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Light Work

Serving God's Purpose in Your Daily Life

Light Work is a term that is often used to describe the work of souls who have come to the Earth to bring God's love, light, healing and transformation.

At this point in time, there are millions of embodied lightworkers on the Earth who are conscious that they have chosen to be here, during this very difficult time on Earth, for their own healing and also to serve a higher purpose. In different ways, each are doing light work that may or may not be visible to the outer eye.

At this time also, there are millions of new souls arriving to the Earth, some for the very first time, so serve God's purpose. These souls carry a much higher vibration of light than was possible to bring to the Earth in previous generations, because until recent times the Earth was in a much more dense state.

These souls are currently babies and children, and some are just now reaching adulthood. Some souls have yet to arrive, as they are waiting for a shift in the Earths' atmosphere that will allow them an even greater embodiment of light for the specific light work their soul has chosen.

Light Work - Knowing Our Purpose

One of the challenges of awakening spiritually and realizing that you are a soul here with a purpose, is that you want to know what that is!

Sometimes the spiritual awakening process will reveal your light work purpose more fully, however this process is completely individual.

Some lightworkers are shown only bits of pieces of their spiritual mission, on a "need to know basis". This can be extremely frustrating because our human, embodied selves want to have some idea of what is happening. We also want to be able to feel the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from being in service completely and fully aligned with our divine purpose.

Sometimes we are shown are shown where God wants us to be, but it feels so far from where we are now that it seems impossible. We have no idea how to get there! And, often we are not given direct guidance, so it feels like we are out in cold, left to fend for ourselves.

There is always a purpose for how and when these things are revealed to us, but we may not be able to see or feel or understand what that is right away. This in itself furthers the purification process, as the ego level of ourselves is revealed to us more fully in the emptiness of not knowing.

Light Work - Emotional States We May Feel

Our higher selves our naturally aligned with love and light, and are naturally peaceful, loving, humble and connected with All. Our human selves, having existed often for many lifetimes in the world of form, confronted with the reality of living as a separated consciousness, have developed many defenses to cope with the difficulties of being here.

For many lightworkers, it is a shock to arrive to the density of the three dimensional world. We find ourselves in a strange land, and often feeling quite alone. We experience fear and helplessness, and we can't seem to connect with God the way it seems that we should. Earth seems like a primitive and foreign land. We may or may not remember our purpose for being here.

Lightworkers often carry a different energy than most people around them, and may experience mistreatment or other abuses that come as a shock. As the result of these experiences, we develop layers and layers of defenses to cope with the pain and trauma we've been through.

Some of the common defenses we have developed to cope with the realities of Earthly embodiment are:

  • Anger - We feel enraged at being treated so badly, angry at other people and angry at God. Underneath it all, we are upset at feeling so helpless.

  • Fear - If we have experienced a lot of trauma, we feel terrified of what will happen next. Fear is both an emotion and also an energy which can run through our bodies even when everything around us seems quiet.

  • Despair - Everything feels so dense and strange around us. The conditions we have experienced are so oppressive, and it feels like we are trapped with no light or love, so we feel despair.

  • Arrogance and Superiority - We feel so separated from everyone and everything, we long for love and connection but can't seem to get it. We can't seem to find others to connect with that understand us. People around us are in a different consciousness, and we are so different that we end up feeling that we are better than others. Underneath it all, we are desperately seeking love and connection and wholeness.

  • Disembodiment - withdrawing from our physical bodies to avoid being here. This can also manifest as ungroundedness, exhaustion or illness.

  • Disconnection from Ourselves - We may try to be like other people, forget about our spiritual selves, and immerse ourselves in the world of form.

For more on this please see Emotional Healing.

Light Work - Divine Timing

Each soul and each lightworker has a unique purpose to fulfill in God's plan. That purpose may only be known to the soul, or it may be conscious to the embodied self. For those whose spiritual work involves the manifestation of light on the Earth, the timing of when and how their mission may manifest is connected with the development of light manifesting on the Earth and how this creates the spiritual and energetic conditions necessary for that individual soul to move forward.

Most lightworkers experience a progressive unfoldment of their light work over time. It may move quickly or slowly, and there may be long periods of waiting when very little appears to be happening.

Light Work - Manifestating Your Mission

Lightworkers are working on all levels of the Earth to support the unfoldment of God's plan. This is challenging at this particular time in the Earth's evolution for several reasons.

Physically Sustaining Life

One challenge is that physically embodied life at this stage of the process requires regular income in order to sustain physical life. The options for practical work may or may not match with the lightworkers divine purpose.

Some are blessed to be serving their light work and spiritual mission through their practical day to day work lives. Many healers and teachers who have established practices are serving God through their capacity to help others awaken. Those whose mission involves helping social, economic and political structures to transform may also be blessed to have jobs or businesses which are an expression of their soul purpose.

There are also many lightworkers who are doing their spiritual work but it does not match with any kind of job or economic structure that currently exists. They may need to spend a great deal of time working at a job or business which is only partially fulfilling.

Energy Sensitivity

There is also the challenge of energy sensitivity which can create discomfort, exhaustion, or even physical manifestations of illness for some lightworkers, depending on the environments they are in or the people they are around.

This is especially difficult for those whose light work involves absorbing and transforming negative energies. This kind of work is chosen by the soul, not the embodied self, and it may require extra attention or in some cases more extraordinary adaptations in order to manage one's day to day life.


At this particular time on the Earth, there is still a great deal of contraction present in the spiritual atmosphere, which creates a heavier and more weighted feeling, a dulling of the sense of connection to spirit, and a great deal of challenge when attempting to manifest new structures and expressions of light.

For lightworkers who are experiencing this, it may feel as though you are putting yourself out there and getting no response. You may feel ignored, unseen and forgotten, and this may cause you to doubt your purpose and your inner guidance. Please see the Manifesting department at World and also this Light Body Blessings spiritual guidance message from the realms of Light Divine Timing, Spiritual Mission and Purpose.

Light Work - Practical Considerations

Although some lightworkers are actively involved in serving the purpose they came to the Earth for, some are still waiting for their mission to unfold. Some lightworkers are already doing their work, but in a state of invisibility while they carry on what appears to be "normal" lives.

Energy Sensitivity

For all of these souls, there are multiple practical considerations to be faced each day. Many lightworkers are developing energy sensitivity which requires greater rest and the creation of a more light filled home environment in order to be able to recuperate and regenerate one's physical and energy bodies.

With the development of greater energy sensitivity, also comes the need to set greater limits on one's time, because each activity has a greater impact on your light body. This may cause stress in relationships, especially with those loved ones who do not understand what we are experiencing.


As the process of purification continues to unfold on the Earth, more people are going through intense changes. Our family friends, co workers or loved ones may go through times where they are releasing a lot of pain. This can manifest emotionally or energetically, and if your light body is sensitive you may find yourself feeling energetically overwhelmed by being with them.

Your own purification process may intensify as well, causing intense emotional states and light body symptoms.

Economic Challenges

Some lightworkers go through periods of energy shifts where they are unable to work. Some develop sensitivities to fluorescent lights and chemicals that make it difficult to sustain their health in most of the current work environments. Some light workers develop more intense energy sensitivities that limit their ability to work in a traditional workplace.

Many lightworkers have come to Earth as healers, and their healing work may take many forms. Although some healers are more visible, working as doctors, nurses, health care practitioners, therapists, counselors, or spiritual healers, there are many healers whose work is not yet visible.

Some of these invisible healers are children who are not yet grown, and some are adults whose work will be activated in the next phase of the Earth's transformation process that is about to unfold.

Some healers are not intended to work within any one profession or role, but their presence carries light and life guides them to the places and people that need them.

Years ago when I had to install and electric heater in my house, I felt so blessed to discover that the electrician who came to help us was a healer. I asked him about this when the job was completed. He was aware of his work as a healer, and he said that God sent him where he was needed. This man carried a great deal of love and humility in his heart.

At the present time many healers are going through intense purification themselves. Some are being taken out of old circumstances and placed into new ones, so that their own healing process can be completed, and so that they can move into a new level of their light work.

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