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New Light Body News, Issue #011 -- Coming Together In Light
March 16, 2010
Dearest {!firstname_fix},

Hello, and welcome to the New Light Body News! There is a great deal happening in the world on all levels, and each of us are being affected by the changes taking place. Thank you so much for your presence and participation in our site. I send you love and blessings!

Even though our New Light Body site is still young and there is still much that cannot happen yet because of my limitations and the larger energy picture we are currently in, I feel some major changes in process that will open more possibilities for us all. Although I do not know the divine timetable of when these changes will occur, I feel an intense inner sense of urgency to prepare for that time now.

Your Help is Needed - An Invitation

This past month I began receiving guidance that our prayers and joined intentions for light are more urgently needed right now on the Earth. You can read some of this guidance on World Blessings from a few days ago One World, One Heart.

I'd like to invite you, if you feel called, to join us in our weekly One World meditations. It is a powerful experience which brings more light to the Earth and also to each of us.

I am always grateful for the healing that is possible through our joining our intentions together in this way. You can learn more about the meditations and when they are happening here at the One World Meditations Home page.

Newest Site Updates

The number of visitors to our website increased more significantly in 2010 and this past month we began moderating the comments on our discussion forums in order to create more safety for people who are sharing their light body experiences here on our site.

This means your comments may take a little longer to appear on the page, however this will help to keep our discussions from diverting into areas that are not related to light body transformation and healing. For your support we have also set up a page with our Discussion Forum Guidelines.

I hope you will continue to share what you are experiencing during this time of significant transformation on the Earth, as your sharing greatly helps so many others.

I have not been able to participate in the discussions recently because of my own energetic process, however knowing that you continue to share, and that I am not alone in what I am going through greatly helps me as well. Thank you so much!!

You can find our newest discussions here on our New Light Body Blog, along with other new pages and announcements.

Newest Light Body Blessings

These are spiritual guidance messages from the Realms of Light specifically related to the new light body which are posted at our Light Body Blessings section. Most recently I've been receiving these once or twice per month.

The Transition to Light - Divine Harmony

As greater light infuses the Earth and all physically embodied beings, it is more possible to feel and know the experience of divine harmony which is the expression of alignment with one's highest Self. Correspondingly, it now becomes more painful to feel when one is out of alignment with that divine harmony... Read More

Looking Ahead

There are several things that I have been guided to create here at New Light Body, but the timing has not been ready yet. I wanted you to know about these things!

One is a New Light Body eBook, which some of you have requested, and which I too have been feeling. I've already made some preparations for this.

The other is a place where we can share the work we are doing. It isn't time for this yet, but when it comes I look forward to this!

Newest Light Omega Video

This is part 3 of the Light Omega videos Planetary Ascension Part I - The Birth of the Sacred and Planetary Ascension Part II - The Renewal of the Earth.

A Personal Note

This month I experienced a sudden healing of a mysterious and severe dental pain situation that had gotten worse after I had a small cavity filled. I am so grateful for this! It was so painful and yet my guidance was to not have more dental work on that area. I'm so glad the situation resolved itself.

The other mysterious dental pains I've had, which have been going on in one form or another since November 2008 have also suddenly become much less intense. Over this time I saw four different dentists, and also holistic medical doctors and healers. I had a lot of work done but nothing helped the pain and I'm so glad it is less now!!

This year I've experienced new and even more mysterious symptoms, none of which is as alarming as the severe dental pain. Some of these resolve on their own, others have continued and I continue to ask for guidance on how to address these.

I continue to experience intense fatigue which feels energetically related. My guidance continues to be to focus on laying the foundation for my business. This is going relatively well although I am challenged by the urgency of my guidance to "get this done" which goes contrary to what my body wants to do which is to rest and be quiet.

The other challenge related to this is that I am being asked to start three projects all within a short time frame, which feels a bit overwhelming to me!

Thank You

I want to thank all those of you that participate in this site, share with others, offer your love and support, and donate to help us continue the site. I wish you many blessings in this extraordinary time that we are living in and creating!

With much love,


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