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The Transition To Light - Divine Harmony

March 4, 2010

Dearest Beloved Friends,

As greater light infuses the Earth and all physically embodied beings, it is more possible to feel and know the experience of divine harmony which is the expression of alignment with one's highest Self. Correspondingly, it now becomes more painful to feel when one is out of alignment with that divine harmony.

All souls, at all levels of development arrive to the Earth out of choice, and with a divine purpose. That purpose is often invisible to the embodied self, however is in operation at all times. At the present time on the Earth, the greater light is revealing to many the possibilities that exist for moving into divine harmony by choosing a life that is in harmony with divine purpose.

At the same time, light is revealing the pain that can happen when one finds oneself out of alignment with one's soul purpose. The pain can manifest not only emotionally and spiritually but also physically. The body may feel something that is not quite right, or there may even be physical symptoms that manifest that need to be attended to.

The physical body is a vehicle for accomplishing divine purpose, and is often one's guide and teacher along the spiritual path. Although physical symptoms manifest, their nature is primarily energetic and so that level must also be addressed when attempting to bring healing to a physical ailment.

At the present time there are a greater number of healers from all disciplines, from the Western medical to the traditional and indigenous, who are being guided and trained to work with the energetic levels of the body to help bring healing to the new manifestations of illness and imbalance that are resulting from the current large scale energetic shifts on the Earth.

Beloved ones, trust how your body is leading you through these challenging times, and follow the thread of intuitive rightness, even if those around you do not understand or support what you are doing. Ask and pray to be guided by divine light, and the way through will open before you. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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