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What Is Purification?

Part II - The Purification Process

By Julie of Light Omega

Despite its focus on thought and feeling, purification is not a psychological process but a spiritual one that affects every aspect of one's inner life. In relation to the inner life, the action of God's light illuminates consciousness so that attitudes, motivations, and feelings that were formerly concealed from awareness now come to the light of day. As a result, things one may have suspected about the self but never perceived clearly are increasingly revealed.

In its revelation of truth, purification also gives new meaning to the physical difficulties one may have endured, allowing these to be seen in their positive purpose and in their service to life, rather than simply in their limiting capacity.

The purification process also causes a re-examination of life-purpose and identity, bringing these into sacred alignment with the purposes of the soul and Divine intention. The effects of purification are multiple, occurring at every level, and at each level they ask for an awakened response.

On the physical level, purification takes place through the transformation of energies within the body which allows light to be felt more often and darkness to be dissolved. The process is greatly aided by the willingness to care for one's body - to be discerning about the foods that are eaten, the chemicals or substances used to affect energy level or psychological state, the activities engaged in, in order to alter consciousness. The desire for purity can become a great force for good - a motivating force that transforms diet, physical activity, relationships, the balance between work and rest. As it draws one toward God and light, it has the potential for altering an entire life.

On the emotional level, purification enhances consciousness. It brings one from a more surface awareness of inner life to a deeper and more refined perception of the emotions, motivations, and energies that influence behavior. To be more emotionally aware has great rewards, but it also carries great responsibilities. It requires disciplined attention to the feelings and motivations that are allowed to influence speech and action, requiring that a choice be made regarding which feelings or attitudes to express, and which to contain because they are not in the highest light. Fuller emotional awareness also deepens relationships with others, allowing more love to be possible while at the same time nourishing the growth of stronger feelings and motivations toward God.

On the mental level, purification reveals the underlying attitudes by which each one lives - the thought patterns that are assumed to be 'reality' which are in truth perceptual filters through which the world is viewed. These 'filters' were originally created by human beings long ago to serve a protective function and are part of historical human experience. Despite the fact that they are servants of the ego, they often remain in place long after their usefulness has eroded, and one becomes their servant instead.

In order to see reality as it is, as compared with seeing through a perceptual filter, inner vision must become transparent, undisturbed by projections and inner preoccupations. Clarity of vision and the ability to be present in the present are among the gifts of purification, and they make possible sharing love with others more deeply since the 'other' is seen as who they are, often for the first time.

Ultimately, to purify is to become whole as God intended souls to be, not to be limited by ideas one was taught as a child, nor by fears that are inherited, nor by personal misfortunes or traumatic events that have occurred in the past. Each soul has such events in their past, and they create limitations which can be removed as the process of purification continues.

In the end, what each one becomes as they move through the process is what God intends - for each to be unique within all of Creation, yet joined with all others and able to love and serve God in purity and wholeness of heart.

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Julie of Light Omega is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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