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What Is Purification?

Part 1 - The Blessings of Light

By Julie of Light Omega

The time is at hand for purification to take its sacred place as the transformational event on individual and global levels that will change the life of humanity as we know it. More than a matter of personal healing of the past, purification is a stepping stone to the future, incorporating within itself the transformational steps that can make of each person a new being.

Such is the power of God's light that when chosen and combined with the human will in a desire to achieve greater wholeness and to serve God, many things that were previously thought to be impossible in the way of healing, suddenly become possible. In this way, the understanding that 'consciousness shapes reality' is proven true, namely, that the alteration of both individual and global consciousness through purification and light can create a new reality, making of individuals and of the earth itself a new entity, capable of things that were not possible before.

The roots of purification are old, for those who have pursued the way of sanctity and holiness from all backgrounds and walks of life have known and understood the way that needed to be followed. For some, study was undertaken so that the inner steps could define the path to be pursued. For others, knowledge developed intuitively. Today, we are at a point at which knowledge can be combined with intuition in a sacred joining of spirit and matter - one that will allow the human self to become a sacred human, infused by the power of the soul.

The undertaking of purification is a serious one and can occur at great depth, transforming every area of life to which consciousness is tuned and in which light has entered. The latter is key, for it is the light of God that is the primary agent in the purification process and not the human mind or human will. It is the power of light that emanates from God and that is currently intensifying upon the planet that is making the purification process more accessible to many, and more necessary to all.

The steps of purification, formerly shrouded in mystery, are exposed today by virtue of the greater light affecting the earth and all of her inhabitants. Thus, we witness on both individual and global levels, the separation of light and darkness taking place, with the consequence in some places of the darkness being expressed in virulent forms. This is not the only consequence of purification, however. For the blessings of the time we are in are bringing to human consciousness new currents of love and the desire for peace and unity in a strength that had not been present before. Though the desire for unity and the foundation of this desire in universal love may only be visible on an individual level at this point, nevertheless, it is taking root and leading mankind forward, step by step, toward a new consciousness.

There is no immunity to the force of light which creates the unfoldment of new possibilities and can lead to great change. But there is a choice involved, as there is always a choice in the realm of Spirit. The human embodied self must choose the path it wishes to tread and the actions it wishes to take as well as the basis for these actions. Though God is leading all souls home toward the light that is their Source, souls must choose to receive the blessings that are being offered. What this means is that certain paths that lead toward darkness must be abandoned, and the letting go itself is part of the purification process, upheld by the force of greater light.

There is no one on earth who cannot be held in the light of God and be blessed by its radiance if they choose to be. The power of such light can bless all, understand all, forgive all, and love all. It is a matter of the heart's readiness to open, and to receive the abundant gifts that are being showered upon the earth at this time.

May all beings come to know the goodness of God and the benevolence of the light, and with a whole heart come to embrace it in the fullness of love. In this way will the relationship that has been prophesied from the beginning, written about in the sacred works of all major spiritual traditions, and sealed within the heart become a living reality. This is the sacred Covenant between man and God, now coming to fruition, and it is the Divine birthright of each soul who seeks the way home.

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Julie of Light Omega is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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