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Energy Sensitivity - Shielding

by Ashley Portman
(Unknown, USA)

Greetings. My sensitivity has been present for my entire life, and for so long, it was very difficult to manage. Many times, through unawareness, I would "pick up" peoples energies and unfortunately adopt them as my own. I could always sense what people were feeling and thinking, and the amount of fear circulating throughout this density had plummeted me into depression.

Quite recently, I was seen by a great energy healer who healed realign my chakras. Afterward, I began reading and reading to understand the way energy works, and exactly how our light bodies operate.

Many ways I shield myself are:

Meditation-envisioning yourself surrounded by a golden-violet egg, where no energy that is not of Light can enter

Prayer- Praying for energy protection for the angelic realms. Archangel Michael has been an incredible warrior of protection for me.

Affirmations and visualizations-
Quite simply, through our thought (intention) and our visualization (thought and feeling) I create a pink, white or violet sphere of Light around me, while verbally affirming that I Am protected and whole at all times.

Other ways to help cleanse ourselves:
I love taking salt baths with crystals, sage and a candle, while meditating and praying deeply.
Cooking healthy, organic food, while blessing and prayer over the food
Singing! Singing is a great way to balance your chakras and raise your vibration!

I hope this helps. Please remember that your intention and will are the most powerful ways of creating protection and peace. And also, the Law of non-interference states that light beings cannot interfere on your behalf against your will, so you must ask for help! Keep asking, keep believing, and keep imagining all the positive possibilities of a New Earth!

Comments for Energy Sensitivity - Shielding

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Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

balance is key. What is inside will resonate out, and what is outside will resonate within. The reason you don't resonate with positive energy is because you haven't cleansed out the negative. You must be able to let go of yesterday, and believe in yourself. Be a great white shark, you are the king of your waters.

peace and blessings to you all

One more thing. To learn you must bypass the socialization of humanity. Stop trying to find your answer from other sources, when you yourself is a divine source. Look within to seek your answers. Everything has its place and time. Keep believing, we will all get there together : )

Jul 02, 2009
St. Germain
by: Ash-Ananda

Blessings dear friend. Much light and love to you. I understand your feelings, for it has taken many years of struggle to have transmuted much of my own pain.

It is important to recognize, from my own Truth, that all energy follows Thought. I feel that the first step is watching your thoughts and practicing mercy and compassion with yourself.

A blessed site I have had worked with is the Summit Lighthouse. Here is the link I recommend.

This comes from the 7th Ray of Cosmic Glory of the Violet Flame of St. Germain-a powerful invocation that when said everyday enables the transmutation of darkness into Light.

Also, Archangel Michael is a wonderful protector.
Here is a nice prayer.

"O Holy Archangel Michael,
Defender & Guardian Angel of the Human Race.
Forsake me not, Prince of Heavenly Armies, defend me from the spirits of wickedness & the world of darkness.
Archangel Michael, protect me with your armor & sword against those who wish to do harm to me. Gloriuos Lord Michael, cease not to intervene for me until I am delived from the illusion of darkness. Amen. "

Bless you on your journey, always remember to keep asking for help, never give up, the Great Creator hears all his Childrens' cries, just never give up please. Believe in yourself. I send you the Violet Flame of Transmutation. May you always remember.

Jul 02, 2009
neg energy
by: Sally

It depends. sounds like old energy is surfacing..i sometimes use services of a lightworker to help move the energy.

Could be entity. I use strong oils, really strong. Or just contacted..I ask for a contact draw clear and release of the energies, then breathe.

Jun 30, 2009
Shielding from Negative Engery
by: Anonymous

I've tried everything to shield myself and yet I always feel a strong negative energy around me. I've tried praying, candles, oils, herbs. Everything! Why then can I not get rid of this negative force around me? Evertime I feel my energy getting strong and I'm feeling good something just happens and the whole day will be ruined. Does have any suggestions on a good way for me to shield my energy.


Jun 16, 2009
by: Sally

Yes I use Young living essential oil blend, white angelica..

put around my neck and head and wrists.



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