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Shared Experiences

by Fiona

I also feel tired and that I have in a transition however, moving on the path I feel I am being guided is not currently in the flow. My will power is not as strong but now that I have recognised it things are improving. Thanks for your authentic messges

Much love, light and fun


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Nov 20, 2009
You are starting to grow and shine
by: Fiona

Dear Christine,

As we become more sensitive to the energic realms we are sometimes I feel given challenges that can become opprtunites for growth, this can make us stronger. I suggest you go within and address the health issues. Sending you much love, light and big hugs on your journey.

Nov 20, 2009
by: christine

Helllo to all readers. This is a wonderful site with positive news for all who are moving out of 3D illusion. My health has not been great the past few years. What interests me is when I was i was living in the illusion my health was perfect never ill. When I started the journey in earnest a couple of years ago the first thing to leave me was my health. Any comments please. Peace and Love to All.

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