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Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission And Purpose

July 29, 2009

Dearest Beloved Friends,

Awakening to the reality of your soul and spirit is for some a natural and joyful process, and for others is a more challenging experience.

There is no need to judge yourself if you are "failing" to experience the light and love that is expanding on the Earth right now. You have not "missed the boat" or are not doing something wrong.

Souls who are here on the Earth right now with the specific task of helping to expand the light on the Earth have many different purposes, depending on their soul's intention for learning and for serving.

Beloved ones, millions of lightworkers are incarnated right now on the Earth, helping to raise the vibration of not only the physical Earth but of all souls embodied on the Earth.

Some work specifically with the physical or energy bodies of the Earth to bring light and help to transform the physical matter to a higher vibration of light. Some work to bring light and healing to the consciousness, emotions and bodies of their fellow souls.

Some lightworkers are helping to transform and bring light and a new consciousness to the larger social, political and economic structures of the world. Some are carrying the new consciousness of unity into the scientific, medical and technological fields.

Some lightworkers are working directly with the new souls that began incarnating in the 1990's who carry a higher vibration of light, and who are needing support and adaptations in order to grown and flourish and accomplish their spiritual purpose.

Beloved ones, all souls have a unique divine flame that is expresses a facet of the Divine One that all souls are a part of. That unique divine flame is sacred and precious. No matter what your spiritual purpose, and no matter how your purpose manifests right now on the Earth, you are beloved by God.

At the present time on the Earth, God's light has begun a signficant transformation process to the physical matter of the Earth. This is causing widespread physical, emotional and spiritual purification for all souls on the Earth. It is also causing a purification of social, political and economic systems.

Energies of light are streaming forth both from the spiritual levels, and now from the Earth itself. Energies which oppose this expansion are also present, creating opposition and an energetic cloud that surrounds the Earth like a blanket.

This "covering" is something we call contraction, which acts very much like a cloud, to obscure the perception of light and a deeper experience of the heart. It also acts on the physical planes of matter, creating obstacles for those who are attempting to move forward to manifest the new systems and templates for light that God is calling the m to.

Beloved ones, God's light IS the strongest force in the universe. The drama that is playing out on the Earth between energies of light and energies of darkness creates a great intensity for those who are serving the light. What is important to know at all times is that God's light IS the strongest force in the universe and is ultimately stronger than those energies which oppose it.

As God's light penetrates more fully into the realms of the physical Earth and continues the purification process, there will be less and less density manifested on the Earth. There will be fewer and fewer places that resonate with energies of darkness, and the light will create a magnificent shift which will disperse this energetic cloud, allowing all souls to know and feel and experience God's love and light in a much more intimate and direct way.

At this point in the process, there are many lightworkers who are not able to fully manifest into the Earthly dimensions their true soul purpose. The reason for this is not from a lack of awareness or skill in manifestation. ( Please see the Manifesting department at ) It is also for the most part not related to personal purification issues that may inhibit manifestation.

Beloved ones for these many lightworkers it is in the hands of God and divine timing as to when the doors will open so that light may flow more easily and fully empower them to their mission. Attempts to force the process with will or ego may help to soothe the feelings of helplessness that arise, but will not cause a true manifestation of divine mission.

What is needed for these lightworkers is the skill of waiting. This is not a popular topic, especially in the New Age community which often focuses on the attainment of manifestation rather than the surrender to divine will. Waiting requires profound faith, and the willingness to give all of yourself to God.

Choosing the path of surrender allows you to turn to God and say "Let it be unto me according to Thy Will". There is rest, peace and joy in the process of surrender. The willingness to let go of the reins and give them to God, opens up infinite possibilities even within the current atmosphere of contraction.

Beloved ones, please let us know which topics and questions you may have about this process so that we may address them. A new section of the site has been opened for this purpose, called Light Work. We bless your love and your heartfelt dedication to God and God's holy purpose on the Earth. Amen.

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