Energy Sensitivity

More people are experiencing energy sensitivity as the presence of spiritual light strengthens on the Earth. As your body becomes more open to light, you are more affected by what is happening around you.

Our physical world is composed of energy, and as greater light opens in our bodies, we become more capable of seeing, feeling and sensing what is happening at other levels of reality.

Much of how you will experience energies is through your body, and through the experiences you have. Everyone has their own unique experiences, and so my examples may not be what you will feel, but are only for illustration purposes.

How we Experience Energy Sensitivity

You may begin to experience energies when you are communicating with people or near them physically. You may also sense the energy of a person through a telephone conversation, an e-mail exchange, or simply thinking about them. You may experiencs thoughts, feelings, images, or you may hear their voice or sense their presence.

For example, you may get out of bed feeling great with a lot of anticipation for the day. Then, on the way to work you sit next to someone on the bus and you find yourself feeling tired, or uncomfortable, or even a bit sick. The feeling clears a few minutes after the person gets off at their bus stop.

Another example, you are feeling content and at peace, and you receive an e-mail from a family member who is upset. You start to feel an agitation in your energy field, and thoughts and feelings pass through your mind that you don't generally have. The feeling clears a few minutes after you finish responding to the e-mail.

Another example, you may be feeling sad, upset or depressed, and you receive a phone call from a friend. You feel their love, and are uplifted. Your feelings of sadness lessen and you breathe a sign of relief.

You may also the energy in specific locations. Homes, places of business, and even streets, cities, towns and countries all carry a unique vibration, depending on who lives or work there, what they do and how they spend their time. The energy of a building can also be affected by the building materials used and the consciousness of those who created the space.

You may also experience energies related to words and thoughts, and so the way you express yourself begins to change as you experience the impact of your word choices and of the thoughts you entertain.

Energy Sensitivity in Daily Life

As you develop more sensitivity to energies, you may become aware of the energies carried within your clothing, bedding, and in your home and car. For example, you get out of the shower feeling great, but as soon as you put on that old, favorite sweater, you start feeling heavy, sick or uncomfortable. You take off the sweater, and you feel fine again.

Clothing, fabric and metals tend to accumulate more energies than other kinds of materials, and so you may find that you need to wash your clothing, bedding and jewelry more often as you become more sensitive. You may need to replace items that have become so saturated with energies that you no longer feel comfortable using them.

If your purification process has been very accelerated, your body will change vibration many times. Each time you make a level shift, you will find yourself intuitively cleaning out your closet and rearranging your living space, to accommodate the new light that has arrived. You may find that your 20 year old mattress is no longer a peaceful and comfortable resting place because it carries older energies that feel too dense for you now.

This experience can be challenging on many levels, including practically and financially. If your spiritual work includes a lot of intense, accelerated purification, it may be that you need to adapt your living or work spaces to accommodate these challenges.

For example, if you are a healer and see clients, you may find that having large pieces of upholstered furniture in the healing room becomes impractical given the amount of energies that are being released by people. Nice wooden rocking chairs, floor pillows, backjack chairs or rattan furniture might be better options.

Energy Sensitivity and the Purification Process

As our bodies receive greater light, and release old burdens and pain from the past, the darker and denser energies release from our body, our auric field and our mental and emotional bodies. Often the purification process happens over time, and energies are released in a steady stream for months or even years.

When this happens, you may find that your clothing, bedding and living environments begin to feel saturated with the older energies. Sometimes you can clear these energies, and sometimes they are so intense that it is best to simply let the items go. Here are some ways you can clear out these energies from items and living spaces.

Clearing Energies from Objects

  • Washing the item and putting it in the sun for a few hours can clear out quite a bit of difficult energy.
  • Soaking in salt water, then washing and putting in the sun can help the more difficult energies to clear.
  • Using oxygen bleach when you are washing clothing makes a noticeable difference in the energies.

Clearing Energies from a Living Space

If your room or home feels like it has become energetically saturated, there are some ways you can clear the energies. This takes some work but will make a huge difference.

  • Empty out the room of all items. If your whole house feels difficult, start with the room that you feel is the worse.

  • If you have a removable rug in the room, take that out as well and air it out in the sun.

  • If you don't yet have an altar in your room, now is a good time to create one. See this article on Creating an Altar and also this one on Creating a Sanctuary of Light.

  • Burn a candle in the room, safely. There are 'eternal flames' and other candles created for this purpose.

  • Open the windows and place a fan in the room to blow all the old air out.

  • Playing music of a very high vibration will clear even very extreme energies. I have found that my teacher Julie Redstone's music has a very profound effect on even very difficult spaces. You may need to leave the music playing for several days or even a week if the room is very difficult.

  • If the energy still does not clear, consider painting the room. Yes, it's a lot of work, but can make a really big difference.

  • If the room is still not clear, look at the flooring in the room. Can it be replaced? Floors carry a lot of energy because purification releases energies through our feet.

Ways to Ease Energy Sensitivity

There are many ways you can adapt your daily life to ease the challenge and discomforts associated with energy sensitivity. Here are just a few.

  • Open the windows - airing out your living space regularly will clear out the energies that have been released. Using a quiet but powerful fan can clear the energies faster.

  • Taking a shower - if you are feeling overloaded with energies, taking a shower and changing your clothes will provide some relief.

    Good times to take a shower are when you first get up (to release energies that you processed at night), and before you go to bed (to release energies you accumulated during the daytime.

    Depending on your schedule and your light body's needs, you may also feel a need to take a shower after work, or after you've been in a store or crowded environment.

  • Wash your hair - a healer friend who is also a hairdresser said to me once that hair is a part of our aura. I have found that washing my hair makes a huge difference when I am feeling overwhelmed with energies. Actual shampoo seems to work better than water, but you need to use a very gentle shampoo.

  • Wear different clothes for different purposes - your clothing will take on the energies from wherever you are. I have found it much more practical and economical to dedicate certain clothes for certain purposes.

    Have your work clothes in one area of the closet, and clothing for home in another. If you do spiritual work such as group healing work or sessions (whether giving or receiving healing) keep those clothes separate from your other activities.

    This seemed like a really unusual idea to me when I first learned of it, but over time I've realized that it has saved me a great deal of money, as I can keep the clothing for longer.

  • Create boundaries so you can rest - a developing light body needs time to rest, recuperate and assimilate both the new light that is arriving on the Earth, and also to process all the events, changes and learnings that are happening at such an accelerated rate.

    Schedule time each day, even if it is only 10 minutes, where you can lie down and close your eyes. Try to find a place where you can be alone if possible, to allow your energy field to rest. This will help you a great deal to feel more clear and peaceful.

What are Your Experiences with Energy Sensitivity?

I'd like to hear more about your experiences with energy sensitivity. Your sharing will help others who visit this page. Thank you very much!

My Experience With Energy Sensitivity

Do you experience energy sensitivity in your daily life? What helps you to ease the discomfort?

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