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The Practice Of Purification: Releasing

By Julie of Light Omega

'Releasing' is one of the basic phenomena of purification. It is what happens when darkness contacts light of sufficient strength and begins to be drawn toward that light, releasing its hold on the hidden places within the body or psyche that it may have dwelled within for a long time.

This separation of darkness in the presence of greater spiritual light is central to the process of purification, causing changes of various kinds to occur, some having to do with new experiences of a sacred and expansive kind, and others having to do with the movement into greater awareness of thoughts and feelings that may be of a disturbing nature. The increased presence of these thoughts and feelings can seem to indicate that instead of progress taking place, that one is moving backwards into a less healed state, but this is not the case.

The resurgence during purification of unwanted or painful thoughts or feelings is part of the releasing process that spans the life of the soul and that sets free the self from darkness and limitation, enabling it to move into a life of greater freedom, within and without. By bringing to awareness what has previously been hidden and therefore has remained unhealed, it causes a change which is simultaneously an releasing, looked at from the standpoint of the feelings arising, and a transformation, looked at from the standpoint of what is being achieved. The upsurge of releasing can be greatly disturbing to the one experiencing it, depending on its intensity, and therefore a way is generally sought which permits greater ease in enduring the feelings that are arising. As part of this way, it becomes important to understand the principle of releasing so that the time in which it operates can be experienced with a measure of patience. The principle of releasing states that:

In order for healing of previously held attitudes to take place, the content and energy of such attitudes must pass through conscious awareness before being set free.

The idea here is that within the purification process, darkness must be brought to the light of awareness before it can be let go of. Indeed, the healing lies in one's ability to sustain awareness of the negative emotions or energies without acting them out and without sinking into despair or feeling alienated from God, thereby creating new issues of consciousness. This is the work of purification. It does not eliminate acts of grace or the effect of collective transfusions of light which can also advance healing and eliminate several stages along the way, but it is the essence of what is generally true.

Releasing of energies requires bringing darkness to light in order for the alchemical process of transmutation to occur. When this occurs, the darkness is released into an energetic matrix which is stronger and more cohesive than the dark energies. When this light is held around whatever painful feelings may be occurring, it slowly but surely dissolves the darkness in the light, never to be heard from again.

When, however, energies that have been repressed are simply felt without awareness or acted out in ways that strengthen them, then such acting out can create a 'feedback loop' into the body which additionally energizes them and gives them more power to repeat in the future. Acting out negative energies, in particular, rather than being beneficially cathartic as some have thought, often produces the opposite effect, namely, that of increasing the possibility for the energy to remain attached to the one who is carrying it, instead of enabling that one to let it go more easily.

Because the purification process is unfamiliar to most, in many instances doubt can arise, causing one to believe that some thought or feeling is simply repeating itself within the boundaries of everyday consciousness rather than releasing. This doubt is partly due to the fact that both 'releasing' and 'repeating' often feel the same, and the distinguishing factor is inevitably the presence of greater light – brought about by the individual and planetary shift taking place now. Sometimes movement forward must be an article of faith rather than one of knowledge. Sometimes, however, knowledge can be based on the fact that other, simultaneous experiences of greater love, a deepening sense of God's reality, and feelings of joy can also and simultaneously exist, in addition to the energies that are releasing.

Often, a pattern emerges to the releasing process that is different from our ordinary way of experiencing things. Within this process, energies are likely to travel in waves of intensity, suddenly coming into awareness, building in intensity, and then eventually diminishing in strength and disappearing once again. This 'wave phenomenon' of releasing energies can at times be a helpful guide in distinguishing emotion related to present circumstance from what is operating as an independent flow, produced by the powerful transformation that purification brings. The pattern itself lets us know that something is 'passing through' us, rather than remaining stationary.

That purification can take place at all, is a blessed gift of Divine intelligence and intention, infusing into the earth's spiritual and physical life at the appointed time, light of sufficient strength so that both individuals and the planet can embark on a new and light-filled way of life. As one goes through this change, there may be difficult times. Yet, the desire to remain steadfast is born out of expanding love which seeks its own ends. As a result, though releasing brings its own challenges, it is the constancy and continual presence of greater love and the increasing knowledge of God's presence that make possible the endurance needed to meet these challenges, and the faith that all is well.

Julie of Light Omega is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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