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Anchoring The New Light

May 13, 2009

Dearest friends of the heart,

The new light body that is evolving for humanity has moved to a new level of visibility, although most people do not recognize what is happening to them as related to the expansion of light. Instead, many people are experiencing new body symptoms, some of which may be alarming in nature. Health care practitioners are seeing an increase in the numbers of people requesting help and reporting unusual symptoms which seem to have no traditional explanation.

Beloved ones, it may seem frightening to be having new body and energy experiences that seem to have no explanation. For this reason, it is helpful to have an inner anchor and connection with your own source of inner wisdom and guidance from the higher self. This channel of alignment with your divine being is at the present time in a state where more connection is possible, even if you have in the past felt frustrated that you could not access inner guidance.

We recommend the Practice of Alignment which creates a bridge of light between your physically embodied self and your divine eternal self. Done regularly for just a few minutes a day, this practice allows for a more complete joining between your physical and higher selves, and opens a clearer pathway for guidance from the divine to make itself known to you. The other benefit of this practice is that it aligns you with the higher vibrations of light and strengthens your own light field, which will have an impact on your consciousness and your day to day experience of reality.

Beloved ones, the time is arriving when this kind of connection to your divine self will be required in order to navigate through the increasingly turbulent waves of purification that are sweeping through the Earth and all her inhabitants. At the present time it is easier to be swept up in the chaos, than it is to find a quiet, calm place of deep inner knowing within. As you strengthen this connection with the divine, you will strengthen the light in your auric field which will also have a beneficial effect on the energy field of the Earth.

As the transformation process of the Earth continues, the light field on the Earth will develop sufficient strength that it will not be difficult to experience one's divine connection with spirit. This is a day to be anticipated and worked towards, however at the present time it is necessary to focus attention and intention on strengthening this connection with your inner light, both for your own comfort and to help the Earth to arrive in the new vibration.

You may be experiencing all manner of new physical symptoms that do not respond to traditional treatments. The reason for this is that the higher vibrations of light are transforming the cellular DNA into a new energy configuration which is incompatible with many of the treatments currently in existence, especially those that are plant based on medicines derived from plants.

This is because in most cases the plants reflect the current state of light and energy on the planet, and those souls who have agreed to embody the higher vibrations of new light at this time are receiving new energies that have not fully anchored on the Earth and into the plants.

Eventually the higher vibrations of light that many people are receiving will also fully penetrate the Earth and at that time more will be possible in developing remedies and treatments that support the developing new light body. In the present time there are still many energetic treatments that can be useful.

Some of these modalities that can support the higher vibrations of light include energy healing and some styles of acupuncture practiced by healers who have an affinity with light. In addition, crystal healing and gem essences are capable of anchoring the higher vibrations of light and can be supportive of the transformation process. Drinking plenty of pure water, bathing in water and especially taking care to drink water that has sufficient minerals and healing properties, is also very helpful in the healing process.

Another support that will make a big difference in your level of comfort is to make a choice to detoxify your life by minimizing your exposure to toxic chemicals and irritants in the environment, in foods and personal care products, and releasing from your home and office environment those objects which create a heavier or more dense energy. Purify your surroundings, which will help your physical body and your new light body to enter this time of transition with more ease.

We bless your heartfelt dedication to the One and to the healing and transformation of the Earth and all beings. With blessings to all, Amen.

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