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Energetic Structures Of The New Light Body

February 11, 2010

Dearest Friends,

The energetic structures of the new light body exist in a different dimensional framework from that of the current, third dimensionally manifest physical form. As the spiritual realms of the Earth become more infused with spiritual light, and as greater light accelerates the process of purification for individuals and for humanity, the energy structures of the new light body are beginning to join more fully with the physically manifest body.

Although at other levels of spiritual reality, the physical body is already joined with the energy bodies and subtle bodies, there are new capabilities for humanity that have been waiting to emerge, which lie dormant within the new light body. This aspect of the subtle body structure what had these capabilities lying dormant is now beginning to change. An individual living on the Earth at this time may not perceive this change, but may instead perceive changes to their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Beloved ones, these changes are happening to all physically manifest beings on the Earth. There are some whose work involves the higher dimensions of light who are feeling these changes more acutely, as light infuses areas of the body which have been carrying pain, trauma or contraction in order to release them so that greater light can be received and shared with others.

At the present time there is a dimensional shifting happening on the Earth which is creating a more intense experience of purification, and which is activating higher frequencies of spiritual light. Many who are experiencing light body symptoms are seeing a more dramatic increase in physical symptoms, emotional purification and rapidly accelerating life circumstances.

For many, life events are moving into the forefront the need for all souls to step forward in integrity with their highest and best self to be absolutely true to what is most sacred and most real. This requires a leaving behind of all aspects of the "smaller" self in order to embrace the divine wholeness of one's divine True Self.

Some physical and light body symptoms may be intense or even alarming. It is important to get help for those symptoms which are troubling, and also to hold what is happening in trust, so that God's light can move freely through you and bring love, light, comfort, spiritual nourishment and healing.

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