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New Light Body News, Issue #010 -- A New Infusion of Light
February 17, 2010
Dearest {!firstname_fix},

Welcome to the February 2010 New Light Body News. Thank you so much to all who are participating here by visiting our site, sharing your experiences, and offering support to others! I so appreciate your being here and send you much love.

Although it has not been possible for me to participate more directly in our discussions in the ways I would like right now, I am so glad that our site continues to grow and to benefit more and more people, and I look forward to sharing more when it becomes possible. You can read previous newsletters from 2009 for background on my process.

Most Recent Articles and Resources

Today I received a Blessings of the Light message that went into some detail about the symptoms many of us are experiencing with the most recent influx of spiritual light. You can read it here:

Infusion of Light

The Blessings of the Light messages are sent two to three times monthly, and offer guidance and information about the transition process that the Earth is experiencing. They are archived at World Blessings and they come from the same source that offers the Light Body Blessings messages which are posted here at New Light Body.

Newest Light Body Blessing Messages

The Light Body Blessings messages offer guidance and information about the New Light Body and the process of transformation that we are experiencing as the higher vibrations of light infuse the Earth and our physical and energy bodies. These messages are sent through generally at least once a month, but sometimes more often. There is a place at the end of each message where you can share comments.

February 11, 2010 The Energetic Structures of the New Light Body

January 23, 2010 Transforming Tragedy and Despair with Light

You can read past messages at our Light Body Blessings Index page which has links to the messages, archived by month.

I'd like to hear what your response is to these messages and your own experience of what is happening. Please share in the "comments" section at the bottom of the article!

Most Recent Discussions

I deeply appreciate your sharing here! I can't tell you how much it means to me and to others who visit this site. Please continue to share your experiences and update us with what you are going through.

You can view our most recent discussions and visitor contributions here at our New Light Body Blog

You can read additional visitor contributions and discussions at our two main discussion areas:

Light Body Experiences

Energy Sensitivity

Please do join in and share your experiences and comments with others. Your participation helps everyone who visits this site!

For every one person who shares a comment or experience here, there are 100 other people who are visiting and reading your message who may feel too afraid or shy to share, but who appreciate and learn from what you are going through and what you are saying.

Share Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future New Light Body discussion topics, or if you would like to request a Light Body Blessings message about a specific topic, please contact us here.

Heartfelt Gratitude

I want to thank all those of you that continue to send in donations to help us support this site. I deeply appreciate your assistance!

A Personal Note

For a while now I have been experiencing a profound level of exhaustion, which has become quite intense recently. As far as I know, I am healthy and yet my body simply wants to rest a lot, which I have difficulty accepting. I am by nature someone who loves to work, and so to need to rest so much and to withdraw from so many activities I would prefer to be doing is really difficult for me to accept.

I am also experiencing a continuing of many symptoms which have been "around the block" with medical interventions, and which seem to have no solution. The most painful and challenging of these are dental symptoms, which seem to be worsened or not at all helped by usual dental work. For now I am continuing to ask for guidance about these, and right now I'm not doing a lot of interventions as they all seem to make the pain worse rather than better.

In the last few days I feel more light, which seems to go along with the most recent Blessings of the Light message which I received just today Infusion of Light. I feel disoriented and am having difficulty focusing to do practical tasks.

In the past month I received some help to begin preparing the way for a new eBook for New Light Body. I look forward to sharing more about this with you as this manifests!

With much love,


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