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New Light Body News, Issue #002 -- June 2009 Transition and Transformation
June 15, 2009
Hello dearest friends,

Welcome to our June 2009 New Light Body News. There is much happening on all levels and I thank you for your sharing, contributions and your presence with us! Here are our latest updates.

Our Newest Articles

New from Julie Redstone

The Healing of Anger

Newly Updated - The Sacred Consciousness of Food

Guided Meditations From the Realms of Light

Healing the Energy Bodies

Star of Healing Meditation

Article by Mashubi

Energy Sensitivity

Newest Light Body Blessings

The newest Light Body Blessings messages, received from the Realms of Light are:

Anchoring the New Light

Transformational Illness and the New Light Body

New and Ongoing Discussions

Light Body Experiences

We've had many new contributions and comments to our new Light Body Experiences discussion and sharing area.

You are welcome to share your light body experiences here.

Energy Sensitivity

We created a new place for you to share your experiences with energy sensitivity.

You can read our first contribution on this topic Energy Sensitivity - Shielding.

New Contact and Comments Sharing Area

I continue to be limited in my ability to respond to personal e-mail, so we now have a new contact area for you to share comments, questions and suggestions for new discussion topics. This will also serve as a Frequently Asked Questions area, as you will be able to see responses to questions that may be similar.

Stay Updated With our Site Blog

If you would like to stay updated on the newest articles, resources and visitor contributions to our site, please visit our New Light Body Blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed there, or simply visit this page when you'd like to see our newest resources.

A Personal Note

I am feeling a great deal of movement happening around me and within me. My husband and I are preparing for a major relocation to begin a new phase of our work. I continue to experience many energetic and light body changes which require a great deal of silence and rest, and I've had to drastically limit my personal correspondence.

I received guidance in May to begin a new business to help support us in the next phase of our life and work, and I am working intensively to lay the foundations for this.

Thankfully this work requires silence and solitude so it is in harmony with my spiritual needs of the moment. Although the way forward is not totally clear for us yet, we are moving one pointedly towards a new life with faith that God will show the way.

Thank you for joining our New Light Body News!

With much love,


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