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Unique Challenges For Lightworkers Today

August 14, 2009

Dearest Friends,

Your work is seen and much appreciated by those in the Realms of Light who watch over and assist in the transformation process of the Earth. At this time the new energies of spiritual light that are anchoring into the formerly three dimensional Earth's subatomic structure have created a drastic and massive vibrational shift within physical matter.

Your physically embodied reality used to consist of a template of third dimensional creation, projected from the infinite and multidimensional realms of consciousness that each soul is a part of. There was limited permeability, except in cases of birth or death, or the rare spiritual awakening experience.

Now the physical dimensions of Earth are blending and merging with the infinite, multidimensional realms of spirit, so that there is a heightened interactivity between the realms of spirit and the realms of the physical.

This new permeability between the realms of spirit and the realms of matter is creating a new situation for all those who are physically embodied on the Earth. This includes embodied human souls as well as plants, animals and all the living beings of the physical Earth, including the body of the Earth itself.

The subatomic particles of matter which make up the sacred human body are accelerating, vibration more in alignment with the realms of light. Even those who are completely unaware of this are experiencing this shift, which they may perceive in any number of ways.

For those souls who have incarnated specifically to serve the light and to serve God's purpose in supporting the transformation of the Earth, a new event is occurring. The spiritual realms of light that guide each lightworkers mission are reaching through the veils towards the physical realms at an ever increasing rate of intensity. This is due to the urgency of the hour, as there is much suffering occurring on the Earth and many souls in dire need of assistance.

As these realms of light reach towards those souls that have agreed to support the Earth in her transformation process, the light has begin to more dramatically accelerate the purification and transformation process of these souls. Embodied light is streaming forth from the Earth herself now, which is "heating up" the purification and transformation process to a near boiling point.

What this means dearest ones is that those who have incarnated specifically to serve God and to serve God's sacred purpose on the Earth and going through the vibrational "bends". The physical body is being rapidly transformed, sometimes at a pace that can feel overwhelming.

Beloved ones, many lightworkers are seeing highly unusual body symptoms, some of which may mimic actual physical illnesses. The only way to know how to handle these situations is to ask for guidance, and to request help from those that can support your physical health.

At this time some of the souls who incarnated several decades past are coming into the full awareness of their soul's purpose, and those whose purpose involves healing will be developing and re-membering multi-dimensional forms of healing that will be capable of assisting these kinds of symptoms that are related to spiritual and vibrational transformation.

Beloved ones, at this time a rapid acceleration is taking place which will create a larger scale energetic shift that will allow for the manifestation of greater light on the Earth. When this happens, a new level of physically embodied life awaits, one in which the song of God's love and light is heard and seen and felt by all embodied beings. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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