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Symptoms of Clearing and Changes to Diet

by Aeve
(Perth, Australia)

Hay fever symptoms have been particularly strong this year. Also small skin cancers on my arms! Which was disturbing at first but am now aware that this is part of the clearing. My doctor gave me some cream to treat them and it has worked well.

This was the catalyst to start making improvements with what I put into my body and strengthen my communication with higher self.

I have had an urge to lessen my intake of meats, coffee and alcohol. Now and then I get an urge to eat sweet things but this has mostly subsided too.

The juicer has come out from the cupboard to live on the benchtop to increase the daily intake of fruit and raw vegetables.

For over a year I have had a cold with cracked lips, congested chest and cold sores off and on. Since starting these juices, which include a fruit combination with oranges, this has mostly cleared.

I will be very grateful once these symptoms subside, though I have a feeling that they will be happening for as long as is needed to learn. Without them I may not have taken the same urgent action towards taking better care of my physical and spiritual self.

Comments for Symptoms of Clearing and Changes to Diet

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Nov 08, 2009
by: Sally

HI Si,

I'm aware of all kinds of fermentation. some sites are big on it, like

this is just the opinion of one clinic who has much experience with colonics.


Nov 08, 2009
by: Aeve

Si this is awesome, as there are many nutrient supplements to choose from it's great but can be a bit confusing. This gives a good place to start from and sounds delicious. I love egg flips.

I have concerns about pasturized milk and finding lots of reading and warnings about it lately. It's like a flag is being waved.

Aloha Sally and thanks for recommending the tea, it sounds really good. Also for the good advice about digestion and keeping a clean system.

Thank you to the universe for answering and manifesting quickly.

Blessings and love xx

Nov 08, 2009
by: Si

Hi Sally

Depends what your understanding of "fermentation is".

Beers and wines are derived from a fermentation process - and these are not conducive to good health.

However, yoghurt is also a product of fermentation, and is full of the kind of friendly bacteria that aid in many digestive processes.


Nov 08, 2009
by: Sally

I like these comments. I as well have to choose more wisely what I eat. And to make sure digestion is toned with a healthy colon I take triphala tea, a most regarded herb in Ayurveda, prescribed for anybody.

Digestion is key to health!

Also, a clinic specializing in detoxing, says nothing

I love the whole foods recommendation.


Nov 06, 2009
by: Si

Yo Aeve

Blenders are good. If you can get hold of raw milk, you have the basis for an excellent meal.

[Pasteurised milk is toxic.]

If you can't get hold of raw milk, use Rice Dream, [but avoid soy milk].

Add to a pint of raw, unprocessed, organic, pasture-fed cow's milk, the following:

One organic banana [not overly ripe].....

Three tablespoons of cold-pressed hemp oil - or equivalent. [cold-pressed means no processing]

One teaspoonful of spirulina, or chlorella, or wheatgrass powder....

Two tablespoons of whey powder....[optional for added protein]

One tablespoon of L-Glutamine....[optional for added protein]

One or two raw eggs.....

Cinnamon to taste.....

Agave to taste.....

Spin for 30 secs.......consume with delight!

Best - Si

Nov 05, 2009
Reply to Si
by: Aeve

Si, thanks so much for taking time to respond. I have been pondering buying a blender for the reason you mentioned about including fibre and adding other nutritious ingredients such as kelp and hemp powder.
The warning about too much sugar is well heeded.

Much love, light and gratitude,

Nov 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

Careful with the intake of freshly-made juices, my friend. They are very high in sugar content, and, in that way, are really no different to supermarket-sold juices.

Certainly, you will get a lot more nutrients from the freshly-made juices than you would from the processed juices, but they are nevertheless still very high in sugar content.

Taking in these overly-large doses of sugar can lead to insulin-resistance and the onset of diabetes. You might consider diluting the juices with 50% water.

Fruit and vegetables are designed to be eaten with their pulp. In this way the sugar content is absorbed more slowly, and doesn't cause blood-sugar anomalies..... or candidiasis.

Also, centrifugal juicers tend to spoil the enzymes and vitamins in fruit and vegetables. You would be better off using the type of juicer that grinds the fruit or vegetables.

Better still, eat the fruit /vegetables whole, and raw [with organic live yoghourt].

[I am a nutritionist.]


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