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Influence of Energies on Physical Symptoms

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Medical sciences have produced many treatments for physical symptoms of all kinds, and yet there are still, for many people, symptoms that occur for which no diagnosis or explanation is possible, not according to science and not according to one's own intuition.

 This can be attested to by almost everyone at some point in their life. We simply do not know when a given physical event occurs, what is causing it or what its treatment should be.

Among the factors that create symptoms, there are genetic predispositions; imbalances within the body that are environmentally introduced; karmic causes that create various vulnerable areas of physical functioning, and so forth. We are familiar with these categories of potential causality. Less known is the influence of energies of opposition to light whose presence is invisible but whose effect can produce symptoms of various kinds that would not seem possible or likely to come from this source. With respect to this influence, there are a vast array of physical symptoms that can be caused or amplified by energies that are opposed to spiritual light:

  • skin inflammation and rashes
  • intestinal dysfunction
  • inflammation of muscle tissue
  • sores, blisters, hives, and skin abrasions
  • headaches
  • numbness in various body parts
  • extremes of heat or cold not weather related
  • taste disturbances
  • smell disturbances
  • swelling of hands or feet
  • localized pain in a particular organ or body part

These energies, whose purpose is to obstruct the flow of light within the body, are often magnetized to those on a spiritual path, amplifying areas of vulnerability that one has come into this lifetime to heal, or they may create temporary obstructions such as irritation around a cut or mosquito bite that takes longer to heal than one might expect.

Energies of opposition to light can operate at an interface between the energetic and physical layers of one's being. The energies are not physical, but their effect can be felt and seen physically. In their production or amplification of symptoms, they have the capacity to create what appears to have a full-blown medical diagnosis, with many of the corresponding symptoms that such a diagnosis entails, and yet the diagnosis would only be partly correct as it pertains to the symptoms themselves, not to the cause. This 'mimic-ing' of medical clusters that look like a disease or an event of some importance happens quite commonly, causing a great deal of anxiety in persons unfamiliar with the capacity of energy to produce physical changes.  What might one do in this situation, when it is difficult to know what is happening?

First, if one is alarmed, it is right and prudent to seek medical help from whatever authority one feels trusting of. Second, and depending on the severity of the symptom, it is common sense to want to reduce its impact on the body, whether it is energetically caused or not. Third, since taking medication of any kind may have additional consequences for the body, it is wise to consider the usefulness of this as compared to simply waiting longer to see if an energy-based symptom will resolve itself on its own. Fourth, it is possible in the presence of any symptom to hold the affirmation: "My body is a divine body, whole and perfect in every way." This affirmation helps the body to find its own way of healing itself most effectively.

There is much yet to be discovered about the interface between the energy body and the physical body, and as this understanding progresses, new sciences that are partly physically-based and partly spiritually-based will emerge. They will make it possible to treat physical symptoms energetically with great effectiveness, and will be able to monitor changes to the body's circumstances even before symptoms develop.  In the meantime, and given the current picture of what is possible, one needs to hold an open mind about what is happening when symptoms occur, and to incorporate the spiritual perspective into the physical perspective so that one has the widest range of choices about how to proceed.

This article by GurujiMa of Light Omega is reprinted with permission.  You can contact her at

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