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The New Light Body support and discussion area is available for you to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, questions and concerns.

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Light Body Experiences Discussion

This is one of our most popular discussion areas. Please visit to read the light body experiences that others have shared. I would really like to know what you are experiencing these days, so please visit and share your light body experiences.

Energy Sensitivity Discussion

Are you having new experiences of spiritual energy in your body? This is the place to share your experiences with energy sensitivity and also to read the read the energy sensitivity experiences that others have shared.

Effects of Spiritual Light Discussion

These discussions emerged from this article on The Effects of Spiritual Light on the Brain and Nervous System which I received after experiencing some very unusual dental symptoms. Please share your experiences with spiritual light here, and you can read what others have experienced with spiritual light and physical symptoms.

Light Work Discussion

Do you have experiences, comments or questions to share about bringing your spirituality into your daily life and your work? This is also the place to share comments and questions about light work, your spiritual purpose and your spiritual mission. Share your experiences with light work here, and you can read what others have shared of their experiences with light work.

Original New Light Body Support Discussions

These are our four original discussion topics before we expanded our forums. Click below to enter into the conversation. If you'd like to comment on what others have shared, please read our discussion forum guidelines. Thank you!

Your Light Body Tips 
Please share what kinds of practical tips you have found to be helpful in supporting your light body and easing the discomforts of the spiritual transformation …

Specific Light Body Resources 
These are some possible new light body resources that we could add to the site. Please let me know which of these you prefer, or if you have additional …

New Light Body Suggestions - Tell us what you need! 
This is the place to let me know what kinds of supports, information and guidance we can offer here to help you find creative solutions to the challenges …

Light Body Healing - share your thoughts, questions, and experiences 
Welcome! We've moved this discussion over to a new format, so that it will be easier to share experiences and receive comments to specific questions …

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