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A energy feeling!

by Chelsea R.
(Royal Palm Beach, Florida)

I've been researching about paranormal, after life, and psychics and much more. But almost every week i feel an energy coming or it's right next to me. If i'm in the living room and i'm reading a book or something then i can feel energy coming. like i was in the kitchen and i can feel one of my family members coming...all i have to do is stare at the direction i feel it coming from. sometimes before they come i feel the energy and their mood. i'm researching more about it but i feel an energy following me. i can also dream and i see a dark shadow. it scares me.

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Dec 31, 2009
by: SS

You can have dark energies leave if you ask and with the help of your guides and highest spiritual sources..most appropriate ones.

You can also use essential oils to help clear a space for you.

Dec 30, 2009
Feeling Energy
by: Anonymous

I believe that we all have guardians. Some humans may have more than one. Maybe it's just them. The veil is a lot thinner now than it was before, so you will see more stuff, but they've always been there. I do also believe that houses can have energies left behind from previous tenants too. I've experienced that before and could also be a possibility.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Nothing can hurt you if you don't allow it. Surrounding yourself with golden light and demanding that anything that is not of "the Highest of Good" to leave should work. As for the shadow, I have experienced that and many people I know have also (especially recently!). Our individual vibrational frequency attracts others like it, so if you are in fear, you may just attract that type of energy. Keep your vibration light and positive and you will be surrounded with the like.

I read an article that said the shadow (or any scary things in dreams) can be aspects of yourself since we are all going through a healing and releasing process to some extent as the Earth's energies are changing. They said if you accept it (the shadow or scary thing in the dream) with unconditional Love and forgiveness, you can transmute it to light, like healing it or something. I tried it the other night (in a lucid dream) and the scary thing went away. Hope this helps.

Much Love to you :0)

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