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New Light Body News, Issue #007 -- November 2009 Our Changing Bodies
November 17, 2009
Dearest Friends,

Welcome to the November 2009 New Light Body News! I send you love and hope you are well.

This month many of our visitors shared some of what they have been going through. My own light body symptoms went to a new level of intensity, and at times, I felt like my body was literally falling apart. Thankfully, it is just a feeling and I'm still here! :-)

My teacher Julie has offered an invitation for those whose light body experiences are creating difficulty:

If you are in a situation where unusual or difficult bodily symptoms or forms of expression that do not readily lend themselves to clear understanding are happening, I invite you to be in touch with me. Much can be lived through with peace and even comfort if the process itself is trusted.

I welcome your questions and will share the experience of many others with you. You may reach me at Comments. Blessings. Julie Redstone

Most Recent Articles

These are two of Julie's most recent articles about the New Light Body:

New Light Body Creation - Difficulties in Adaptation

As new energy pathways are being formed within the physical and cellular structure of the body, energy is moving in ways that it never has before.

Physical Change and the New Light Body

There is much happening today to the physical body as a result of increased light. New and unexplainable symptoms may be appearing that had never been seen before, or that one thought were long gone.

Newest Light Body Blessings

This month I received one new Light Body Blessings message which spoke of a more significant shift that is happening now.

October 22, 2009 - Passing Through the Vibrational Gateway

A divine cosmic portal is being created to assist all embodied souls, and to assist the Earth herself to more fully step into the new vibrational reality of light that is manifesting on the Earth.

I'd like to hear what your response is to this message and your own experience of what is happening. If you wish, please share in the "comments" section at the bottom of the article.

Most Recent Discussions

Here are some of the light body experiences and discussions we shared this month.

The Wild Ride of the Summer of 2009 and Beyond

Energy Sensitivity and Weirdness

Neck pain

What a ride this has been

Shared Experiences

Calm Certainty

Not in the 3rd/4th Dimension

It is great to be here

Question About Urine Therapy

Symptoms of Clearing and Changes to Diet

You can read additional visitor contributions and discussions at our two main discussion areas:

Light Body Experiences

Energy Sensitivity

Share Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future New Light Body discussion topics, or if you would like to request a Light Body Blessings message about a specific topic, please contact me here.

Heartfelt Gratitude

I want to thank all those of you that have sent in donations to help us support this site. I deeply appreciate your assistance in keeping this site going.

A Personal Note

Well, I hardly know what to say, with so much going on all the time now! I am going through so much in my body right now that I am very uncomfortable. I sometimes feel frightened because of the intensity of pain in some areas of my body, and the lack of any medical or alternative healing remedies that would help.

On the practical levels, I feel life moving forward more now than it has in quite a few months. Many stuck situations are beginning to move, every so slowly, toward the directions they need to. Doran and I feel strong movement forward in our spiritual work here, and in the future that is calling us.

What are you experiencing during this time {!firstname_fix},? I'd like to hear! .

Thank you for participating in this newsletter! I send you much love and blessings.


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