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New Light Body News, Issue #001 -- Welcome!
May 11, 2009
Dearest friends,

I am so happy to share with you the first issue of our new newsletter, the New Light Body News.

The New Light Body News will come to you once each month in order to share with you our newest resources, articles spiritual guidance message and visitor contributions.

We were guided to create in order to provide support for those of us that are experiencing changes in our bodies related to the growing light that is manifesting on the Earth.

It is my hope and intention that our site and the New Light Body News can be a supportive presence and contribution to your spiritual journey.

Here are some of our most recent new resources. You will see that there are many new pages added to the site since I last wrote to you. Our site is officially open now!

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body

My teacher Julie Redstone has written a very helpful five part article series on Emotional Healing and the New Light Body. I am learning a great deal from reading and re-reading this material and I hope you find it helpful. The topics include:

The Nature of Emotions
What is a Light Body?
Releasing and Letting Go
Post-Traumatic Healing
Emotions and the Multi-Dimensional Self

You can visit the article series here at Emotional Healing and the New Light Body.

Light Body Blessings

Light Body Blessings is a new blog on our site that shares spiritual guidance transmissions from the Realms of Light about the new light body, and offers a place for us to share and discuss what we are learning and experiencing.

Light Body Blessings has it's own RSS feed which you can subscribe to here, and there is a place for comments at the end of each entry. So far I have received six of these messages since December 2008, and the most recent was on April 30, 2009. You can see these messages listed here by date at the Light Body Blessings page.

Ongoing Discussions

Thank you to all who have been sharing on our Support and Discussions Forums. I deeply appreciate your sharing and support of one another, and your helpful feedback.

In addition to the existing discussions, we just added a new place for you to share your light body experiences. This new format allows you to create a special page to share your experience, and to start a discussions with others. This will allow others to comment directly on your post and to have more in depth sharing.

I'f you'd like to try this out and let me know what you think of it, you can read our visitors contributions, and share your own light body experiences.

Stay Updated With our Site Blog

If you would like to see our newest articles, resources and visitor contributions as soon as they are published to our site, please visit our New Light Body Blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed there, or simply visit when you'd like to see our newest resources.

A Personal Note

I have been experiencing some significant energetic and physical changes since January 2009, and my ability to correspond personally by e-mail is quite limited right now. I very much appreciate your comments and sharing, and if I am not able to respond right away, please know that I have received your message and that I am very grateful for your sharing.

Thank you so much for joining our New Light Body News. Please continue to let me know what kinds of supports we can offer to support your new light body and your spiritual journey. I will see you next month!

With love,


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