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Light Body Transformation - Living With Light

Daily Life with a Developing Light Body

Many of us on the spiritual path are not aware of the process of light body transformation. We may feel called by our heart's desire to be closer to God, by a strong inner sense or purpose, or by a deep longing for healing, but we don't expect that our entire physical, energetic and cellular structure may change!

Energetic changes are happening to everyone on the Earth right now, even though most people are not consciously aware of this. For people who are actively pursuing a spiritual life, this process of light body transformation is happening in a stronger way and may even be creating lifestyle changes out of necessity.

Each person's light body is unique and constructed by the Divine to perfectly fulfill the specific purpose of that soul. Depending on the work your soul chose prior to incarnating, your light body transformation process may be more or less affected by the new and higher vibrations of light that are now entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Some people are noticing more gradual changes in their bodies and consciousness, and some are going through dramatic re-alignment processes that are creating powerful light body transformation. As your physical body begins to receive greater levels of spiritual light, the process of purification begins to clear out old and accumulated debris on the emotional, physical and energetic levels.

Purification Transforms our Bodies

As older and denser energies are released from the body, mind and energy field, greater space is opened in the body and consciousness to receive more light. For some, the process of purification is an experience of constant motion, with light releasing old energies which then rise into our consciousness and awareness. We feel the pain of the past as it is clearing, and then when it has released, we feel new space, new light and new life. These waves alternate and eventually we find the waves come less and less often, and we have more and more access to light and peace.

As we go through the process of purification, our bodies begin to transform. Some people hardly notice the changes of light body transformation, as they exist subtle levels of awareness. Others notice more dramatic changes that require immediate adjustments to one's daily life. For example, as my sensitivities to energy increased, my ability to be comfortable in a city environment decreased, and I eventually needed to move to a quieter and more light filled environment. Some of the common changes that we have seen many people go through are described below.

Light Body Transformation - New Sensitivities

As our bodies begins to release density and accumulated negative energies from the past, the nervous system and energy field begin to develop greater light and clarity. Perceptions become clearer and sharper, and new levels of awareness begin to open.

Spiritual truth reminds us that we are One, that all of creation exists united in the All That Is of God's reality. As more spiritual light opens our bodies and consciousness, we begin to have new experiences that demonstrate our Oneness with all. Some of these experiences may be quite unfamiliar as we are sensing parts of ourselves and of the world that previously were not aware of.

Some of the new experiences we encounter may be uncomfortable, as we awaken more fully to the world of spiritual light while living on the Earth in the midst of this time of global purification. So much is going on that at times it can feel overwhelming.

I will be sharing more about the following topics that are related to light body transformation, and will be placing links to pages with more specific and detailed information in the future. Please visit or subscribe to our Light Body News Blog to be notified when we add these new pages.

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Fragrance Sensitivity

Changing Food Needs

Environmental Sensitivities

Botanical Sensitivities

Sensitivity to Medicines

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