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New Light Body News, Issue #004 -- August 2009 New Levels of Change
August 14, 2009
Dearest friends,

Welcome to the August 2009 New Light Body News. I send you much love, and gratitude for your participation in this newsletter!

This month there were several Light Body Blessings spiritual guidance messages which spoke of new levels of spiritual light manifesting on the Earth now which are creating new experiences for us all.

Newest Light Body Blessings

The newest Light Body Blessings messages, received from the Realms of Light are:

August 14, 2009 - Unique Challenges for Lightworkers Today
For those souls who have incarnated specifically to serve the light and to serve God's purpose in supporting the transformation of the Earth, a new event is occurring. The spiritual realms of light that guide each lightworkers mission are reaching through the veils towards the physical realms at an ever increasing rate of intensity.

July 30, 2009 - Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose
At this point in the process, there are many lightworkers who are not able to fully manifest into the Earthly dimensions their true soul purpose. The reason for this is not from a lack of awareness or skill in manifestation. It is also for the most part not related to personal purification issues that may inhibit manifestation.

July 18, 2009 - The Sanctification of the New Earth
The year of 2009 is a transitional moment in the transformation process of the Earth. The planet is moving from one entrenched vibration of density and darkness into a new energetic alignment with the higher vibrations of light.

New Light Work Area

At the end of July I received the Light Body Blessings message on Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose which discussed the many forms of light work happening on the Earth right now, and specifically addressed those lightworkers whose spiritual work and mission has not yet been activated.

At that time I was instructed to open a new section of the site on Light Work - Serving God's Purpose in Your Daily Life that would be a support for the many lightworkers whose spiritual mission has not yet manifested.

This section of the site addresses some of the feelings and questions that can arise, as well as the very real practical considerations that many are experiencing with financial, energetic and purification challenges.

If you have comments, questions or experiences to share about this, please share here!

Cosmic Currents of Light

This is a profound article by Julie Redstone from her Essentials of Spiritual Purification blog which is about the growing unity between spirit and matter. Cosmic Currents of Light

New and Ongoing Discussions

Our discussion area has been relatively quite this month. The most recent contribution is Its a new me spirit

New Discussion Area

If you would like, please share your experiences with Light Work, manifesting your spiritual purpose, and doing God's work in your daily life.

Ongoing Discussions

We have a number of visitor contributions on the following topics that you may find helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or share your own experiences!

Energy Sensitivity

Light Body Experiences

Share Your Questions, Comments and Suggestions

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for future New Light Body discussion topics, please contact us here.

Stay Updated With our Site Blog

If you would like to stay updated with the newest articles, resources and visitor contributions to our site, please visit our New Light Body Blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed there, or simply visit this page when you'd like to see our newest resources.

New Donation Area

New Light Body recently opened a new donation area and I thank you so much to those who are helping us to maintain this site.

We operate through donations so that we do not exclude anyone from having access to our work.

We have also chosen to not place commercial advertising on our pages so that we can maintain the highest vibration of light possible that will be a support to our visitors. Thank you so much for your support and your love!

A Personal Note

This past month I experienced a few weeks where it was almost impossible to sleep, and I felt this deep excitement and sense of anticipation that was not related to anything visible in my external life.

During this time my new business entered the first phase of its manifest life and also began generating some initial income which was encouraging even though the traffic is still quite small and there is still much to be done.

Although I find the work tedious at times, I also realize that what I am doing shares healing and light in some very practical ways, and is equally important to the future unfoldment of our spiritual work. Sometimes I find it enjoyable even though in my deepest heart I long for the next phase of my "real" work to unfold.

I recently experienced a new health challenge which feels to me like a chronic energetic situation finally "coming to a head". It is painful and it remains to be seen whether it will be able to heal on its own or will require more intense medical intervention to heal.

During this time my sense of anticipation was covered over, and I felt grief and sadness releasing. My body feels exhausted from the intensity level of what I am experiencing energetically, even though I also feel much help being given from the spiritual levels.

Periodically this month I have felt the "veils parting" where I can feel light, love, synchronicity and the miraculous divine oneness that we all share. I am always grateful for these times!

What are you experiencing during this time? Please take a moment to share your light body experiences

Thank you so much for participating in our New Light Body newsletter. Please let me know what additional topics or questions we can address I wish you love, light and blessings.

With much love and gratitude,


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