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Transformational Illness And The
New Light Body

May 22, 2009

Beloved friends,

At this time in the evolution of the Earth, the higher frequencies of light are creating strong and accelerated changes for all of humanity. There are many things happening at once, which can create a sense of overwhelm for those sensitive souls who are aware of the multidimensional transformation happening for all of physical matter.

At this time many people are experiencing symptoms of sickness which do not respond to traditional treatments. The symptoms range from mild to quite severe, and are the result of a dimensional realignment of the energy bodies, and of the energy bodies' connection with the physical vehicle.

We are seeing many immune system manifestations as the physical vehicle attempts to purge itself of toxins and older and denser energies in order to step into the higher realms of light that are calling. The immune system can easily become overwhelmed especially if the soul's work includes assisting in the transformation process of the Earth.

For these souls, the physical and energetic vehicle is already in service and actively absorbing and transforming energies in order to assist in the global purification process. In addition to this process of service already in motion, the most recent higher vibrational frequencies that have entered the Earth's atmosphere are creating a more fundamental re-alignment within the body, which is both personal and planetary.

Beloved friends, this time requires a great deal of detailed attention to your physical and energy bodies, so you can accurately discern what your body needs and how you can assist it to pass through this current dimensional threshold. Inner guidance provides the light and the way through during such a major and massive realignment process.

There are three avenues of approach that can be of assistance to you during this time when your physical vehicle is transforming and manifesting symptoms.


The first approach is to cleanse the physical body and your environment as well. Cleansing can happen on the physical level through detoxification programs, and it can happen also on the emotion and energetic levels. Intention and commitment is needed to cleanse, because it requires some effort to remove old debris both from the body and also from the environment.

Cleansing provides relief to the physical and energy bodies, and releases stress accumulated from previous cycles. Cleansing also creates a new light body that exists in a more closely harmonized state with the divine blueprint of what God intends for a soul.

As the body becomes more aligned with the soul, many of the daily practices, habits, foods and substances you put on your body, and other day to day choices begin to change. You become more sensitive, and reactions you may not have noticed before become apparent, and have a bigger impact on your body.

For this reason it is important and necessary to develop a close relationship of love and of listening with your physical body. As you listen to what it is telling you, you are guided along your path and can receive healing and spiritual nourishment.

Letting Go

The second avenue of approach toward dealing with symptoms is through letting go. This process is more intimately connected with spiritual surrender and is often the result of cleansing. Through the process letting go, you allow yourself to release habits, thoughts, foods, objects, relationships and substances that no longer feel in harmony with your body.

Little effort is needed, as the body has already made its needs apparent. Instead, what is needed is acceptance and surrender, so you can move forward. If you have emotional attachments to whatever your body is asking to let go of, you may need to go through a grieving process before you can fully release what has passed.


The third avenue of approach to symptoms is through increasing nourishment for the physical and energy bodies. This is a delicate question, for as the new light body develops, what the body needs for nourishment changes. Nourishment is both a physical and an energetic process, and substances that may nourish one person would feel too dense or too light for another person.

Nourishment is a deeply personal matter which changes as the new light body develops, and changes also depending on the environment you are in, the people you are with, and what specifically is happening within your purification process. Nourishment includes the question of what to eat, but also includes the vibrational question of what feeds and sustains you energetically.

Just as you need to eat each day, the new light body requires the nourishment of light in order to sustain itself. Without this, the physical vehicle can feel itself sick or depleted. It is even possible for a healing crisis to ensue in order to bring the soul closer to the sources of light that will nourish the body. For this reason, spiritual nourishment is as essential as food to the new light body.

There are some physical substances that can support and anchor the presence of spiritual light, such as crystals and gem essences which contain multiple frequencies that can translate the spiritual dimensions to the Earth plane. Gem essences can be helpful in bringing healing to the physical body because they work at the level between the physical and the energy bodies, increasing the communication between the two levels of being.

Beloved friends, we wish you peace, rest and healing during this time of monumental transition. May God bless your service to this blessed Earth. Amen.

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