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The Star Of Healing Meditation

The Star of Healing guided meditation was received from the Realms of Light and offered with love to assist us in cleansing, clearing and transforming our light bodies.

The six pointed star is a spiritual symbol long associated with the path of Judiasm, but that has a universal meaning as well. The six pointed star is a symbol of hope, of God's relationship with the physical world, and His desire and intention to infuse all of physical manifestation with the holy, pure light of Spirit.

The six pointed star is also a symbol of the sacred relationship between God and His creation. The holy light of spirit shines down from above* and the physically manifest world reaches upward** to the heavens with gratitude and love.

This holy, sacred symbol is one of healing, of redemption and of transformation. The six pointed star is the star of healing and blessing for the world, and is the universal symbol for this sacred time on Earth when all is being prepared for the sanctification of physical matter, and all of creation.

Today, we invite you to connect with this symbol for your own healing. This sacred Star is a symbol that transcends any one spiritual or religious path - it is the symbol for this moment on Earth.

Take some time within your meditation to visit your physical and energetic body. See and feel what is happening within each part of you. Once this is completed, notice one area of your body that may be calling out to you for attention and healing.

Breathe into this part of you, bringing Light and peace, and breathe out, releasing all stress, tension and constriction. The simple act of paying attention will begin to shift this energy.

Now, if you are ready to ask for transformation for this part of you, breathe into your heart, expand your love and compassion for yourself. Allow this love and Light to expand and fill your body. Relax in this energy of love. Breathe.

Then, when you are ready, call the Star of Healing to the part of you that needs healing. Call the Star to come and be present within your physical and energetic bodies.

Visualize the six pointed star and notice the color and size. Feel it bringing Light and healing to this part of you. Notice what happens when you receive the Star into your being.

Rest there with the Star, and pray. Pray from your heart, for all that you most deeply long for. Pray for transformation, healing, and peace. Stay resting within this prayer.

Now, if possible, place your hand over this part of your body, giving thanks for the healing received, and with the suggestion that the Star will stay with you, continuing to bring healing and transformation for as long as it is needed.

May all beings receive transformation and healing. May all beings receive love. May all beings be blessed. Amen.

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