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Question About Urine Therapy

by Brendan
(Los Angeles CA)

I was wondering if it is o.k. to drink your own urine while you are in the process of becoming a light body. thank you


Hello Brendan,

I do not have any knowledge of urine therapy, but from an energetic understanding, urine is the body's way of releasing toxins both physical and energetic and so I wouldn't recommend it.

Some people who are experiencing greater light in their bodies need to drink more water to process the energies that they are absorbing from around them. The water helps to clear the energies and they are released through the urine. To drink the urine would be to re-supply the body with the toxins and energies that were already released.

Best wishes,

Comments for Question About Urine Therapy

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did i read you right???
by: Anonymous

WHAT!!!!!!! come on... for real????????

Urine therapy
by: Anonymous

It's supposed to act like a homeopathic. So if you understand that concept, it actually helps the body. But I would do further research.


by: Anonymous

I have read the complete opposite.There are dozens of books on urine therapy and how it cured tons of people from illnessess.i read it was not waste,it comes filtered from the blood,so if it was waste,you would probably be sick or die.I heard the exhale,feces,and skin release toxins but not the urine, only if you are somewhat unhealthy,some toxins will be found in the urine.I know its hard to believe,but iid so much research it is nuts.Thanks anyway.

re: Urine therapy
by: Anonymous

I've used it for well over 30 years. Stopped for awhile, as I got thinking about other things. Getting pain I didn't like, so started it again. Now I feel great again. I should not be so dumb as to stop it once more. Google it and you will find more information than you have time to read. As I remember from my snooping, it was probably all good. Has been for me. Makes good eye drops, too.

Urine therapy is good for you!
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have been practicing urine therapy or Shivambakulpa as it is known in Ayerveda for almost 20 years. Actually it is not the body releasing toxins. Urine contains many ingredients they're very healing to the body. Body salts, enzymes, and different hormones. Drinking one's urine is one of the oldest folk medicine remedies known for treating all sorts of conditions. For centuries it was a beauty secret among women to take the urine of a newborn baby and put it on their skin to give them a youthful look and glow. If you look at the ingredients and skin lotion urea is one of the main ingredients! Also, I believe that create or gave us everything we need to heal up so including the knowledge to drink one's own waters. Many great yogis throughout history have taken their own urine. That way you connect in a circle the waters of life. The best way is to start while fasting as the urine is clear like water and very easy to get down. It also is an extraordinary antibacterial and anti-parasitic. If you ever get sick with something that is terrible and take your own urine and heal yourself. There's lots of good information on the Internet about this. As we enter into a time of increased pandemics and viral infections across the world is very important to know the truth about this ancient secret. If you have this knowledge you can travel anywhere in the world and not be afraid to catch a deadly virus. One of the reasons this information is not out publicly because there has been a media blackout about it. The drug companies do not want to know that we have everything we need to heal ourselves and it is for free. Do the research and discover the truth. The powers within you!

Urine therapy
by: Brayan

I have just come across the postings on Urine therapy and I have to agree with "anonymous" as above.
I have done extensive reading on the subject, there are so many wonderful books available to the public about the wonders of taking one's own urine also called Shivambu; Quote, "Shivambu does not merely work at the physical level, but it works wonders at the mental, intellectual and Spiritual levels. This is a direct experience of all Shivambu devotees.

Other excellent reading, see This site is all about enlightenment, an excellent site for growth etc and here one can find sources for Urine therapy.

Other books: 1. The Golden Fountain: by Coen van der Kroon.
2. Shibambu Shastra, Self Urine therapy.
3. Your Own Perfect Medicine, by Martha Christie
4. Urine Therapy by Dr.John F. O'Quinn (self healing through Intrinsic Medicine)
5. Miracles of Urine Therapy by Dr C.P. Mithal

This SUT practice, more than 10,000 years old, comes from Damar Tantra and Yoga (name Amaroli) and is the use of one's own urine as food, medicine, restorative, transforming agent and immune system booster. It appears to have been mentioned in Bible also. It is sometimes called 'Your Own Doctor'. Amaroli is very simple to do and increases the power of the immune system, strengthens the Aura and improves skin health. Spiritual aspirants will find that the mind is
less inclined to behave like a monkey, spiritual energy is kept high, and progress towards samadhi is smoother. The effects are magnified
if the practitioner has a Yoga practice and an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. This is the secret of curing cancer, by recycling the fruit juices of Gerson diet.

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