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The Sacred Human

By Julie of Light Omega

Within the mixture of faith, belief, story, and legend that has characterized heroes across the centuries, there often appears a being who represents the force of Good that stands against the forces of evil. This being, who is often more powerful in his or her strength, wisdom, and purity of heart, is able to live and act in ways that most mortals cannot. This being represents within their time-period, the image of the Christ-self – that self that has reached or aspires to reach a state of oneness with the Divine Creator and with the Divine within, in order to accomplish the task of becoming a sanctified and holy being.

Such a person is not a warrior in the physical sense, though the outer aspect of legends may define him thus, but has been successful in overcoming the inner obstacles that would keep him or her small and incapable of resonating with the higher dimensions of light and life. The truly significant victory won has been over the inner aspects of limitation and illusion, and these have been let go of so that the whole being can commit to the purposes of light and truth, and to a life lived only in accordance with these principles.

The heroic within the human has often been visualized as a state of heart and mind that possesses a certain degree of strength, wisdom, clarity and purity. And yet within legend and history, the strength, wisdom, and purity of the body has not been part of this accomplishment. Instead, the body has remained outside of the spiritual sphere.

Today, we are beginning to see something entirely new arriving at the threshold of human awareness. It is the understanding that the body itself can become a vehicle for the expression of higher consciousness with all its attributes. It can become an expression of strength, wisdom, clarity, and purity. The cells of the body, and the life within the cells of the body are capable of vibrating with the radiance of spiritual light that is no longer separate from physical matter, but is infusing it, down to the very cells of each organ and the very atoms of each cell.

In the past, the cells of the body have been pictured as merely matter - not consciousness, not light - and they have been studied as things composed exclusively of physical substance. This perception, appropriate to the time of history out of which it grew, is no longer the definer of reality. For cells, and the life within cells, can change and achieve a degree of consciousness that they did not possess before. They can become 'spirit' as much as 'matter'. As a result, the wisdom of the body, the knowledge of the body, and the radiance of the body can take their place alongside all that is held as sacred and profound within human experience.

The radiance which the sacred human body is capable of comes about through alignment with the higher aspects of being – with one's higher Self or I AM presence that is one with the Divine. Such alignment brings through into human form the light that radiates throughout the universe, and makes of each one a force for light within their own sphere of influence.

Each soul who lives on the earth is capable of holding such light within themselves. Each is capable of manifesting a physical body that can not only be of service to one's own goals in life, but also to the purpose of helping and healing the earth. The radiant body of the sacred human is capable of miracles that were once thought to belong only to higher beings from the realms of Light. Now, these miracles of healing are to belong to the human collective, and it will be human beings who will become capable of holding the light for each other and for the earth.

In the progression toward arriving at this goal, the practice of incorporating greater light into the body and of eliminating that which acts as an obstacle to light, helps to move forward the evolution of the body into its new state. Along with this, the understanding that there is to be no separation between the physical and the spiritual, between the purposes of the soul and the purposes of the body, assists the process to move forward more smoothly.

The earth's time of transformation into a radiant body of light has arrived, and it is already changing so that its physical properties are no longer as they were, but are containers for the light that comes from the Highest. The human body, too, is changing, and as it does so to ever greater degrees, many more will develop the capacity to manifest the light of God within every level of their human experience. Out of this choice, a new and sacred humanity will emerge – one that is conscious of its relationship with the Creator and that shares with Divine intention, the possibility for creating a new and sacred, illuminated planet.

Julie of Light Omega is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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