then after a while when I tried to sleep I had alone thing grasp my whole back of my head bigger than a hand and kind of mushy but firm hold of my head I was all still and then I turned around and nothing my daughter was all the way on the other side of the bed could not have been her. After this happened the nightmares begun i had taken my son in bed an put my glasses away on a table but woke up I think to them being back on the bed and I put them back on the table this could have been part of my dream but I felt awake then ;( it was so real like my daughter came in to the room and I said no this is not u as u are sleeping behind me and I told her to leave then she came back with a game and wanted to play I got mad an pushed her out and she did not come back but my nightmare went straight to death of my dog following death of people I did not know. I was all confused when I woke up
Sorry this story is not short I tried to but really would appreciate some answers. I have also felt hair standing chills from toes to head.

Jun 21, 2013
Don't be afraid
by: Anonymous

yes i have had the samethings go on sometimes it feelos good i must say and i feel glad im not alone i to spend a lot of time alone and its something that is unique to me nobody has to understnd what im going thru i dont care I MESS UP PEOPLE CELL PHONES AND ALWAYS MESSING UP THE TV WITH MY STATIC ELECTRICITY I hope you embrass that experience and know thst they chose you to caress be beatiful for them they are wtching ask them fore things bet youll get what ever you within reason of dont go over board GOD BLESS

Jun 11, 2013
by: ang

So last night as I was trying to go to sleep I very distinctly felt someone touch my back twice and I asked my husband what he wanted and he kept saying nothing. Not the first time something like this has happened. Not scared though.

Jun 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

The more you think of it the more it happens. Just ignore them and eventually it'll never happen again. It's not easy to just ignore it. When I say ignore them I mean completely, erase it from your mind. Don't let you mind wonder in fear or thought.

Read a book or watch a funny movie or even anime and them sleep... It might help, but just try to take your mind of it, what ever works for ya and they'll go away.

Jun 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

does anyone know how to get rid of these touching, i been suffering with it for years- constantly touched all down my legs, it's like gentle stroking but they touch in places i don't want to be touched- constantly- every day! they make me think of dying, i really need something to get rid of them, please if anyone can tell me how to destroy them i would really appreciate it...they waist so much of my time and i just want to get on with my life without them existing.

May 30, 2013
Waking up I feel some one next to me move.
by: Glo

For the last year probably 10 times I am waking up from a nights sleep and I feel someone next to me moving from my bed. I feel a strong presence of someone sitting at the edge of my mattress and moving or trying to get up. The movements are weighted and strong. I do NOT f eel afraid of this person. I have felt his back against my back almost like like forcing me to notice someone is there. I am not afraid. When the person goes to leave the left side of my bed the bed actually feels like it's moving. The movement is strongly felt. I feel thje person sit on the edge of the bed a few moments and then I feel the person get up and there is a sense that the person has gotten out of the bed and has left. I am never afraid of this person. Probably I'm not afraid because I believe it is my dad just coming to see me. Let me make this perfectly clear, my dad never molested me or was in anyway in appropriate with me. He alwalys watched over me. I hope its him.

May 28, 2013
your spirit guide
by: Anonymous

Hi Don't be afraid it's sleep paralysis, read about it and also OBE....if you're hearing voices it could be your spirit guide giving you signs. just relax and go with it!!

Good luck, you are truly blessed!!

May 18, 2013
Felt gentle touch on shoulder
by: Lamb

Last night, while asleep, I remember dreaming of my grand children playing and cat's were in the dream too. I felt something gently touch my shoulder and that woke me up. Trying to make sense of who could have touched me, I thought the touch was smaller than the size of the children's hand's, and wondered if it was the cat's paw that touched me? I also live alone. When I woke up this morning, that dream or whatever happened was still on my mind. What really has me puzzled is when I got up this morning and went into the kitchen and looked out the window, a cat was perched on the fence staring right at me. I had never seen the cat before and over the 22 years in this neighborhood have only seen two cats a few blocks away. This has me puzzled. Is this one of those coincedences?? Any idea's?

May 04, 2013
You are not alone
by: C.

I've had similar experiences that have intensified over the past couple of years.

I have not felt my body is being "worked" on, yet the visuals are definelty happening, especially the appearence of flickering shapes.

Yes, lots of blue or white.
The feeling of disconnection is huge, as well as the other classic symptoms you commonly see listed as "ascenion symptoms"

The most intense visual experience happened last June 2012. I was about to go to bed and noticed a bright light (sphere) with two paralell lines behind it on the wall. I thought it was a reflection, that possibly someone had driven up to our house. Very rural. The dogs would have barked...

I kept looking at it, waiting for it to move, if it was in fact a car moving, but it didn't move.

As I looked at it I realized it was not a reflection but, was inside of the house. very odd feeling in the room (time stood still)???
I ransacked my brain trying to rationalize it, but kept coming back to "it's in here" many times.

Then my dog who was laying down on the floor, facing the other way, sensed it. I saw her turn and look directly up at it; she was scared and reacted like it was lightening(scared of lightening), (which it was the color of) and left the room and went to hide under my desk.

I did not/ could not seem to call out to my partner who was in the next room.

I closed my eyes and then opened them to find it was now in a different part of the house and I went through the whole rationalizing process again, only to conclude that it was INSIDE the house.
I felt it was observing me.
I felt afraid, but I decided to just cover up with a blanket and stay still.(?)
I closed my eyes and opened them and it was gone.
i happened to look out a window and saw a flash in the far distance.

I awoke the next morning having forgotten all about this until the very end of the day. This was very odd I thought, to have forgotten to tell my partner about it.

I noticed that after that expereince my eyes were extremely light sensitive, more so than before.

i will never forget this experience or stop wondering about it....

May 03, 2013
Fact or fiction ?
by: Anonymous

Hi its david. Realised i wrote down wrong month i first shared. November 8 th 2012. Remember stay strong !

Apr 24, 2013
Your not alone
by: L J

I hve been experiencing the same thing except there are needle like sharp pain associated with mine. Like you said it comes on for ab out 20 minutes or so and then subsides.... I do believe this is some type of spirit trying to tell me something but, not sure if it =s good or bad? But dont worry your not alone, it has been difficult for me to deal wirh but now since it hasn't seem let up im getting use to it...
I have some things i've been told i can do to get rid of it which i plan to do soon.

Apr 17, 2013
Where's the Teacher
by: Gladwin

Lol, I know it's hard because no of us have a teacher, but by looking for answers yourself you learn the truth and not some lies that someone feeds you.

Email me if you'd like to share experiences, I would like the same but don't know who to talk to :) so it'll be great if we could share our experiences by mail or something :)

If not, there's always sites like this where you could post your experience and see what others have experienced.

My email: dsa.aldon@yahoo.com.au

Apr 15, 2013
Felt a gentle touch and found this site while researching
by: Gladwin

Today, I was in bed meditating when I blanked out. Must have fallen asleep. I started to wake up (in mind only) when I felt a very humble and gentle pat on my cheek like someone was trying to wake me up, almost like a mother's touch but more angelic I would say. Fear started to set in because I was all alone with no one around and the pat was on my cheek that was on the pillow and not the one exposed.

Anyway, after a few pats on the cheek I could feel 2 hands try to open up my crossed hands (gently) while the patting continued. I started to freak out a bit more, I opened up my eyes but saw no one (I didn't move just opened up my eyes). I saw the room as it was but no one in front of me.

I closed my eyes in fear again but then I started to feel yet another hand on my shoulder trying to gently shake me awake then one more trying to turn me on my back (I was sleeping on my side).

I shouldn't have been afraid but I never experienced this think before that fear set in. I then said a pray to my guardian angel and everything stopped. I opened up my eyes and started to reflect back on what happened.

I now understand that it must have been my guide, guardian angels, light, energy or what every you want to call it, that was trying to show me or take me somewhere but I was too afraid to let go. When I said the pray they must have let me go as I resisted and didn't want to see what they had to offer, because I was afraid. lol

Anyway, the previous time it happened I felt someone gently push me from behind and later lift me up out of the bed holding my pants lol (Funny thing, I wasn't wearing pants lol) but then I had floated out of bed and in my room (lucid I think). but this time it was different, more divine.

I know that they were trying to help me or show me something because before meditating I prayed to my guardian angel to teach me how to understand more about myself so that I can become a better person and this happened next. It was like I was asleep but they were trying to wake me up (gently) to show me something or take me somewhere.

A wonderful experience but I really wish I wasn't afraid or held back. Now I've missed something, but I've started to learn more about life already.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

well sometimes when i sleep i felt as if something was above me like one time i felt as if a cat was walking on my legs and then i tried to shake it off in my sleep and i woke up but the thing is i dont have a cat... and it happened several times

Apr 01, 2013
strange but true
by: Anonymous

I woke up at 3:15 am to a painful cramp on my right leg.it didn't subside, infact it worsened second after second. I was sensing an evil presence in my room. Maybe it was twisting my leg, and I was becoming really scared so I prayed and the cramp disappeared. The night after, I sensed an evil presence under my covers and was starting to sense the cramp again. I agitated my legs and the cramp got away. I was sleeping but somehow got awakened and sensed the presence again, but this time the cramp got me as I was starting to agitate my legs. Tgis time, the cramp was a lot more painful and I prayed and it left me. I went to the bathroom and as I stepped inside of my bed, felt thesame cramp but on my left thigh, and I heard a low grunt, so I scteamed. Whatever it was fooled me and wanted me to be afraid of it. The next morning, while I was to sit on my bed, I felt something adgiusting my right thigh. It never happenned again.G

Apr 01, 2013
Feel like I'm losing it
by: Anonymous

For the past few months I have had headaches accompanied by weird little twitches in my brain. The only way I can describe it is as if each nerve is repositioning itself. It's not painful, just an odd sensation. I've ignored it because no doctor can seem to find anything wrong. But early this am, as I was sleeping - I was having an odd dream too - I felt, clearly felt a hand in the back of my hair. I started to shiver and wake up. I thought my husband was messing with me for a laugh so went to swat him away. But there was noone there. However, my hair (it's curly) was clearly flattened where the pressure of the hand was. I really feel like I'm losing my mind..

Mar 26, 2013
invisible hand
by: lulu

I was once sleeping next to my youngest daughter. I exerienced sp in the middle of the night. I escaped from it through prayers. This time it was different than my preceeding sps, because a hand was holding mineon top of my pelvis snd my legs were opened ss if I was onlabor. I screamed outloud in terror, waking my daughter. I told her I had a bad dream because I didn't want to scare her. Whatever it was under my covers wasn't human, and wanted to fool me with the thought that it was my daughter's hand I was holding.

Mar 24, 2013
felt a hand touch mine
by: Anonymous

can someone tell me what does it mean i was lying in bed and felt a hand touch my hand

Mar 21, 2013
Someone touching my finger
by: Anonymous

I recently had a dream I was in some house with my wife and one of my daughters we were trying to get away from someone It felt like this person knew our every move we could not see him we finally found a safe area so we thought. we were in middle of large room on our knees I was not sure what i was saying i believe it was father help us we finally sat on a large sofa still hanging on tight then this incredible fear of someone standing next to us I was afraid to look so i squinted my eyes to take a look I dont know what to make of it It looked like a man about 8 feet tall wearing a old dusty robe as i was embracing my family he touched my finger with his I awoke scared and sobbing like a baby

Mar 17, 2013
by: balthazad

i belive in the supernatural peole say that the house im livin in is haunted.they r sayin the truth cause my family n i hav felt the presence of the ghosts people who know about ghosts from a to z we asked help from them when they found out what ghost it was then they said we wount tell u cause if we tell u u wont want to live there so they didnt tell us n we r still livin here 4 ,5 years im trin to find out what type of ghast it is n here every year one or two people or my pets hav to die first no matter how many pets we got all of them died when we had no pets my grandfather died then my sis now i want to get to the bottem of this n stop it once n 4 all if anyone wants to help me im on fb n my name is anikethnarayan at fb n i play a game online called advanture quest

Mar 08, 2013
by: anonamous

I truly understand, You are not alone, I too have had alot of experiences happening to me, similar to you, some are similar and others are different..thank you for sharing your experience

Mar 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

Something is entering me through my feet. Does this have anything to do with the symbol of the snake so close to the ground, my nephew even said "I want to make these animation figures close to the ground", He made a snake and a small mammal like creature. I feel the vibration in bed, one time it felt like a small invisible animal climbing up on me. the vibes have lessened in strength. I woke to a zap coming from outside through window. It shot through my legs. I feel a pinch, poke or needle stick, then I feel something crawling up my leg. I feel wierd pains at night, wierd specific pains, I've had nightmares, mostly I am victim to violence. Not fun. I hear voices bad and good. Whew, where to begin, things are getting weird. Coincidences all the time, all the time, 3 or 4 layers of serendipity, so many they sometime spiral in my mind, spiral with instant apprehension of coincidence. that's all...

Feb 21, 2013
by: Monica

Hi sorry to Anonymous, you posted yesterday February 20th, so I replied to you yesterday, my mistake I meant to put my name (Monica) on it.
Blessings all.

Feb 21, 2013
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I am not an expert in this field, but I just want to tell you that many people are having the same experience such as yours and there is nothing to be afraid. There is a lot going on in the universe right now, and your body is just getting used to the flow of energies. I have read also that it has been a DNA reconstruction.

Can be also that you are gifted, and your third eye is opening!! Just great things are happening to you now.

So please don't be afraid, if you believe in God, angels, or some force .... just ask for your safety and tell them that you only want light beings around you. Ask your angels to give you answers in your dreams or clear signs that can answer about how you are feeling right now.

Feb 20, 2013
Similar stuff...
by: Anonymous

I am 13, At night, after a while of being still, I can feel 'something' scratching my face. I see if theres any of my hair on my face but there's none! This happens very frequent. - It doesn't hurt but I can feel it appearing on my face although there are never any marks. I can never fall asleep without facing the whole room because if I am facing away it feels like someones watching me. - Not an evil prescense but more of a waiting, patient presense. I dont wanna tell anyone cause theyll ever say I am mental or my mum would freak and get us to move house... Pls... any help... I get freaked out alot. - I can see auras - Not sure that helps but yeah - just incase theres a connection -

Feb 14, 2013
Be Yourself and Grow... Do not despair...
by: Logic is not Necessary

Everyone, you are all fine. This is you and real spirituality emerging. Do not listen to the the logic of those who have not had these experiences, listen to you heart and whole self. Everyday it gets clearer as to why you have these feelings.

Bring forward peace love and happiness. Spread it and if you experince recoil, just pull the spring back and keep pumping!

you are now at the cusp of the real you and the little voices you get static from are the exhaust fumes of a lessening negative society to a new horizon of real love... You are the catalyst and it hurts but you are hear to do this, you know it too :)

Jan 11, 2013
bodies electric
by: il27

Hi Elle. You seem to have EHS (Electronic Hypersensitivity). It's a condition that occurs in people who's had excessive exposure to electronic appliances in life. Check out emfields.org.
Other than that, maybe you're generating extra energy that appears like electricity in your body. Go through Bodies Electric by Mr. Beckers, he gave the idea that our bodies have positive and negative poles like a frog's body does. So maybe that's why you heard the soft voice say they're adjusting your meridians...meaning your body's energy poles..thanks for reading.

Jan 08, 2013
Need an explanation
by: CharlaL

I have had recent experiences myself and would like to see what others think. About a week ago I was sleeping and shortly after midnight I heard my door open(it wasn't). I looked up and tried to focus in the dark. I saw a dark figue at the end of my bed then all of a sudden it rushed at me. I felt a pressure on my chest. I gasped and then felt an electric like tingle over my chest and breasts and it was gone.
Then last night I was wakened by someone touching my hair. It felt kind of electric too. I jumped up not knowing what it was but nothing was there??

Jan 08, 2013
by: Kriz

You where suppose to have an OBE, but your fear held you back. Next time you have the dream, dont be afraid and go. He will show you the wonders of the universe<> He will also show you to never be afraid. Fear holds you back from evolution and ascension.

Jan 01, 2013
Static feeling when touched in my dream
by: Autumn

My little brother passed away a little over a month ago. I had stayed with a friend, he was coming home for the holidays and he slept in my room the night he died.

I had a dream, I was asleep but I could see my room perfectly. He was standing by my bed side in his hoodie and told me that he wanted to show me something. He reached down to grab my hand and my whole body got this intense static feeling.. but I couldn't get out of the bed. He was pointing and kept saying he needed to show me something but I could never leave the bed, but everytime he touched my hand, I got that intense static feeling throughout my body.

OIbviously, I found this to be scary because I woke up sweating and screaming. Can anyone tell me about this??

Dec 17, 2012
Feeling someone touching me
by: Kriz

Dreams. I have Dreams of some form of energy or spirit that comes to visit me and always touches my forehead. It comes at night and toucehs my ear too. I also here knocks or some form of bang in my house while I am asleep. This usually happens when I am experiencing a form of OBE. The last time I felt a touch on my forehead was profound. That spilt second before it happen I saw a gathering of light beings at the front of my bedroom door excited and observing. It was like they where happy or learning something. I also felt a negative feeling besides my be but the spirit that touched my forehead made it go away. This is the second time i fought this negative thing trying to interupt my dream. I feel something so profound is going to happen to me and everyday I wait for this miracle. I feel they are my guides protecting me.Does anyone experience this ever?

Dec 11, 2012
I feel something or someone
by: Shannon

Hi, I've been looking for a place like this, where others won't think I'm insane, thank you.

This is what's been happening and it scares me at first then I just don't mind.

My grAndfather passed 1st in 96, then my baby sister who I took care of most of her life and we were really close passed jan 31,1998 from a car accident. Then my grandma passed 3 yrs ago. When we were told to leave icu so she could rest, she looked at me and said no with years. She didn't want me to leave. We were also close.

There are times lately that I'm in bed sleeping and I'm awoken by what I thought was our cat jumping in bed, I sat right up and saw nothing. Then there are times I feel a weighted something sitting next to me and I don't know what it is. Our bed actually moves and dents in where the weight is, then lately it has been pulling blankets over me so I'm not cold and I swore it rubbed my back. I've been scared the first few times and now I feel it happen but I also feel stress free and peaceful.

When my sister passed at the scene later that night at my grammas the phone just wouldn't stop ringing at 4 am , I said
Maureen if that's you please stop ringing. That night I closed my bedroom window which I never do ever. I was awoken by gum popping , I would always tell her to stop bcus it's annoying. She kept doing it then stopped a bit later. I don't know if it was her, but I've never heard or felt her since the night she passed. I was pregnant with my son and started to go into preterm labor at 4 months that night also at the hospital. I don't understand any of it anymore.

Anyone have any ideas ? Has this happened to anyone? The other part is when I was younger I'd dream something and it would happen the next day, that stopped for many years but started again a week before thxgiving.

Someone please tell me what's going on?

Dec 10, 2012
In response to Monica and CiCi
by: Elle

Hi Monica,

Yes, I see colors and geometric patterns on occasion and also violet swirling when I meditate. Also for the first year, I would see black and white symbols floating in the air like you described seeing the b&w lotus...it was like the symbols were just stamped into the air with black ink...now I see more illuminated symbols or gridlines, so it's completely changed.

I do have alot of activity on my lower legs (calves) and on my feet for some reason. In the beginning it happened once in a while but now it happens daily...like a buzzing movement swirling in my lower legs...also pokes on the bottom of my feet and sometimes it hurts.

I'm thinking that your sensations are probably a result of both - opening up new areas of your bodies and also from becoming more sensitive to the increasing energies we're experiencing now.

It's pretty amazing to see and feel all of the stuff we're experiencing...I remember being a kid and wishing that I could experience this...I had NO IDEA what to expect :-)

Sending Love<3


P.S....Ladies, I have a blog where I've been documenting my recent experiences if you're interested :


Dec 07, 2012
Thank yo so much Elle!!
by: Monica

I was (still) very excited that you reply so quickly!
Yes I definitely believe in reincarnation. I think that I been out here for quite a while LOL!!
Elle have you also seeing the colors while you meditate? I see colors while I am getting these vibrations at night, mostly violet, like moving in waves. I had also several nights that I see geometric patterns while I'm half asleep, I tried to memorize them, but I just remember a kind of grid plus triangles. Months ago I used to see lotus black and white. Very excited stuff.
I would read about the "Embodiment" that you mentioned.
CiCi you found the right place to get your answers!

Blessings to all,

Dec 07, 2012
Chiming In
by: CiCi


Its actually amazing that I've found this particular forum. I came searching on the internet about tingly/tickling sensations I've been feeling throughout my body, mainly from the navel chakra down throughout the backs of my legs and out through my feet. I've been intensifying pranayama and yogic practices since the previous new moon, so I was thinking maybe I'm either opening up new areas of my bodies - or becoming more sensitive to new energies flowing into our dimensions. Its great to see that others are having similar experiences - especially those who are specifically having these same experiences today!

Dec 07, 2012
Reply to Monica "Vibrations Through My Body"
by: Elle

You said: "My question is that I think I'm just a normal person, with good and bad things, so why am I feeling those great things and people that have been doing so more years of meditation or good deeds don't feel it?"

Trust me, I had the same question! I've even spoken with Buddhist monks who haven't felt what I'm feeling...they've heard of it, but hadn't experience it themselves...it just didn't make sense that it was happening to me when I hadn't dedicated my self to years of discipline or even come close to doing anything like the monks were doing...I didn't understand why it was happening to a "normal" person like me...

Im not sure if you believe in reincarnation, but my answer to the question is that maybe you didn't do those things in this lifetime, but in many other lifetimes...once it's awakened in this lifetime, you will begin to feel it. Maybe the meditation and healing awakened it for you.

It's been explained to me that it's embodiment of Divine aspects of yourself...the more advanced aspects of yourself that did "the work" are merging with you at the end of this cycle. It took me a while to understand this...now I actually feel the other aspects moving around inside of my physical body...I feel like a Deity with many arms - LOL

Yes, the feeling on your head is a wonderful feeling...I feel it too, it's like a cellular massage :-) Eventually you may feel it in your entire body...pure Bliss! Congratulations, I'm very happy for you:-)

In Love <3


Dec 07, 2012
Vibrations through my body
by: Monica

I'm so glad I found this blog! I have been feeling the same symptoms (headaches, buzzing in my ears, feel a vibration through my body everyday now for about a month). I have never felt scared about this, it's a very gentle touch and this week the feeling has moved to the sides of my head it really feels good (like someone doing reiky on you). I have been meditating for over a year, plus doing some healing that I learned quite quickly but then had to stop (had a bad experience with some energy work), now I am doing it again but more carefully. My question is that I think I'm just a normal person, with good and bad things, so why am I feeling those great things and people that have been doing so more years of meditation or good deeds don't feel it?
Bless you all!!

Nov 26, 2012
some one touches me in bed
by: donna

hi, my name is donna and for about 5yrs ive been experenceing being touched, bounceing on my bed which at 1st i thought was bounceing with a breathing sound.seeing what i believe to be orbs and hearing whispering.at first i couldnt understand the male whispering and sometimes i would hear a woman and a baby. after a while i could understand the whispering and i also could understand the breathing noise on my bed, and it deffintly sound like a man haveing a wank on my bed.i new when he was entering my room as i got a buzzing noise in my head. ive experienced him touching me where ever he could, so i always slept with my clothes on. my partner at the time didnt believe me and i never felt so alone like i did then.now i just feel my head being touch and hearing the scratching on my pillow which must be their nails.im not happy that its still going on, but its more comforting than being touched sexually.

Nov 23, 2012
spiritual awakening
by: simon

its part of what is called the human plan,our soul[higher self]is reconnecting with our physical body again,look up our true history,atlantis,we are becoming full human beings again,youtube,chris thomas[human synthesis,ascension symptoms,you are not alone[its a good thing not bad]u musta heard the date dec 21,2012,its an amazing thing,just go with it,dont fear it,ok.

Nov 13, 2012
Someone touching me
by: bella

I went to bed last night...and while sleeping just felt this heaviness on me like someone cross over me from my left side, feeling my breasts, while I struggle to open my eyes fighting this thing off it felt like it was blowing air into my nose, I just wanted this to stop repeating the word no no please stop and I started to pray and ask God for help and protection, I can't shake this feeling...very scary...

Nov 08, 2012
Fact or fiction
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is david. Since i was about 5 yrs old i have experienced a presence of someone touching my arm while i am in bed. I also feel someone standing over me and restraining me. When i look or ask who is there, no one answers. I also experience a presence and can tell for some reason whether they r male or female. This can happen at any time whether i am alone or not. But when i look at others who r in the room and ask if they can feel that ? They always say no. I am not religious and consider myself a scientific person. All of the above doesnt happen all the time. On average i would say every 6 to 8 weeks. Also every so often i am awakened by a soothing voice calling my name. Does anyone else out there have these experiences. Pls let me know. Thankyou for listening.

Nov 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've always thought there was life after death. But was hard has I had no proof two years ago I lost my frist true love also the father too my twin boys we were so in love did everything together. I hadn't been with him tho since I left him when I was 19 I'm now 30. His death really hurt me broke my heart even tho I'd moved on. Not long after he passed I would feel something or someone touching rubbing my back at this point I just thought it was my top or just nothing I would just dissmiss it has being in my head. Has wweeks went by I went too a medium witch was amazing and blew me away I know it was real with the things he told me. He asked do you feel someone touching you at night? Your feet hair legs face lips? I feel this every night but I questioned it and would think it was in my mind. He says he is the one who touches you he sits on your bed at night wow. Since then the past year I've started too feel him so very strong I also see shapes mostly like a tv shape go up and down my wall. He also came too me in a dream but I was awake too. I had just read a letter that was sent too our boys I was heart broken and angry with myself and with him. I remember him touching me and scratching the remote I had on my lap. I was so angry I told him don't you dare touch me that night it took me a while too sleep but I did drift off. Why sleeping I heard a voice say joanne can you hear me. I couldn't speak and remember nodding yes I new this voice it was my love then he says joanne can you see me? B4 I could answer it was like he sat right in front of my face I could see is eyes face. Then I woke up. I still feel him touch me everyday and night and I love it makes me feel so loved makes me cry but smile too. I've started too open my 3rd eye too has I was told by a medium too do so has he will come too you this way and he's telling me you have the gift. I have had a lot of things happen but I no its just him it use too scare me but it dose not now.

Oct 24, 2012
Wakened by feelings of being touched on back
by: Brenda

Last night I was awakened by the feeling of energy and being touched on my back, I remember rolling over and putting my hand out in the dark to feel for someone then rolling back over and going to sleep. This is the second time in my life I have felt this. The first time I was probably 10 years old in my childhood bedroom. That time when I woke I was petrified and froze upon waking, this time I was not afraid, and I am staying in my childhood bedroom, visiting my Dad this week.

Oct 24, 2012
possible help
by: Anonymous

i know what some if not all of you mite be going thrue your not crazy im not trying to scare any one but you mite have an incubus which is a male spirt or demon which will sexualy harras women if you awake or a sleep you got to deal with it soon or it could get more sexuly agrresive and harm someone i dont know how to deal with it sorry

Oct 20, 2012
Just had the samething last night
by: Candace

I too have the same experiences, just last night i fell asleep watching think like a man, and begin too dream and in my dream someone was calling me by my name and grabbed me i then woke up but wasnt fully woke. I felt this feeling of someone around me and then i felt the hands of it grip my chest. i couldnt believe what i was feeling, then i felt its lips touch mine. i woke up in a cold sweat and couldnt understand what i was feeling. So i decide to look it up and found this website to know that im not alone. it didnt scare me and i didnt feel harmed.

I to want answers

Oct 19, 2012
In response to Anurag
by: Elle (Arizona)

Thank you...I do have that book "Autobiography of a Yogi", but just never got around to reading it. Going to start reading it tonight. Thank you for reminding me :-)

Love <3


Oct 19, 2012
A book
by: Anurag

After reading your thoughts i can only recommend you to read a book "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda. - Regards and Love

Oct 12, 2012
energy drain
by: Anonymous


Just left lengthy message, the extreme tiredness is someone or something is draining you of life force energy. if you seal often and especially before you go into public places, you close the doors and nothing can affect you as much or at all, or drain you of energy or has a hard time doing so.

I feel like I am on tilt a whirl or a spinning top that is about to fall. hard to keep my balance. like an invisible hand is pushing me sideways or into things. I feel at times like a live wire or I am touching live wires. really fuzzy in my head like a tingly head massage and like i am being tickled or touched by feathers on my back where the shoulder blades are. some may call them pre mature angel wings.

Oct 12, 2012
possible causes
by: Anonymous

you are chosen to receive special gifts. You are sensitive and open to the etheric level, 4th dimension, that of spirit. It is like a super highway where energies, beings, and so forth move about more freely than here in the physical realm, or mental that is sometimes a noisy busy phone line with a bunch of static.

blue orbs are spirits. they will not hurt you. they are there to guide your and support you. I see white lights. and digital tv in my house loses signal when I come near it to watch it. no radios work in classroom and lights brighten and dim when I enter rooms. I cannot stand fluorescent lighting.

hematite jewelry naturally repels against me.

be careful though. those who reach into any door (chakra) may I suggest that you cleanse yourself after feeling those reach into your back to adjust your meridians. (ceramic bowl or giant shell, sage or sweet grass, and matches. let go of negativity, empty your mind, being, spirit, and cleanse, then seal. do the sign of the cross on all chakras up down, right, left 7 times, and the 8th time start at feet and immerse yourself from toes to head with a rainbow. breathe in, hold and breathe out when rainbow reached the top of head. envision all these, the crosses and rainbow.

We are all changing, evolving, adapting. try not to be afraid. but keep your focus.

Oct 09, 2012
Tingling feelings is it Male Angel ? Anybody know?
by: Anonymous

Last night i was living room watching a movie fall asleep felt light breeze on my face & felt gentle touch on my neck sometimes my legs feet to i always pray to God i call St. Michael archangel asked him to give me full protection. Does anybody feel tingling feeling soft touch ? Plz let me know thankz :)

Oct 03, 2012
Feeling someone rubbing my lower right leg
by: Anonymous

Hello, for about a month now, I keep feeling something or someone rubbing my lower right leg, like right where my ankle and foot connect. The rubbing goes on all day, off and on and when I look there is no one there I can physically see. I prayed asking if it is something or someone not good to leave me, but apparently whatever is going on, it is for a reason. What is this or why?

Sep 14, 2012
here you go
by: anne

They answers you look for are on this forum, have a look and post your experience, there is friendly people waiting to answer your questions and have no fear, just because you dont see what is touching you does not mean its bad


Sep 14, 2012
Im now 13yrs old and this been happening for 2years
by: Anonymous

Im glad that I found this website because nobody believes what im going through I do not not understand this very well but sometimes when I get in bed I feel like somebody is touching my down parts legs thighs arms legs and head I see white moving figures then occasionally I hear voices the voices occured 5times saying things I really don't want to talk about I tried telling my mother but she calls me crazy which makes me cry a lot

Sep 10, 2012
feeling touched
by: Maria

It's Amazing because I felt that I was going crazy, Everything you're going through my dear I also experience it everyday of my life I actually feel it more at night time and I thought it was because I was lonely. I also will like to know what it means?

Sep 09, 2012
by: Will

Recently ive been going though the same thing especially with the feeling of someone touching my back, arms and legs, also exteme engery waves, and the feeling of being watched right before i fall asleep it is very unnerving to me. Ive been studying ufology for 15 years now since childhood, and at times these feelings get so intense i begin to think an alien abduction may soon occure, i would prefer this to be just a spiritual awakening instead, however while i have been going though this it has been quite frghtning.

Aug 28, 2012
I have felt this type of thing
by: Bonny Bergstrom

Not to the extent that you discribe and not to the time frame that you are talking about. But I have felt this sense of someone, my Guru, reaching down through my crown chakra and it was scary. There were lightening boltz and crazy fights with Kachinas. I heard a voice that said to lay still it lasted for about 5 hours. Since then I do see Blue Lights a lot, especially a little blue pearl, but also I feel I have a blue sphere of light that surrounds me and is a form of protection. I first found the sphere in a meditation. I think that you could also build a sphere for protection in meditation. I have a meditation group on FaceBook if you are interested. I hope this helped.

Jul 28, 2012
thngs touchn me alot
by: Anonymous

A whl back sumthng ws holding me laying nxt to me in the bed the nxt morning it ws jumping on my bed close to whr I slpt n thn a mnth later whn I'm slpn agn at fve oclck the same thng is walkn on my bed six tyms up n down whts happening pls

Jun 07, 2012
I can relate
by: anne

After reading your little story i can say you not alone, i to are experiencing the same.
Your are spiritualy awakening, can be uncomfortable and scary.
The main thing that did pop out though was when you mentioned the word meridian, i woke up to that word few months back, woke up shouting it like i had to remember that word, never new what it meant.
Im open to discussion with experience if you like, if you had any question i could try and help you :)

May 22, 2012
RE : Repy to Andre's "similar events for past 2 months" NEW by: Elle
by: Andre


I find that really interesting and very relieving that these forces are largely internal. I also have found myself attracted to geometric shapes, but mostly triangles. A lot of my friends ask me why I haven't been going out, and when I do show up it's like "where has this guy been!?".

Electrical sensitivity is most definitely becoming apparent. Yesterday I was going for a jog using the same headphones I do with my ipod but this time my blackberry. Every few strides I would get static shock in my ears. I know this is a common phenomenon with people, it's just new to me. After my run I was lifting some weights on an enclosed patio on my condo roof. I would then get an electric shock that traveled from my left wrist to left bicep every 4 or 5 repetitions. I wonder if this would have happened inside? I was too tired to see! I once got this same electric shock on my left calve in my basement while I felt one of those smaller creatures crawling on it, but this was only after trying to swat it. It felt like its energy dissipated throughout my leg as a shock.

In the past 3 weeks I have been sometimes able to dim my screen on my mac book by thinking of it. I have tried creating psi balls in the past which seemed to develop in ability to charge my right hand. I have tried telekinesis with no success other than static manipulation; As well as listening to binaural beats to induce out of body experiences with delayed effects. I had a couple OBEs that lasted a second or two before waking up, both times I dismissed it as a dream. That's another thing, I'm not a vivid dreamer, rarely ever remembering them.

My only other connection to this sort of sensitivity is my older brother, who is clairvoyant. I never really had any more psychic experiences than anyone else. My brother did tell me that something has been up with me since I was young, blaming me for shutting off the TV, lights flickering, etc. The flickering lights have been happening again more recently, specifically when I feel the energies on the job. More often my psychic experiences have been close proximity telepathy. I would sometimes get the feeling that I was in other peoples head and I let them into mine?

I don't exactly know why at this point in my life this is happening? By the sounds of it you mentioned the year 2012 and this is probably happening to many of us simultaneously? It was certainly comforting to hear that you met with a Tibetan Lama and that he assured it was not a bad thing. I just wish he would have told you more! lol,... But I'm pretty sure if the unseen is making itself so apparent now; then we are probably that much closer to the answers that lie within,...

Love <3 & Respect,


May 21, 2012
Repy to Andre's "similar events for past 2 months"
by: Elle

Hi Andre,

Just read your response... I also see a dark tinted heat wave in my room on occasion. I just saw a hand reach into my chest last week... My ability to "see" the unknown seems to just kick in every now and then when it wants to, but is not consistent...sometimes I see very well, sometimes not...But when I do see, it's mostly been illuminated geometric shapes, full on non-human beings, snapshots of non-human beings, gridlines, and illuminated orbs with gridlines on it. Sounds like your vision is well developed.

You also say you can "hear them flexing as they walk toward me", I also hear like, joints clicking, or clothes rustling like if someone is in the room with me and is moving around. It has followed me around to every house I've been in, even when I visit other people. So it's to my belief that it's not an outside source, it's within my own energy field and portal. You are your own portal, that's what the picture is above my post, it's a portal. Notice how it looks like a wormhole with the cones? If you search "wormhole" on yahoo images, you can see what I'm talking about...

I have also felt energy move up from the feet, sometimes entering the feet and filling up my whole body like a balloon. Lots of nerve twitches, muscle spasms, and the insect type feeling for me, is more like a small snake slithering throughout parts of my body. The insect tickling feeling is on my face only. In my experience, this is all Kundalini and chakra activation. Later some people may develop higher chakras above your body (transpersonal chakras), which act as a portal where higher aspects of themselves can be anchored. I can imagine the higher aspects of ourselves would like to adjust us and help us to catch up...all part of Ascension.

In my experience there is no outside source, there is no military/government, there is only you - the creator of your own reality. If you believe strongly enough that it's an outside source making you a victim, then that's the reality you'll create. There is no such thing as a "victim". That's where meditation and mind discipline will come in handy. I met with a Tibetan Lama recently to discuss this whole thing, and he said "you do not even have a body, imagine that you do not even have a body, and it cannot bother you". He assured me that it was not a bad thing, but he would not tell me anymore about that.

You are in an extremely advanced stage of your evolution. We are at the end of a cycle (2012)...Some will advance very quickly at the end of this cycle as it sounds like you are ! If you eliminate fear, this can be a very smooth ride and you can accomplish what you came here to do. Smile, you are very fortunate! I am very happy for you Andre.

Love <3


May 21, 2012
similar events for past two months
by: Andre

Elle's account is the only case I have heard that closely resembles my own experiences that have been going on for the past two months.

Usually when in my room before going to bed I can see a dark tinted heat wave at my lower body. The energy seems to progress from the walls as I can hear them flexing as it moves towards me. I can feel this energy trying to enter my ears and it seems to ring on success. I have felt these experiences at work and at my previous apartment. So I think its not necessarily area specific. My eyes twitch a lot more since this has happened and I also get muscle spasms (upper thighs-right leg) where this energy is sometimes touching. Often in the form of human hands, sometimes I can feel smaller insect like creates?

I have discoloured spots (triangular formation) on areas of my body where this is happening and activity has moved from my feet up since this started two months ago. It seriously feels like I'm being scanned. Prayer,Sage and attempts to communicate resulted in more questions but no answers. It leads me to believe that this could possibly be the effects of an advanced technology, even if it is from another plane/dimension.

I really doubt that extraterrestrials would have interest or methods of this manner, but I would not put it past military experimentation. Our current state of technology with our "non-lethal weapons", tablets, and "smart" phones are merely out dated and declassified military technologies of the post vietnam war.

If you were being investigated for any reason there are security directives present that allow testing of these advanced technologies on said individuals. I don't know what its like in your city, but up here its a f**in' air show! Look to see if you notice chemtrails from high altitude planes that later form into clouds. These clouds, I believe are being used to cover low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites. There are "stars" I notice that blend in very well (almost look like two end points of a diagonal line) I can notice making a rotation within my area every 12 hours?

To make this long story short, I think we could be victims/ginuea-pigs for a "new" "non-lethal weapon". I don't deny the existence of UFOs but what's more important is that the technology IS REAL. The fear of an unknown enemy finally showing its face is the perfect psyop to manipulate EVERY nation. I am a musician and avid enjoyer of the arts. I am also old enough to notice the change in the music and movies being produced post 9/11. I Also remember the rights that we had prior to 9/11 and how liberal everything was becoming. It's obvious they don't give a f*ck about our security/safety. "National security" will always be the excuse to oppress and impose human rights violations.

This is only one possibility of an infinite.

Apr 30, 2012
I feel a energy tOuching me
by: Courtney

I have experienced only after I pray to god or ask for angels to help me a sensation of feeling energy like the hairs our standing up by it feels like something it touching me things will be ok any one else experience that

Mar 12, 2012
RE: Feeling Someone Touching Me
by: Jacci Rose (Storm Angel)

Wow that's a great post! :)

Basically, nearly all of the symptoms you explained is what I have experienced (and still experiencing now).

I've had voices and visual appiritions come forth to me from the other side trying to help me and give me advice, mostly during meditation. They often send short sentences to me. I believe these may be massages from my higher self and guides in a high vibrational dimension.
They have said things like "Eye of Horus", "death bends light" and "you have no ears" just to name a few of many. The most recent ones I recall was "The human creations do not recognize their own existance" and "Energy of life, all your colours must be balanced".

These are not my thoughts or imaginative projections by any means and when I first started to recognize these experiences recurring I honestly though my house was haunted. lol
The feelings of being touched, expanding of the crown chakra and the feeling of someone touching me everywhere from my head, arms and legs.

The rushes of heat you describe can be a real pain. lol Even in a air conditioned room it can make me sweat but it normally doesn't last too long.

I have been doing a lot more Astral travelling lately too and can remember many trips really clearly.
I have managed to work up my bravery and conqueur some very frightning demons and shadow entities which used to bother me for many years too, now they keep their distance from me and I am now more confident in the Astral/Etheric worlds.

I am in the process of training myself to incude Astral Projection concsiously. Mt attempts still are hit and miss at this stage but I'll get better at it in over time. :)

Feb 11, 2012
my feelings
by: Anonymous

hi,av been puzzled for the last week,av always new a felt apresnice,but the last week i have had every simpont u have said,am not scared as a feel very strongly about things like this,a know it is sum one looking over me,a got told by a doctor wen a feel over 40 foot and walked away with a scratch that sum 1 was watching over me, i a had a sister that died at 8 month and she would av been my older sister,and i was named relly close 2 her name,she was kelly,am called kayley me mam said that why i was called that,and i blieve she is there looking over me x

Feb 04, 2012
by: Gem Morrison

I have also been tastings things in my mouth I havent eaten for years, and smelling strong smells, like banana yogurt or fish and chips, with no explanation for it, and going light headed and hearing a ringing noise, and as I am drifting off to sleep, my whole body feels orgasmic, mainly around my crown chakra, heart and sacral chakra, I love every sensation

Feb 04, 2012
Blue grid like patterns, flashes,
by: Gem Morrison

Hi all, I have a huge interest in other dimensions, seeing auras, lucid dreaming, remote viewing etc, and in the past 6 months or so I have been seeing blue grid like patterns on the ceilings or on walls, the blue lines are a few inches thick and very vivid, sometimes they are yellow and green inside.
The past 2 months I've been seeing bright white lights and flashes going across my eyelids as they are closed, as though someone is shining a torch right through, as soon as I open my eyes expecting to see them, the room is dark and empty.

I have also been seeing wisps of smoke in the air in front of me, the air like a heatwave around people, and seeing little creatures move out of the corner of my eyesight.

I want to see more of this, and am working on my chakras, would love to see orbs of light and work with them :)

Jan 29, 2012
In Response to "Sleeping Behind Me"
by: Elle (Arizona)

Yes, I actually have felt someone/something spooning me while sleeping. It's happened a few times actually...It kinda envelopes my whole body, but it's comfortable. As far as seeing a bright star in the middle of my bedroom, yes, and several other things in the middle of my room... I've seen bright lights, a rotating stellated dodecahedron star, a small tunnel or funnel looking thing, illuminated gridlines, many different symbols, a ninja star looking thing flying across my room, a butterfly inside my big dresser mirror at night, all kinds of stuff...

You may see more as the veil thins and if your pineal gland (3rd eye chakra) awakens more. A sure way to tell if your pineal gland is awakening (besides seeing stuff) is feeling a swirling or buzzing sensation in the middle of your forehead, or seeing a fluorescent blue or indigo color when you close your eyes. Also some people experience headaches that feel kinda like a sinus type headache, but worse. My pineal headaches feel like the middle of my brain is swollen and usually last most of the day...and usually see white sparkles throughout the day when this happens. Not sure if most people experience the headaches, but it seems very common from what I've read.

I know the "unknown" might be scary at first, but there's nothing to be afraid of. If fear starts to creep in for any reason during these experiences, saying a prayer and demanding for anything "not of the Light or Highest of Good" to leave my space/energy field IMMEDIATELY always worked for me. But all of the experiences have been Divine in nature and I'm used to it now.

Hope you feel better

Love <3

Jan 29, 2012
sleeping behind me
by: Anonymous

About a month ago I experienced the feeling of something coming from my body as I was waking from my sleep. It was like a struggle for it to leave whatever it was, but afterwards I felt great. A couple of nights ago I was sleeping on my side and I felt a body spooning me. As I tried to get up the arm dug in as not for me to move. I was finally able to get up. I have been stressed lately, but not sure if stress will cause this to happen to me. Then the next night I awakened to find a bright shinning star suspended in the middile of my bedroom. I covered my head and prayed. Not sure what is happening to me or why. Has anyone experienced anything like this. I haven't slept in my bedroom since and have been sleeping on the sofa in my livingroom.

Jan 16, 2012
Someone's touching the crown of my head
by: Anonymous

I just did a search for feeling like someone's touching the top of my head, actually the crown of my head. Like you i have fatigue, headache, dizziness, this is day four. Large and small orbs are around me, unusual smells, the feeling of being watched and pressure on my back. Interesting. Good to see someone else experiencing these symptoms. Would like answers but when i talk to whomever is around me i get no perceivable answers, wonder if I'm just missing something. Have felt other touches, my name called as well.

Jan 16, 2012
For Guidance
by: Anonymous

You can go to www.tybro.com website for spiritual tools to help rid your environment of negative entities and create a more serene life and state mind. Blessings!

Jan 13, 2012
Sensation Of A Presence Stroking My Hair
by: Theresa

Hi, my name is Theresa, I was reading your blogs. I typed in searching these sensations I've been encourting four years now. Everymorning I attend mass while sitting there in complete bliss I feel the sensation of something telling the top of my head or tap me on the shoulder. I try to ignore it when I do it moves my hair faster and then I think to myself maybe a bug is in it. So I put my fingers through my hair to make it stop. I'll be in meditation and feel something tap me on the shoulder. I try to ignore it . When I have it nagged me to pick up my head and open my eyes to find nothing there. When I go near my clocks they act wacky my alarm clocks turns on and speaks to me in bible parrables ??? What ever this being is has me working within time prompts. Such as : 222 333 444 555 711 1111 and 33. I've meditaded on this asked for what is it u ask of me ? When I go to sleep at night I swear there are nights I feel the presence actually sitting on my bed at my feet.. Sometime my heart beats so freaking fast I feel I'm going to have a heat attack from being wigged out.I think if this presence senses fear it would stay. So I say the st. Michael prayer untill I fall asleep. Bless you Theresa <3

Dec 25, 2011
the unseen
by: zafeena

Well ur not the only ones it happens more often than we think or imagine and its not good to go through this alone especially when others cant understand u personally I feel that nobody can understand until u go through it for ur self I dont mean to say that we should go through it becoz I dont wish it on any1 im just saying that its difficult for others to understand as I tried to tell others but they just didnt believe me :( anyways my problem began a very long time ago and its a long story but I will shorten it was a bad experiance for me perssonally and for every1 its different. It began when we moved to a big brand new house in u.k. England at first paranormal activity took place in the home but we all ignored it and after some time it calmed down but then the entitiy began disturbing us as individuals it tried scaring us in many ways but still we ignored it as we didnt really believe in such things until it happened to me I defo believe in it and I will never forget it ...

Dec 16, 2011
My Story..
by: Tera

Everyday i feel something touching the crown of my head, especially if i'm watching or thinking of the paranormal. A while back for several days i would kick back on my sofa and would feel this energy sensation going up and down my legs and also on my arms.. this went on for a couple of weeks and then stopped. Once i was laying on the sofa in the late afternoon to take a nap and as i lay there with my eyes closed but still awake i heard a voice say "don't touch her".. i swear from that point on i never felt the energy on my legs and arms again. I still feel something touching my hair each and every day.. but i'm very spritual and believe its probably my spirit guide..as it feels loving and kind somehow. I know this probably didn't help you much but at least you know your certainly not alone.

Nov 26, 2011
feel someone who is no more but still very close me
by: ritu dheman

it happens to me off and and on. it started long time back how , when , where no idea but yes i do feel those people who are no more. may be i am blessed with some special kind of sensitivity in my body that i can feel those people who are no more. but only those whom i know means from my family my close ones. at times i feel as if they want to say some thing to me or convey to their family members. the moment they come close to me i really dn't know why i let them do that but whn they do i get scared. and they are out , nut their little impact there presence stays with me for a quite a long time. for eg. today morning some where around 4 am when i was sleeping suddenly some came very close to my ear and warm breath of tht person and tht aroma of that person made me felt that she is there very close to my ear and the moment she said c****i i am back . i got scared and then strong presence of her didn't let me get up from my sleep and then the way she started crying ,made me cry to .... wanted to ask her why she crying but my body was in such a condition that i was not able to ask her. by using lots of power i asked her wht happend dear she just said i am all alone i am not liking here, i am missing my mummy tell her that she always use to love her and she was proud to have her as a mother no one else and she wuld love to have her as a mother in all her livesss. and immediately when i got up my body was cold my feet was very cold as if i was standing somewhere without my slippersss and there was no power to get up from my bed as if i was swimming for about 8 - 10 hours . i really want to enhance my body power so that i can talk to them who feel that i can convey their messages to their loved ones. i wish i can that power to talk to them and make them comfortable with their loved ones even after their death. because there are many things in our lives which we want to say to our loved one but this thing like death is not predicted when it comes it takes you like a wind with sand. no time to say or even see those whom u want to see in the end. as in last one year i have seen 3 different kinds of death in my life in which we can only say that death do no discrimination between young x old, poor x rich , healthy x sick , fat x thin

Nov 08, 2011
i feel someone touching me and some more
by: Linda

hello, i have some similar experiences, i feel someone touching me and so on, i get headaches, dizziness, buzzy feeling on legs and arms, tired all the time. but i have no problems with cell phones, computers and so on and i haven't had this so long, i was sick for about 1 and a half month ago and was sick about 2 weeks when i had got my medicine on a thuseday and it started on friday when i had got a little better but i don't have the experience with someone reaching into my back and chakras. it does sexually things to me and i know it's not an incubus (sex demon). i have tried asking questions to him but i don't get any answers, when i'm in bed he comes in my bed too and so on but i like him really much, i wonder if he could be my past life lover or so..... between i'm soon just 14 years old and this things happens to me o.o

Nov 08, 2011
i feel someone touching me and some more
by: Linda

hello, i have some similar experiences, i feel someone touching me and so on, i get headaches, dizziness, buzzy feeling on legs and arms, tired all the time. but i have no problems with cell phones, computers and so on and i haven't had this so long, i was sick for about 1 and a half month ago and was sick about 2 weeks when i had got my medicine on a thuseday and it started on friday when i had got a little better but i don't have the experience with someone reaching into my back and chakras. it does sexually things to me and i know it's not an incubus (sex demon). i have tried asking questions to him but i don't get any answers, when i'm in bed he comes in my bed too and so on but i like him really much, i wonder if he could be my past life lover or so..... between i'm soon just 14 years old and this things happens to me o.o

Oct 10, 2011
heres whats happening with me. any thoughts?
by: Dave

Hi Elle,
So my names Dave, and I have had some similar experiences as well. I have felt and will undoubtedly continue to feel something or someone touching me at times. It started a year ago after I experienced what i think was demonic possession. I’d elaborate, but there’s not much room here. Anyways I’m curious what you think is going on and I guess at the very least just want to echo what others have already said in that you’re not alone. Thanks.


Sep 30, 2011
Feeling somone or somthing touching me
by: Anonymous123

Ok some pretty weird things happened in the last two nights. first off I had a dream inside of a dream , but i was in between awake and asleep. The part of the dream tht was important was when i woke up in my dream and relized I was dreaming but I didnt relize i was stll dreaming, but i was still in the state. Looking out the window at night i c cats and people i knw walking their dogs. There is this man tho, no1 sees him except me and when i make the smallest noise he notices me. I have this feeling of uneasyness and dread..I backed up closing the curtains but somehow he was opening them moving to the side. I ended up praying in the dream and he dissapeared. See at school i take psychology and i wanted to know how to lucid dream because i didnt understand the dream and wanted to relive it. The issue is when I started to imagine it and the guy It felt like i was being touched. First my foot then my left leg and thn somthing felt like some small thing was next to my side. While this is happening there is this release of pressure in my gential area...and like this shock or just this weird feeling is going through me. I could move and talk...I even heard weird noises somewhat like answers however, I have no idea what whoever is saying and its just weirddd....Any ideas or suggestions on what i should do?

Sep 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi i no how you a feeling i often feel some one touch me my hair and my face i put it down to my beautifull angels looking after me

Sep 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

hi i no how you a feeling i often feel some one touch me my hair and my face i put it down to my beautifull angels looking after me

Sep 09, 2011
Find a Pastor filled with the Holy Spirit
by: Elviss Gardner

Go to your local church that teaches Jesus and Holy Spirit Filled, The things that you are Feeling and hearing are Familiar Spirits which are(Demons), Go to your Pastor to pray for you, frist when you get chance, if not find another Pastor that can pray for you. Blessing to you

Sep 05, 2011
passing over
by: kate

hi sadly lost a very dear and close friend only two days ago, i havent seen him fall awhile, and the news of his passing hit me hard, he died doing what he loved best diving i feel rellived that he had had a dive before he was taken from us and he was in a spot he likes byon bay.i have been feeling warm patches since his passing is this him letting me know he his around ,he doesent wast me to be sad

Sep 03, 2011
Response to "Moe Joe" comment
by: Elle (Arizona)

Hi Moe Joe,

First, I'd like to say that I wrote this post "Feeling Someone Touching Me" in December 2009. I've learned quite a bit since then, and have also experienced a lot more than what was listed in my post at that time. I did not list anything in this post that indicates any "fear" or worry of it being something "bad". This contact has always been very calm and peaceful. Sometimes I even feel the energies Lovingly stroking my arm in comfort.

I'm sorry that you feel the need to spread fear regarding something that has been a beautiful experience for myself and for others. Fear is just an illusion. Everything that happens to you in this lifetime is the result of what is going on inside of you, it is a reflection. If you have fear inside of you, then you may experience situations in your life that relate to that.

This has been a beautiful experience that has brought me closer to "God/Source/Creator". This is an opportunity to clear/transmute/integrate all of unresolved issues,fear, anger,trauma, insecurities, karma etc...It is my belief that you do not "need" someone else to do ANYTHING for you...you do not "need" to pay someone else to "clear" you...you have all the tools you need within yourself. "Fighting" something will most likely just make it stronger.

I pray that you find Peace within.


Sep 03, 2011
by: Moe Joe

Hi there.are you feeling tired most the time, does you feel that someone touch your hair like if a bug between your hair,do you feel allot of movement of your left leg and sometime in your right leg or in your left or right arms.did your sleep changed since than, do you miss the old days sleep when you go to bed around 11 and wake up around 9 in the morning. not any more ha!!!sometime when you at work you don't feel it because you doing activities but when it is time to relax you have to deal with it. right? basically they don't want you a relaxed person any more. someone did something to you by going to do some kind of magic on you to hurt you, it could be an ex girlfriend or simply someone does not like you. yes. someone did it to hurt you.or maybe in some cases some one want to help you in protecting you from others. either way when someone put your name in the spiritual world you are discovered to that world . so you can get bothered anytime . you are not going to die from this. it is only going to bother you . at one time i couldn't take it anymore so i called a guy who believes in god and he said to me this king of jinn (are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah) but if you pay attention to them you make them strong against you so the best thing is to ignore them and pray to Allah so they don't bother you.finally i just want to mention that beside praying i will try to find a special place to fight this magic i know there is places who maybe can do something about it and i must find it. because you can't ask for a million dollar or a miracle and you are sitting at your house, you have to get up and work to get it,right? the same people who did this to hurt you they use someone to do it and now you can look for another one to do something against it.so you may also stop some of the night mare . look for spiritual cleaning i am sure you can find someone in your area. i wish i can tell you more. if you have any question and you would like to talk about it or maybe you found a solution please share it with me at mojo9090@hotmail.com thanks and god bless you

Aug 13, 2011
Someone touching me
by: Susan

I don't have many of the problems some of you have here, but for months now there are times that I distinctly feel someone touching me. It has happened in the bedroom, livingroom and bathroom. I have been touched on my back, foot, leg and hair. I'm almost always alone when it happens or my husband is in the other room. We don't have kids yet, but there is a cat in the house. I never have the touching problem when she is close. In fact, I have caught her growling and hissing at things I can't see. It may be that she tries to protect me as I have even caught her try and go after things that weren't there. Of course, many people write cats off as being crazy, but based on my recent experiences, I'm not so sure. All I know is I try to keep her in the bedroom at night or I get too nervous to sleep. Her presence helps a lot and she seems to want to watch over me.

For those of you with these problems, a cat might be a cheaper alternative if you don't have a lot of money. It does help if you have a close bond with your kitty or else they may not be as protective.

Jul 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I keep getting touched on my left arm and real bad luck follows after so wtf

Jul 19, 2011
So different yet the same?
by: I see and feel things sometimes.

I've been feeling someone touching my arm,leg, and back like tapping me trying to get my attention but every time I touch the part I felt it in nothing is there. This really caught my attention recently and for a good while I thought it was ghosts or supernatural things trying to communicate with me, so I did a lot of research in religion, wicca, and other spiritual stuff. I love nature so I spend time at a big park with tall trees and grass when there is few or no people there to try and find the spirits faster, but I tried that a couple of times and ended up scaring myself so I stopped. I was with a friend once at that park near a lake almost 2 years ago and I turned around to see a very pale blue floating spirit like thing rushing towards me it was so fast it hit my shoulder while it passed me but I felt nothing only saw it. I've been thinking about so in winter last year I went to park on a full moon this was after my research and I calmly slowly started talking saying "show yourself if you have something to say" things like that and I heard an inhumane "hmmm" like a humming thing and it scared me so I left. I don't know what it is but I do feel sensations of someone touching me sometimes, maybe not as much you do but it does happen occasionally and I do question it to this day.

Jul 19, 2011
How it started
by: Pearson

Well I was in a car accident and woke up in the hospital and they kept telling me I would not remember any thing so I left the hospital and they told me not to work.At home I discover TO black holes on my back near my root chakras they were small round holes I did not believe they came form the car accident the only thing that was on my back were rocks in the hospital this look like it had been burned but the holes were as round as bottles.
Then I went back to work 2 weeks later I was in there for a month. At work one of my co worker look like he said there is a bomb on the bus. But I did not think much of it and they move me and the new co work as would I die for god then I quit. And a little later I pour gas over my self so the hallucinations would stop I would been dead but they stopped. Then I stared feeling stuff
touch me all over and my feet stared burning really bad I went to the doctor but now help maybe laser surgery. Then I saw a day dream of a place in DC and I went and I head the voice clearly I got tired of it and left and the voice went away or were I could not make it out but my foot is still burning and my I pod seems like it is destorying my songs I don't think its ufo's I think it da gov.

Jul 16, 2011
Feeling the same thing
by: Bnejamin

omg i glad i foud this i am feeling the same symtoms for the last 3 days somebody touching me between 2:30am and 4am i can be awake and i feel a big preasure on me is hard to breath and move i could have the lights on and i still get that feeling last night i started taking pictures witth my phone and cought a weird face in the conner of the picture really freaky.Im not that scared but is not a good feeling and when it bothers me with my sleep is horrible im in the army and i wake up early has it is.

Jun 23, 2011
Every scenes my cuzin Died
by: joe perez Az

Hi im joe im 19 and my cuzin lose his life in a train acendent he was only 24 him and his frienfd were drink and they try to beat the train and it hit them he wasnt the one drinking ether but the train throw both of them out of the car he died instently the focus of the train snaped his spinel core his friend survived but cant walk anymore.But everyseens he died i feel someone touching my left shoulder and i see things that arnt there and hear someone calling my name but no ones there.im just glad im not alone on this.

Mar 27, 2011
Well, there are several issues.
by: Sufering

I'm tired of hearing my thoughts somwhere out of my head. I'm tired of hearing people 1 kilometer away. I'm tired of negative illusions and information from out of the world. I feel big sadness in my soul. Soul is always crying. I'm losing my life. Sitting and trying to change something, even don't know why do i feel so and when will the end come. Feel voices in my head different types of thoughts. Feel pain in the stomach very often. Also i feel that someone is touching me every second. I feel being raped. And i'm very tired. My foot is in the bad condition and my skin is like i would be 50 years old and i'm only 26. Can't sleep at night of the nightmares that are in my dreams. Dreaming the same things. And the only things that i whant is love, job, and pray. The silence and the tranquility. The girlfriend and the job. Who i'm and what does the life whant from me? I feel like someone is dooming me every time i think something. I see how people are acting with me. Am i normal, after abusing marihuana for 6 years and healing myself with a psychilotropic medicine? I'm 26 years old, and what is my future after i graduate my collegue? The tars aren't falling down anymore. Just pain and lonliness. Computer is another problem. I think if i was younger would i change the course of what happend to my life. If someone whant to see me write me unknown@hotmail.lt

Mar 16, 2011
I hear you!
by: kay

Hi im kay, im 29 years of age, and have always been able to see auras from a very young age, and i just knew things about people then it would be confirmed as true at some stage. The feeling you have in your back is what led me to this, I googled what had been happening to me, and this has been going on for a month since my mum passed away, ive been asking my angels for the strength to get through yet another tough time, as i lost my dad too just four years ago. sounds like your absolutley right about someone reaching into your back, i get it on the right hand side and its not painful, but you know someone is there, almost as if they are reading your thoughts, I almost gave up on my beliefs, with all the bad luck ive had, but I never could give up really, It's just not me to do that. Im so glad I found someone else who shares this as ive looked it up so many times to see if its a medical condition but theres nothing.

Mar 11, 2011
Energy not Entity
by: Amrit

As a follow up I had two separate clairvoyants come to my house and inspect it. There were two spirits, which have now moved on, however I was still having feelings of things touching me afterwards. It turns out I had geopathic stress at the point of my bed. So I moved my bed. This energy can literally touch m (since I am sensitive to it).

Whats more, energy can be spoken to just as spirits can. So I can command it to go away, and it will go away, just as spirits have to go away as well.

We are above Spirits, they have to listen to us. So do not be afraid. What's more, go see a clairvoyant who specialises in this stuff. They can help you get protection.

Mar 10, 2011
Strange feelings of touch
by: Anonymous


I believe what you are feeling are the symptoms of Ascension.
I am and have been experiencing many of these things you talk about. but not the whispers. I do see many symbols when I shut my eyes. In fact hundreds of them. The symbols are massive information that we will soon need.
I thought I was going crazy there for a while but I came to find out that those sensations you are feeling are your chakras openning and expanding along with the kundalini serpent waking up.
You can look up Ascension symptoms and you should find a lot of information.
Try not to fear those feelings. We are all coming into out new light bodies now.

Love and light to you

Mar 07, 2011
6 times
by: Amrit

I've had things touch me at night on 6 seperate occassions. This has happened when the door has been shut and I've been the only person in the room and also when I'm not alone.

I was told that placing salt in 4 corners of a room (in a glass) was good to repel these kind of energies and to be honest it has been working. However I've also heard doors open in the middle of the night and just tried to ignore it, however it can be difficult. I spoke to a person who specialises in cases like this who said he was taught to open door ways to spirits so they can move on. He can also see from a distance remotely if there is a spirit at the address.

Whilst I am growing tired of worrying when I'm going to be touched next, I found the easiest way of dealing with this is by simply not believing in it. Just consider it to be something in the brain. It's no big deal. The more we dwell on these things the more freaky answers we come up with (as our brains try to makse sense of something illogical).

Another great technique is to "think Gold". Imagine you are gold and the gold is spreading in the room. Other than that, just ignore it. Pretend it's another person, or a mouse of something, or just in your head, with your brain playing tricks.

Jan 12, 2011
Same Experiences Too...
by: Darryl

Same problems here. Past 3/4 nights i've been alone I've been experiencing similar issues. Thing is I can't sleep, So Im forced to either put up with it or sleep elsewhere, to which I have done the last two nights, and it stops somewhat. Don't get me wrong, it doesnt feel threatening, but I am in my final year of University and to be fair, I can't afford to be missing lectures by sleeping throughout the day!

I've asked it to stop, nicely, and it still continues.

Jan 04, 2011
annoying invisible touches
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem

its continuous, tens of times per hour, hundres of times per day

various places: head, throat, legs, back, arms
some times its just heat, as if some thing is pissing or breathign on me

there various degrees of pressure, pain ( sometimes stings or cut feelings as well) and its very very annoying

been happenign for years ( over 5 years now)- ever since 1999, when I went to China....

if you have an explination, great- yet I am more interested in a solution to stop what ever is touching me ( or, they can touch me , yet i don't want to feel the touch = simply not feel the touch) as there are more polite ways of 'communicating' or whatever this is

Jan 02, 2011
I Need sumone to talk to about this stuff D=
by: Anonymous

Im 13 and ive been having the same fings happen to me idk when or why it started but i cant sleep anymore everytime i try to somefing touches my leg and sometimes my hair ive told my mum and she let me sleep in her room cuz i wuz in tearz cuz ov it and dat night me an my mum heard a loud bang on her door wich iz strange cuz we were the only ones in the house this stuff doesnt scare me anymore but it gets pretty annoying xxxx

Dec 30, 2010
In response to kiki
by: Elle

That's funny that you mentioned the dark eyes because that just happened to me about 4 days ago in a lucid dream. I saw a younger male (early 20's) with brown hair and black eyes (no white part in it, only completely black). He was sitting on my bed and I asked him who he was and what he wanted, but he was silent and just kept staring at me with a grin on his face. I got alittle scared and woke myself up.

Another time about a month ago, I saw an image of a little girl's face (while I was falling asleep) with all black eyes also. I'm not sure if I'm getting uneasy from the eyes being all black and just different from ours? I don't really feel anything negative around these beings, just uncomfortable with the eyes like you said in your comment. But I also don't get a feeling of "light" coming from them either, so I'm alittle confused.

Dec 30, 2010
Felt somone arousing me sexually in my sleep
by: kiki

In my sleep I felt someone touching my breast. Then my body went weighless, I was out of it. I was awake in my dream because I looked around and saw my room and my husband sleeping next to me. Because this is not the first time this has happened to me, I decided to go with the flow.
So, I concentrated in my sleep and saw someone very young looking, white pale skin and hair and dark eyes looking at me.
I wanted to keep going but the eyes made me scared. Also, I endured a little longer and saw myself through the reflection of his eyes and my eyes were the same, all black. Then I woke up. But i could not move my body. I had to wait a few minutes because my body was still numed.
I am 31, and I have had this experiences before as a child.
It happens for some time and then it stops happening for years. But it always comes back.

Dec 19, 2010
Me too
by: Anonymous

For nearly a year now, I've been feeling tingling sensations in my stomach and sides. Weird little "shifting" sensations occur in my arms. I also feel "hands" playing with my hair a lot and just around my head in general. I don't feel frightened or in danger by whatever it is but I do try to meditate and such in order to make sure it is a positive thing. I trusted my best friend enough to tell him about it but he thought me weird... Does anyone have a name or any more information about what this is?!

Thanks and much love to everyone

Nov 08, 2010
In response to "Worried"
by: Elle (Arizona)

To answer your question, no I haven't gone to the doctor for the issue of feeling someone touching me. If I would have gone to a professional for any help with the issue in the beginning of my experiences, it would have been a Spiritual teacher or someone with Spiritual experience (if I could afford it).

I have recently learned that the "work" being done on me is my Higher Self/Soul Self and I am preparing for Ascension. Is the activity your brother is feeling aggressive, menacing, or hurting him? or is it moderate non-aggressive touching and he's just basically creeped out in general? Because the activity I feel is just reaching into my body and adjusting Chakras. It's very gentle and soothing. Sometimes it comforts me when I'm sad by stroking my face or my arm.

You also mentioned he was having a hard time emotionally. I do understand that there are some people who are "empaths" and may not know how to deal with experiencing other people's emotions and may mistaken them for their own emotions. Many turn to drinking alcohol or even drugs to kindof "numb" the experience. In this time of financial crisis, it can be very difficult to afford a Spiritual specialist to help with the issue. I know that I personally cannot afford to get the teachings or healings that I may sometimes feel that I need. It's very unfortunate that people charge such ridiculous amounts of money for gifts that they have. It makes me strive that much more to strengthen my own gifts enough so that I can help people in this type of emergency and not charge them money for it. Unfortunately I can only recommend for your brother to see a Spiritual specialist, but I do know that it can be VERY expensive.

I pray that your brother finds the strength to go inward and seek the answers to understand what he is experiencing. I really wish that I could help him. The most important thing for him right now, is to stay out of FEAR. Try to convince him that HE is a strong and powerful being and has the power to control what happens to him. He can demand for whatever it is touching him, to LEAVE HIM ALONE if he chooses. He can also call on God/Source/Creator, Angels or any other energy to protect him. Black Tourmaline is also a good transmuter of negative energies. Much Love to you both.

Nov 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,

I'm a very open minded and spiritual person. My brother is experiencing people touching him constantly and it's ruining his life. He cried on me last night, stating he can't take it any more and he feels like killing himself. It began 5 years ago and hasn't stopped. He drinks to numb the feeling, so this addiction is now ruining his life. The doctors have written him off, they've tried all drugs but have now said there is nothing they can do about it. They say he's got psychosis (chronic). Has anyone seen the doctor? What did they say? I really need help!

Thank you

Ps my brother was baptised to help him to no avail.

Oct 28, 2010
In response to this last comment
by: Elle (Arizona)

I just went through what you are describing about the draining, except I knew who and what it was. Even though it can feel scary to people at times, I have recently learned that it's all part of the Karma and releasing process. We cleanse and release different "layers" of our self kindof like an onion. That's why it seems that the cleansing and releasing never ends...we have not only this lifetime, but many lifetimes to clear. The deeper the layers, the more we will experience past life fragments and if we consciously experience this, we will remember bits and pieces of past life experiences as they are being released. It's all very suprisingly technical.

For the most part,the physical activity that we feel on our bodies is just our Higher Self/Future Self/Kundalini working on us (for most people anyway, I'm sure there are rare cases of other activity). This helps us greatly, but we also have to protect ourselves energetically. The best way is to do some type of daily Grounding meditation or some type of practice that brings in more Light into our bodies. Dark cannot thrive where there is an abundant amount of Light, so if you can visualize the Light cleansing you daily and penetrating your entire being, you can cleanse and release this draining parasite faster. Also doing a Heart strengthening meditation will help tremendously. I recommend Reiki Tummo's Open Heart Meditation which you can buy on Amazon. The more we strengthen our Heart Center, the greater the connection to True Source Creator is, and you give permission and allow True Source Creator to intervene and cleanse all of the junk we pick up everyday as well as past Karmic junk and residue.

It is so very important to keep fear out of the whole process and to strengthen that Heart connection. I've learned so much in the last year, it's amazing. But when we commit to Ascension, we definitely agree to some uncomfortable stuff in this process. Once you surrender to the process and put your trust in the Light, it will go much faster and smoother. If you give gratitude for the situation and the lesson learned, you won't have to repeat it again. Even the darkest of situations are there to help you learn. This past situation I went through was a wake-up call and I am grateful for the lesson.

I send you many Blessings and pray that you find the guidance that you need to overcome any discomfort.


Oct 28, 2010
me too
by: Anonymous

I've always experience these things, but a new wave came during college. Grid lines the works, my body is more sensitive too. You know skin allergies and fatigue. I don't even know. Sometimes I would get chills out of nowhere where it isn't like cold, but like someone is gently touching the back of my neck causing me to shiver. I also been seeing many dead people in my dreams, performing exorcisms and waking up with tears in my eyes. Recently, I've had lucid dreams more frequent in any case I am constantly praying. I am eclectic so I use whichever works. I get attacked and drained by an unknown thing also. Before I use to be able to sense some type of emotion even if I don't see their shape or face, but now nothing. This thing has no emotion I can detect and would always leave more quickly when I recited the saint archangel prayers specifically michael. Never works with saying jesus or God or Mary. No buddhist chanting either. I even have a saint michael the angel wall paper now, lol. I just want to be safe.

Oct 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Every night when I go to sleep for the past week I can feel something or someone touching me, alot.... I try really hard to wake myself up because I am scared. I try and keep my self awake for a minute so that when I fall back asleep maybe it won't happen but it does...the other night I felt like someone was laying on my back and I had to try really hard to throw them off.... I use to get this before but it has been over ten years...last night it woke me up about 5 times so I finally got up and turned on a light and when i went back to sleep it didn't happen.I am scared to go to sleep at night.

Sep 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

i had a very weird experience when i was in my 20's..sleeping..then felt something or someone putting there hands all over me..i hated it..didn't want to go to bed..a psychic told me that someone was trying to drag me down..i had that for so long..finally it quit...

Sep 03, 2010
In response to feeling sexual touching
by: Elle (Arizona)

I haven't had any experience with feeling anything touching me in a sexual way. I did have something fiddling around with my Root Chakra before my soul embodiment experience, and I didn't like it since it was in that "area down there" but I stated out loud that it made me feel uncomfortable and the moving in that area didn't happen again. All activity on my head or in my hair has been comforting and highly Spiritual. If I felt something touching me on my thighs or on my hair, I personally wouldn't think it was sexual, so I am assuming that it was more than just those areas for you or was aggressive? The energy that "works" on me moves around everywhere including my chest(which is where the Heart Chakra is), my abdomen(where my Sacral Chakra is), and that one time "down there" where the Root Chakra is, and on my head and hair(where the Crown Chakra is)so that is my explanation for me feeling that stuff. It's just working on and adjusting my Chakras. You always have the right to tell whatever it is to go away if you feel uncomfortable. You can tell it outloud that it is making you feel uncomfortable and demand that if it is not "of the Light" or of the "Highest of Good" that it must leave your space and leave you alone.

Each person's experience is different and only YOU know the intensity of the situation, so it's really hard for anyone else to say what will work for you. What works for some may not work for others. I do keep Black Tourmaline and Citrine close to my bed at all times. Those two stones are very powerful transmuters and seem to cleanse the area that they're in. Also Celestite can connect to the Angelic Realm which I also use for uncomfortable situations. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I have not encountered anything like that :-( I hope that you are able to control the situation and are able to stay out of fear. I will say a prayer for you.

~Love to you

Aug 31, 2010
Feeling the same
by: Anonymous

I lost my mother 3 years ago, and I know when she is present, touching and comforting me...
However recently, I've been feeling a different sensation more sexually. caressing me and touching my inner thighs. This has been going on for a week or so now.. Also someone stroking my hair in a sexual way, I know this is not my mother... I am confused and concerned . Please help me..

Jul 31, 2010
In Response to blondie2894
by: Elle (Arizona)

There is no reason to be afraid. We are taught by society and sometimes religion to fear these things, but I assure you, there is no reason to be afraid. You can always challenge it by demanding "If you are not of the Light or Highest of Good you must leave me alone". But I feel exactly what you are feeling every single day. When I close my eyes to go to sleep, I feel it scanning my face and body immediately. It does have a tingling feeling and sometimes it's a colder breezy feeling.

I have recently received confirmation that I have experienced Soul embodiment. So now my Soul resides within my physical body and it is the one that is doing all of this moving and tickling on my body. It's always very gentle. Soul embodiment is part of this process that we are going through. It has to do with the activation of the Soul Star Chakra that is located about 6 inches above your head. Maybe that's what you're experiencing too, assuming that it is gentle with you and it's not menacing or hurting you in any way? You don't have to be a Yoga practitioner or know how to meditate (in this lifetime) in order for this to happen to you. I wasn't, and it happened to me over a course of 3 years. I did nothing to initiate this and did not have a lifestyle of a Spiritual person when this happened to me. I now understand that I had done all of those things in past lifetimes and just forgot who I was.

I also hear voices, singing & chanting, see symbols floating around the room etc...These are all symptoms of the Kundalini process. You are truly blessed! You are experiencing things that people have once devoted their whole lifetime to experience. It's your time, and you are evolving now. Don't worry, be Happy :0)


Jul 24, 2010
Im scared and don't know whats going onand feel all alone
by: blondie2894

I have had experiences happening for a long time now I hear singing and sometimes conversations going on in my right ear, a fear of the dark as I always hear footsteps and movement going on in the house. I am always tired and have headaches. When I am awake i feel as if someone is reahing into my back near my shoulder blades it is a very tingling sensation and when I am laying in bed at night I feel the sensations of someone running thier hands over my body and through my head and hair. Please help me I don't know whether to feel scared or not.

Jun 09, 2010
wow i thought i was nuts
by: a little freaked out

I seriously thought they'd lock me up if I ever talked about this. Its been happening more and more frequently. Its sometimes not been letting me sleep . It will move my hair around and touch my face til I wake up. Last night , it touched my arm while i was at work! I work under bright light and could watch the hairs on my arm move with it wherever it touched. Then I was half asleep and thought i was dreaming of seeing some kind of floating mass above my bed and could feel its presence and when i opened my eyes nothing was there but it still felt like something was hovering above me staring me in the face. I just sat there staring back. Tonight was the first time i'd ever said anything to anyone I was afraid they'd lock me up for good! The whole ringing in the ears thing has been going on alot too. What the heck is a meridian??? And I agree , I have never felt any fear about this thing. Sometimes I get mad when it wont let me sleep and kind of bat at it though.

May 20, 2010
I have been feeling this for years!
by: Jeff

First I seen a womans hand touch my shoulder, the hand had purple nails. After that I have been feeling someone or something touch me since 2006. It is always happening and even more when I get in bed or relax. I feel it touching my head the most and my feet. It feels like more that one person touching me. Right now I feel something touching my head, right foot and left hand. I Have never told anyone because I thought they would think I'm crazy. I just decided to google it and see what came up. To see other people with this same problem is a relief. I dont know what to do. I have tried asking them what they are and why they are doing this. But with no answer. I sometimes feel they are trying to hurt me, but then again I have no clue. I know I'm not crazy at all I'm healthy and have a very active life in the military. I'm just so tired of this feeling and wish it would go away. Any help would be very very very much appreciated.

May 05, 2010
Me 2!!!
by: Ellen

This started happening to be on Jan 10. I feel like someone is always touching my hand, arms, face and neck. Its always a light touch and when I placed my hand where I felt it, my skin is icy cold. It's getting worse... As Im writing to you i feel someone touching my left hand. Its sooo weird.
If anyone has any answers to this please contact me sweetfairy0601@yahoo.com

Apr 15, 2010
Wow! Thanks for the responses!
by: Elle (Arizona)

I just happened to check this post again and I saw there were a lot more responses. For some reason, I was not notified by email for any response since January...

In response to the 25yr old male in Ohio, I really do believe that it is either your guardians or possibly your Higher Self that is working on you(us). I've only had pain a couple of times in the last year and I asked for "them" to tone it down, and it did... I would recommend telling them outloud that it's hurting you and to please tone it down or to only work on you when you're in a deep sleep. I wouldn't recommend asking them to stop completely because I do strongly believe that they are making important adjustments that you'll need with the influx of new energies. I know it seems weird, but it's for your Highest of Good. They are just looking out for you and helping you through the Human evolution. The picture of the evolution of monkey/caveman/man, does not stop at the picture of a man...it continues, and why wouldn't it? You can always challenge the energies and DEMAND that only energies of the Highest of Good and of Christ Consciousness can work on you. It's your Divine right.

In response to Hadassah regarding the hair falling out, I lost a small patch the size of a quarter on the back left side of my head. It started growing back in about 2 months after falling out. I do believe that it has to do with the changes we're going through (horomones) and also related to the Crown Chakra opening. You're probably feeling the energies trying to open your Crown and that's the moving feeling. I feel it everyday now (in fact, I'm feeling it right now too). Only Divine energy from GOD/Source/Creator and the Higher Realms can come in at the top of your head - So you are truly Blessed!

Also I do feel sensations on my right ear and it feels like someone is pulling upward on it. And have also been feeling the tingling lips for about 3 years now. The other day I had numerous nerves twitching and severe muscle spasm/muscle cramps only on the left side of my body. I think it's due to getting nervous system upgrades. I found out that the pineal gland (the 3rd eye gland in your brain) is connected to your right eye and your right inner ear. So if your 3rd eye is being activated, you may feel headache behind your eyes, inner ear infections or fluid, and possibly even tonsil irritation (I've had all 3). It's all for the best and I feel it's a small price to pay for being "upgraded" in a world full of chaos. Blessings to you all, you're all SO VERY LOVED more than you may know


Apr 04, 2010
Wow! I didn't know there were so many others.
by: Anonymous

It's good to know that so many others are having the same symptoms. Mine started sometime within the last month or so. I lay down in the bed to go to sleep, and it felt like someone was massaging the fingers or one hand. Then that stopped, and it felt like someone had a hand around my foot.

This doesn't happen during the day or every night, but from time to time. One night the whole right side of my body felt as if there were some kind of activity in it, and I felt spasms in that side as if I were going to lose control. And then it stopped.

Last night as I lay down I felt an electric tingling in my lips for about a minute.

I don't know what it all means, but I think it has to do with the earth moving into a higher vibratory area. It is a know fact that the earth's vibratory rate goes up a point every year. By the time we reach 2012 I think we will see some really amazing effects. Some or maybe all of us may be able to see into the astral world.

I would advise people to take a look at some of David Icke's writings. It's important to know who are your friends and who are not when things get to the point of full awareness of the astral. There are those who would try to deceive us and keep us from moving into the full freedom we are meant to have.

Mar 25, 2010
Touching my hair
by: Hadassah

I have/had many of the symptoms you describe. In photos I would have lightning streaks over my head or strange lights would be near my head. In the place where I feel the touching my hair is now gone. It is so strange. I would whip around to see if someone was there or get up to see if someone ran out of the room.

What is this? Why did my hair come out at the place I keep feeling the touch?

Mar 14, 2010
The Blue Ray
by: Syd

Look up the Blue Ray and the beings on the internet. shekinaspeaks.com is a source.
I really felt drawn to these beings as being a part of their soul group at one time. You are so not alone, dear. We are few and far between so it does get lonely. I don't feel anyone touching me but I do get all the other symptoms you speak of. I feel like my meridians are being aligned. Yep. I want to be removed from much of society much of the time like an outfit I've outgrown. I don't know where all of this is going but I'm hopeful!

Mar 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I don't know if i am having the same symptoms as you guys but I have had the feeling of someone touching my ear lobe for two days now and it moved to my hair and back to my ear today. I was kinda freaked out a little bit. Maybe someone can give some kind of insight.

Mar 01, 2010
how do i make it stop?
by: Anonymous

Hello I am kind of new at this & actually feel weird reaching out to anyone about the topic. I am a 25yr old male from Ohio & started feeling similar experiences in the past year or so. I Will be trying to sleep or watching TV. when I feel someone touching me. It really bothers & I don?t like it. I have had the feeling of someone moving the covers off of my head or back at night & when I go to look there?s no one there. When I feel someone touch me the area afterwards feels sore. Since I feel pain from it I would really like it to stop! if anyone has any advice could you reply? I?d really appreciate any help...

Jan 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have also felt someone touching me at night. What's strange with me is that my lips start moving like if someone is kissing me passionately and touching me in a very arousing way. It's weird that when I start feeling this i have a mental image of someone I know. I feel a strong connection to this person (intense) when I am close to him even though we don't speak much. How could these things happen when I don't think of this person. Could it be possible this person is trying to communicate mentally in some sort of way. I'm so confused. My ears ring a lot as well and I can dream the future. I dream of places and people and years later I am there or I meet them. C

Jan 11, 2010
Always Positive
by: Elle

Oh no,there has never been anything negative about any of this contact, so there's no fear involved. I ALWAYS protect myself and do the things that I should be doing to question them. They are very gentle and often times just stroking my hair or my back lovingly. They've even comforted me while I was crying from issues in my life. My only frustration is just not knowing what they are doing. And the alone part is just not having any friends where I live that will understand what I'm going through.

Lots of Love to you :0)

Jan 10, 2010
feeling someone touching me
by: Anonymous

All these symptoms are not positive are they? Don't just accept happenings but test where this comes from. Break the bands of any negativity and put the love and light around you.

Alex collier on you tube whispers of the past might be able to give you answers. we are not alone there are good et's here and bad ones.

Always go in love and light being in the dark is never good.

I do care about all of you and being alone is not good, yet we never are we just think we are.

Check out crystals, candle lighting, smudging and so forth and always be searching for answers, just don't accept things.

Love and peace

Dec 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have experienced this as well. It's not really scary it's just different from the normal. I kind of like the experience, and had to remind myself to just have happy thoughts...

Dec 26, 2009
hang in there
by: Brayan

Hi Elle,
I can relate to the "being alone part" as I am stuck here in Colombia, South America and also without a teacher or someone to talk to. Last night when I was in bed, I often lay on my stomach and I had this experience of someone working on my back. I felt this heavy weight and struggled to turn over. Just afterwards, I felt someone touching my hair, it felt like something crawling over my head, but when I felt with my hand, there was nothing there, what was it..?
Hang in there to see what happens next, I think we are all lucky to be where we are.
Warm regards,

Dec 26, 2009
Wheat from the Chaff
by: Sydney

You are not alone. Although you may feel that and
others near you are not at the attunement level you are experiencing right now. When we are in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff, or fine tuning to a higher love vibration, we are often sequestered from lower vibrating frequencies. There will be a time when
we can blend but our meridians must be strengthened. Believe in your path. Let these energies pat you on the back for frankly, no one else will. There are others at your level going through these personal transformations. It is not time to meet in the flesh yet and form your communities. When the compassion of the Heart paves the road for you, you will be able to form
loving community with your wavelength and slightly lower wavelength beings. This is the way we create the flow towards pure and realized love. So hang in there. I feel much of the same.
Have faith and trust. Here's a website that may speak to you: shekinaspeaks.com and I am forming
a new website called ComehometotheDance.com

Incredible picture! Very loving energy!


Dec 26, 2009
Sharing the light
by: Anonymous

Even though I have a teacher and a spiritual community, the experiences that I have are so extreme and so different from what other people experience that I often feel alone. I am fortunate to experience the unity and oneness at times, and to contribute within community, however, going deep with one's inner experience and holding that experience whether or not there are others that can understand or support it is a lesson in itself. The point for me isn't to focus on the 'being alone' part (though it is true), but the sharing of the light and of oneself when possible.

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