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The Practice Of Purity

By Julie of Light Omega

In all of human history, there has never been a requirement for purification and purity of the same order of importance as there is now. Though many in the past have known about purification and the relationship of the body, emotions, and thoughts to spiritual progress, many more have separated the domain of the spiritual from the domain of the physical – keeping personal habits that concern the intimate functioning of the body, including habits of nutrition, sexuality, and the use of consciousness-altering substances in a compartment, apart from the rest.

The need to purify today is based on several things: first and foremost, on the need to create a physical vehicle that will be able to hold the higher vibrations of light that are coming to the earth now, so that one might participate most fully in the transition into light that is presently taking place. The necessity for purification relates to the physical functioning of the body as much as it relates to the spiritual functioning of the heart and soul. For the body contains many of the negative energies or energies of limitation that affect consciousness, and it is the new body of light that will be joined with the higher vibrations of light, making it possible for the earth to experience a new way of being as a planetary body and as a people.

In addition to the physical matrix in which purification occurs, the new consciousness accompanying the higher frequencies of light will undo old patterns of thinking and behavior as part of its restorative influence. As part of this, it will affect the body itself, and if there are more opaque, less easily penetrated areas of the body or consciousness that make it hard for light to do its work, tension and conflict will arise between the old ways of doing things and the new, with the psyche polarized and in doubt about which direction to go in.

Third, the ways in which we relate to our bodies has, in the past, kept the physical domain separate from the spiritual, perceiving reality in these terms. Now, however, we enter a new time – one in which the physical will increasingly be seen as an aspect or layer of the spiritual, and in which the physical organism will be seen as having a great deal to do with what we do spiritually and with our consciousness.

The importance of purity of mind, body, and emotions is a priority whose time has come. It was not deemed essential in the old way of doing things, but it is and will be essential for full participation in the new. This does not mean that those who cling to old habits or whose old habits cling to them will not have the possibility for development as well, for they will. It only means that for maximum ability to participate in the consciousness shift that the higher frequencies of light are bringing and will bring, a purified vehicle is needed, and light itself will make this clear and also make possible the way forward as the old patterns no longer make sense.

There are some who may feel that giving up old habits that are less than light-filled is too much to ask in relation to the potential good that the coming changes will bring. This way of thinking itself is part of the old, for the rearrangement of priorities is something that will happen naturally with intensifying light. However, preparing the way and enabling change to occur most smoothly is always a good thing in terms of the possibilities for adaptation to a change that is already on its way. Therefore, understanding and preparation are both useful in order to more gently prepare the way and to prevent confusion from developing about what is happening to the body or emotions.

  • Purity of body can be worked toward through the adjustment of diet so that what is taken in are primarily light-filled plant foods and what is given up are toxic substances of all kinds as well as those of a denser vibration. (See: The Sacred Consciousness of Food).

  • Purification of emotions and thoughts can be worked toward through prayer and through heightened attention to what we permit ourselves to think and feel. Also, through the ability to ask for help with those thoughts and feelings that need to be released. Such a prayerful attitude, accompanied by self-forgiveness and humility, will generate the assistance from higher realms that advances the course of purification.

  • Purification of our connection to the soul-level of our being and to God the One, can be worked toward through a spiritual practice which focuses on establishing this connection and which reaffirms it on a daily basis.

May all beings find the beauty that lies in greater purity, which gives to the soul, wings to fly.

Julie of Light Omega is an emissary from the Realms of Light who is here to assist in the transformation of the Earth.

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