Light Body Blessings Index

March 2011

Daily Practices of Light

December 2010

Breaking Loose from Third Dimensional Reality

November 2010

A New Manifestation of Light in the Body

October 2010

Light Bodies Awakening

September 2010

Daily Life in the New Multidimensional Reality

August 2010

A Transformational Moment

July 2010

Physically Manifesting the New Light Body

June 2010

Changes to the New Light Body

May 2010

Entering a New Vibrational Reality
Physical Manifestations of Light

April 2010

New Avenues for Healers

March 2010

The Transition to Light - Divine Harmony

February 2010

Energetic Structures of the New Light Body

January 2010

Transforming Tragedy and Despair with Light

December 2009

Transforming What Has Passed
Sacred Light Body Healing

October 2009

Passing Through the Vibrational Gateway
Addressing Physical Symptoms from the Effects of New Light

September 2009

Transitioning to a Fifth Dimensional Energy Matrix

August 2009

Unique Challenges for Lightworkers Today

July 2009

Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose
The Sanctification of the New Earth

June 2009

Plant Essences, Plant Remedies and Sacred Plants on the New Earth

May 2009

Transformational Illness and the New Light Body
Anchoring the New Light

April 2009

Alignment with the New Light

March 2009

Completion of What has Passed
The Spiritual Renaissance of Humanity

December 2008

Soul Choice, Healers and the Divine Plan
The Transformation of Physical Matter into Light

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