Energy Sensitivity and Weirdness

by Hephzibah Christie
(Hope, BC, Canada)

I just started a job. At first I never noticed anything but then the one woman who also works there I noticed was super nervous, she always is moving never looks up when talked to keeps moving. I quickly became nervous too. When she is in the shop it makes me so nervous I can't think. For some reason one lady totally blanked my mind. I couldn't use the cash register. I am nervous too being a new job, but just overall newer feelings I was getting. I have thought myself weird.

Then the people I stay with I pick up on their energy all stress and very much heaviness. I have to get away from them, so go to my room where it leaves. I can feel that energy leaves when they leave and return when they return.

Also just by thinking of people I get different feelings. Like this one girl I feel she has problems with me. I am not making this up I feel it strong,I have to force myself not to get into judgments.

I have this happen with other people too. I thought I was judging people. Now I know I am just more sensitive. This helps because this weirdness was driving me nuts.

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Nov 17, 2009
thank you
by: Anonymous

Very good comment and gives me alot to consider and to understand. I am so glad you have helped me . Please have a blessed and peaceful life. When we share ourselves we can learn so much faster.

Nov 17, 2009
shared emotions
by: Anonymous

Thank you Hephzibah. I have been experiencing much of the same feelings. It has been given me to know that these are shared emotions which are arising within my field of awareness for healing.I have learned to embrace them and recognize that Divine loves wishes to transmute and heal these memories and emotions. I have learned to breathe deeply and surrender them completely to Divine Love. I do not have to understand what is happening except to know that this is an opportunity for Divine Love through my awareness to heal us both as one.

Oct 18, 2009
Thank you
by: Mashubi

Thank you so much for your love dearest Hephzibah! I am alright, and have a lot of healing support available. Yes, I understand how healing it can be to live close to the Earth as you did, and how your environment impacts your body and how you feel.

I was blessed to have a period of time where I lived in a very remote area without electricity, and it was fantastic for my body. I felt really great, and I later discovered that being around electricity, which we all are in most modern living situations, is quiet draining for me energetically. When I returned to civilization after living without electricity, I found it was a difficult adjustment for me. To this day, I feel relief and peace when the electricity goes out! :-)

Oct 17, 2009
thank you
by: hephzibah christie

Thank you for taking the time to write, I know you are busy. I am so excited I just found out I don't have to do this job now. I was focusing on seeing this happen and walla. I know it is not good to be around drainining energies. I lived in the bush 18 years in a tent and that was the best energies ever in my life.
I am concerned for you as you said you have not been feeling well. Perhaps you need to consider some the energy sources????? I am the least to know what would help. I feel your love and concerns for everyone. Blessings to you and yours. hephzibah

Oct 17, 2009
I understand
by: Mashubi

Hello Hephzibah, thank you for sharing! I too experience energies from being with people, from thinking about people, from e-mails, phone calls and many other situations. I believe you are feeling and experiencing the spiritual reality that we are all connected, and that what we think, feel, and say really does have an impact on others and on ourselves.

I personally find this very difficult because I am a part of many communities and I have had to go slowly and limit my interactions right now until my energy bodies get more acclimated to what is happening. I wish you love, light, blessing and support in your new job as you move forward, sharing your beautiful self with others and with the world.

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