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The New Light Body

By GurujiMa

We live in a sacred time today, one in which the substance of physical matter is changing in ways that are yet to fully reveal themselves. Among these changes is the capacity of our bodies to hold more light and of the body itself to become a 'body of light'.

To create a 'body of light', what is needed is the capacity and willingness of mind, heart, and spirit to raise the vibration of the physical, emotional, and mental being so that it can adapt to and resonate with incoming energies of light. Being able to receive these incoming energies will enable those who seek to do so to stabilize their energy field at a higher level of vibration and at a higher level of consciousness.

In order that this occur with greatest ease, the physical vehicle for containing light must be in a purified state so that resonance with the higher energies can take place to the greatest degree. What this means will vary from person to person, but at the very least has to do with eliminating from the body all toxic substances that impair its natural functioning, all animal-based substances that would effectively lower the body's vibration, and all negative energies of an emotional nature that have the potential for creating blockages within the body to the smooth flow of light.

There have been many reasons given, over the years, as to why people have chosen to discontinue eating animal flesh and parts, but the one that corresponds to the creation of a light-body has to do with spiritual vibration and with the desire to enhance the body's means for holding and stabilizing the higher frequencies of light. This in no way minimizes the other reasons for not eating animal flesh, but it adds to these, the compelling conditions that are present at this point in time.

The stabilization of the body as a resonating field of light will enable consciousness to more firmly adapt itself to the new way of being in the world. It will make it more simple and effortless to find one's way through the changed nature of one's relationship to reality, and to more fully assimilate the new perceptions that accompany this change.

Always, within God's reality, everything is offered, and choices must be made freely. So it is with this decision as well. The body is a fine instrument that may be used for any one of a number of purposes. However, in order for it to perform at its greatest potential, it needs to be finely tuned, and this is what the purification process accomplishes.

The simultaneous purification of the emotional, mental, and physical layers of our being, more than anything else, lays the foundation for the movement into the next level of evolutionary development, and allows the light to do its work of redeeming and purifying, as God has ordained for the planet and for all of her inhabitants.

At some point in the future, the creation of a light-body will not even be something that needs to be discussed, since it will be deeply understood that body and consciousness are one, and that to maintain one's own spiritual and mental health as well as the world's spiritual and mental health, attunement of the entire being to the restorative and enhancing energies of spiritual light is essential. At that time, a language of light will become more familiar to humanity's collective consciousness, and what may seem like an effort and for some, a burden, today, will feel, at that time, like a gift and an opportunity.

GurujiMa is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.  

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