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Light Body Symptoms

Transitioning to a Higher Vibrational Frequency

Light Body symptoms are manifestations of energetic changes that are being created in our bodies as we absorb more spiritual light into our beings. Some people use the term ascension symptoms to describe this phenomenon.

The Earth's vibrational field is transforming and absorbing more spiritual light and becoming less dense and less separated from the higher dimensions of creation which previously were completely separate from the physical planes of Earth. Now the higher frequencies of light are infusing all of physical matter, including our bodies, our consciousness, our minds and our emotions. This infusion of light is creating a large scale purification process on the Earth that is affecting all of us.

As light moves through our bodies, it infuses the cells and catalyzes a process of healing and purification which causes the tissues to release old energies of darkness and separated consciousness. We may experience aches, pains, feelings, or memories rising into our consciousness as these old energies are released. Some light body symptoms come and go quickly, some are more chronic.

You may have already have had this experience of developing mysterious ailments which come and go. As we enter more fully into spiritual life, release ourselves from old emotional pain, and creating a more purified and sanctified life, we experience transformation on many levels of our being. Our bodies begin to change, sometimes quickly or unexpectedly. We can develop strange new symptoms, or a resurgence of older symptoms that we thought had ended.

You may go to your doctor or health professional, and they can find nothing wrong with you! All your tests come back normal. You may even get second or third opinions, and yet to medical eyes you are fine. You may even have all the classic symptoms of a particular ailment, but if you try to address your symptoms with the usual remedies, you may find that the condition does not get better, or even gets worse.

You may even go to spiritual or energetic healers who are capable of perceiving the subtler levels of what is happening in your body, but they are not capable of reading or understanding your particular situation.

Which Symptoms are Light Body Symptoms?

There are no medical tests or objective measures that will let us know when we have an ailment that is a light body symptom. If you are experiencing unusual physical symptoms that are alarming, incapacitating or that you feel concerned about, it is important to first consult with a medical or health care professional.

Even if your ailment has been diagnosed as a medical condition, the effects of expanding spiritual light may be playing a part in the manifestation of your symptoms. It is important to pay attention to your inner guidance as well as to the advice of your health professionals.

Common Light Body Symptoms

Each person's light body experience is completely unique, and yet there a few light body symptoms that seem to be more common. Some of these symptoms listed can also be indicators of illness so please consult with a trusted health professional if you are concerned about what you are experiencing in your body.

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Unusual aches and pains
  • Back and neck spasms
  • Inflammations, rashes and eruptions
  • Intense emotions
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Sensitivities to energies
  • Sensitivities to environmental toxins
  • New experiences orienting to time and space
  • Strong reactions to herbs
  • Fragrance sensitivity

Dealing with Light Body Symptoms

In my experience with light body symptoms, I have found that it is not always possible to know what is happening in my body at any given time.  Over and over again, I am asked to put my faith and trust in God, and to be willing to pray, meditate, and ask for inner guidance about how to address any symptoms I am experiencing.

In my experience it has been very helpful to find trusted health professionals or healers that are willing to work with me and my inner guidance.  Some body symptoms can create fear or worry, and so it is important to find a way to stay connected with inner guidance and one's inner experience of God.

In order to be attuned to our inner guidance, I've found it helpful to develop a healthy relationship with my body. Some of us have learned to ignore our bodies, to feel ashamed of our bodies or to overly identify with our bodies.

Our bodies are primarily energy, and exist in many dimensions of reality. The part that we can see here on the physical plane may look very ordinary.

We may or may not like how our bodies look and feel, and many of us may have little experience in getting to know our bodies. Our bodies are a sacred creation, a miracle of God's manifestation. What a gift we have been given to be able to be here on the Earth, during this momentous time in history!

Though we may or may not remember our soul's purpose in being here on the Earth at this time, it is always with us and calling us to our highest potential. Our bodies were created by God to manifest our soul's purpose, and even the limitations and difficulties of our bodies have a learning, a blessing and a purpose.

Our bodies are sacred, and it is important that we develop a relationship with this part of ourselves that is embodied on the Earth. Our bodies are created by God, and talk to us each day, offering information and guidance to us. As we listen and grow in light, our bodies become more clear and purified, and more aligned with our soul's divine purpose.

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