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The Sanctification Of The New Earth

July 16, 2009

Dearest Beloved Ones,

God's holy light is reaching a critical point of saturation on the Earth planes, which is beginning a new level of the planetary transformation process. As God's light moves more deeply into all realms of physically embodied matter, there are two significant shifts occurring as a result.

The first is that some souls who have been present for the previous cycles of earthly embodiment are now preparing to take leave, as their soul plans do not include physical participation in the New Earth.

Secondly, the purification process that humanity is experiencing has now begun to create more widespread physical and energetic changes within human bodies and within the emotional and mental bodies of embodied humans.

Greater light is peeling away the layers of separation, protection and defense that have created armoring around the heart. Greater light is bringing into consciousness long forgotten memories, both from the present lifetime and also from soul memories.

In some souls light is creating a rewiring of the physical and energetic system, which is a more complete transformation of the body so that it can accomplish specific tasks related to healing and light.

Beloved ones, your physical bodies are sacred and holy, and the current energetic shift that is happening will move your physical and energetic bodies into a new alignment with your soul purpose.

At the present time there are new layers of the purification process that are being revealed, sometimes bringing shocking revelations to the soul that was not aware of previously hidden energies of darkness or motivations of separation, greed or fear. It is important at times like this to remain faithful to God's love which loves unconditionally and without judgment.

In order to move forward on the path of God's love, release self judgment, and be willing to see yourself with the eyes of God and the eyes of love, with compassion and forgiveness. Give yourself love, healing and comfort and surround yourself with those of like mind and like heart who can support you in your process.

Beloved ones, there are no accidents and all encounters that you have with other souls have significance. When you find yourself uncomfortable with or angry with others in your life, make a commitment to withdraw all projections and to focus on your own healing process. (Please see Withdrawing Projections - An Inventory and Withdrawing Projections from Others)

The year of 2009 is a transitional moment in the transformation process of the Earth. The planet is moving from one entrenched vibration of density and darkness into a new energetic alignment with the higher vibrations of light. All souls embodied on the Earth are participating in this process and are going through their own transitions at this time, in order to me in maximum alignment with their soul's divine purpose.

Your physical and energetic bodies are strongly affected by the new energies of light that are increasing daily upon the Earth. Develop a close and intimate relationship with your body so that you can respond to the changing atmosphere and vibration. Listen to the messages your body gives to you, and make all attempts possible to sanctify all daily habits so that your actions support the creation of your new light body. We give great thanks, blessings and gratitude to all souls who are serving God's holy purpose of bringing light, love and healing to the Earth. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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