Emotional Healing And The New Light Body

A New Article Series by Julie of Light Omega

This series aims to create a new landscape of possibilities for emotional, mental, and physical healing at this time of spiritual awakening upon the Earth.

For as long as human beings have studied the human psyche, emotions were thought to dwell, first, within the physical realm, later within the psychological realm, and today can increasingly be viewed within the wholeness of a spiritual perspective that includes both of the former.

Today's contribution to an understanding of emotional healing is a significant one, based on the premise that each individual has access to spiritual light as part of their inherent humanity, and that this light has healing properties for the entire individual and for the Earth itself.

The present series aims to convey an understanding of how light interacts with emotions and how it begins to create a new 'light body', one that is purified of all that is negative and that can resonate with the entire realm of spiritual reality

Part 1 - The Nature of Emotions

Emotions are part of the basic structure of human experience. They are part of the consciousness of every human being. Happy or sad, angry or peaceful, fearful or hopeful – these are common emotions that are part of the inner life of many, as is the emotion of love. However, they are not the only emotions. Human emotions have their Divine counterparts which address man’s relationship with the sacred and holy.

Part 2 - What is a Light Body?

The process of purification fosters the transformation of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of each human being and, indeed, of all of embodied life, into a state of greater resonance with the higher frequencies of spiritual light. To the degree that this is accomplished, the embodied self, including the physical form, no longer operates in the same way that it once did. Instead, it operates as a vehicle for the properties of God’s light, and becomes capable of radiating these properties at all levels.

Part 3 - Releasing and Letting Go

‘Letting go’ is activated by both heart, mind, and will and is supported by the deeper layers of one’s being. It involves a determination to separate from negative energies, to remain aware of what is happening emotionally, and to be willing to participate in the healing process so that the movement of God’s light can take place with maximum positive effect. When this occurs, whatever needs to be let go of will be in the smoothest possible way.

Part 4 - Post Traumatic Healing

Trauma is not produced by one thing but by many different kinds of things, each of which can leave an indelible imprint on the inner life of the individual. This memory-imprint repeats itself over and over again in the inner awareness with a seemingly independent life of its own. Such repetition, as painful as it may be, is the body and psyche’s way of discharging excess emotional, physical, and mental energy that could not be processed at the time of the trauma.

Part 5 - Emotions and the Multidimensional Self

Human beings individually and humanity as a whole are accustomed to identifying selfhood with the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of the physically embodied self. This is understandable, since for most of human history, a curtain has been drawn across the energetic pathways that connect the physical self and the higher aspects of that self. Today, this situation is changing. The soul, which holds the imprint of Divine purpose is now more available to guide the embodied self.

Part 6 - The Healing of Anger

Many people would like to get rid of anger but do not know how. This is often because despite its inner and outer consequences, anger is frequently chosen over its possible alternatives which are deemed to be more painful. What are these alternatives, and why would one choose anger above them?

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