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My thoughts on effects of light

Grew up in a catholic Family but went to a Christian school. Later in life became a yoga teacher, then reaching levels of meditation usually only read

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Light Worker

I recently discovered that I am indeed a light worker. I didn't know until I started receiving dreams and I hadn't even heard of a light worker, so I found

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I Have become really sensitive to energies

In the past year off my life my body has been experiencing light body symptoms. I have become super sensitive to the energys around me from people and

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Energy Sensitivity

I have been dealing with energy sensitivity my entire life. Only very recently have I detected that it was energy sensitivity this entire time! I have

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my energy experiences

it all started in nov 2005 kundalini non stop 24/7 telepatic connection and contact soul family 11 months dreams that are not dreams but training and

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transcending Auras

Just about six months ago i have noticed.a.change in how i feel others vibrations, I feel it as an extremely.strong force blowing on me, trying to get

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Cosmic Energy Picks Up Speed

NAMASTE! As we enter the middle of the year 2015, the energy in the cosmos has accelerated. In the past few months, we have experienced strong solar

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Spiritual Light

Iam 58 year old male. I am in regular meditator. Since,2009 my kundalini started awakening. I feel that Iam full moon third eye master. I can seen inner

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Overwhelming energy

I need assistance the energy is to over whelming and I have no control over it , sonic vibrations and electrical pulses released by the minds of others

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symtoms- illness

I have been ill for months, throat pain, choking sensation , tightens, trouble breathing, extreme tiredness - all been checked out by medical professions,

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Universal tones

It has been the experience of this ONE that when the tones in the Universe are transforming, We sit in meditation and simply Listen to the atonement and

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energy feeling on the left side of my head

It started 2 nights ago. .I was watching tv right before bed and I had a energy feeling on the left side of my head...well it seem to last for a few seconds

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pain in head

Hi, I felt a severe pain in the right side of my skull. It almost felt like my skull was being cracked apart on that side. It lasted about 20 seconds and

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Energy Enigma

Throughout the day I feel energies mostly in my feet and a gentle tingling of electricity...I feel electric nudges in my 7 bodily chakras...mostly

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Eyes fickering

It's been around 5 days or so my vision isn't really fine, (I never needed glasses, and always was able to see perfectly, like HD quality) I suddenly

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New Energies Require Higher Frequency Help

Namaste (The Soul in me honors the Soul in you) to everyone who is moving through the experiences of transformation as the planet Earth shifts

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hello, im Pooja... since last year im feeling numbness in my hands then it was all gone with medicine and nothing was found with doctors. now it all started

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Practice problems

i have been really into my bible and tring to live right. and when i do these practises my face tightens and my jaw feels like it locked and a pressure

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Light Inside the head

Four or five years ago one afternoon, after I had finished a short meditation, I rolled over to take a nap. Suddenly I started experiencing a light growing

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An unexpected surprise

As a child, I suffered with anxiety. I had no explanation for it and described it to my parents and doctors as 'fear'. As I grew older the anxiety subsided,

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blue light

I took about 6 photos and only one came up with a blue light above my head can anyone please explain as to why it is there and if it is an arch angel or

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This is normal?

Hi, My name is Andrew and I have experienced the light. When I was 17 years old I saw the Spiritual Sun. Somehow I can see into the world behind. This

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symptoms of servere dental pain and overall sensitivity

The dental pain that i have is so so bad that i cant eat and no pain relief even touches. All i can do is sleep the pain away and its so bad that i just

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burning desire to be pure

I'm smiling from ear to ear...and I'm so happy and exited at the same time..I landed on this page by coincidence. which I don't believe in..its an answer

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Evolving into lighter beings

I have questioned the purpose of life for as long as I could remember. I was always the odd kid out who asked too many questions, and more often than not

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kundalini ascension and feeling cool air stroke my face

hello my name is danielle and for the past month i have been experienci.g kundalini awakening,and now ascension after asking angels and god to help me

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brain vibrations

Hello, I would like to know what do vibrations at the left side of my brain mean? I get vibrations on my whole crown while meditating and then throughout

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I felt someone kissing me on my mouth, but no one was there. I also heard voices coming from my abdomen area. They were male voices. One said Go ahead

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A kindred spirit

Hello kind friend of the light! Do not fear! I do indeed think there was a synchronicity in me finding this page as this day has come forth. My past two

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feels like something is actually living on my head

Hi, my name is Nikki. I started experiencing this on my head a couple of months ago. I've been searching for months to see if anyone is having a similar

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To everyone on here you might want to read this

Hello everyone my name is Nikki,I just discovered this site last night and love reading everyones storys. I did share my own story last night. I would

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strange experiences

I've had experiences of someone brushing through my hair. caressing my forehead and head, and sometimes even my neck and spine. its not scary, rather tingly.

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Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am currently 21 years of age and living nearby New Orleans, Louisiana. It all started around Christmas 2013, one day I suddenly

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Process of spiritual awakening

Hi. myself Vishal S. I am undergoing the process of spiritual awakening. I feel very dizzy.. i am suffering from brain fog,headache,dental pain,blurry

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I had them from birth ... and didnt paid quite attention and just ignored ... i felt special as well as trapped from start itself ... but not that seriously

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Unity of Cosmic Transformations

During the transformational process of high solar flare activity, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and the intensified frequency shift of the planet Earth,

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A Feeling of Anticipation?

Hello, my name is Madison and lately I have been having an indescribable feeling. The best way to put it is a feeling of anxiousness and anticipation.

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Would like some commentary and help please!

My name is Tara. I have been sensitive to energy my whole life. I would walk into a room and often feel how others where feeling. When i was younger it

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Dental pain

I listened to Audrey Cole's angel channeling last month and AA Haniel mentioned tooth pain as a symptom of the new light body coming in. She said that

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Severe ear pain since 2012 with vertigo recently

I suddenly lost low frequency hearing in my left ear following a horrible cold in February 2012. Although I suffer from tinnitus since the age of 8 (now

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