Light Healing

How Spiritual Light Transforms and Heals

The following information on light healing is offered the Realms of Light to help us experience a larger perspective on the process of how light heals and transforms our body, mind and emotions.

Beloved ones, the processes of spiritual light are not yet well known in your current culture, but will be re-discovered as humanity's consciousness begins to awaken more deeply to spiritual reality. As more souls experience and feel their connection with the Divine, new perceptions, inspirations and understandings will arise that will advance both knowledge and the practical applications of that knowledge.

Spiritual light exists as a wave form and a vibration, in multiple dimensions of reality. Previous to the present time on the Earth, the higher dimensions of spiritual light were not able to effectively penetrate into the density of physical matter to manifest fully. Now as the Earth is transforming and becoming a more radiant and light filled being, the spiritual dimensions of light can be more easily manifested into the physical dimensions.

Spiritual light exists as the mind of God, and as infinite, sacred potential. To manifest upon the Earth, light requires a partnership with human beings in order to access, share and transmit that light. Light is healing because it raises the energetic and physical vibration of all that it encounters. Spiritual light is transforming the Earth (see the Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages) and all embodied souls that live upon the Earth.

As light transmits its healing vibration, it has two functions. One is to support and amplify the light in others, so that light may grow and expand. The other is to purify and transform, by activating energies of separation and darkness that have been held within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies of all souls. The Earth has a physical and energetic body as well, which is being purified through the diligent efforts of many lightworkers, teachers and faithful servants of God.

Light healing cannot be quantified or fit into neat compartments, because divine light is an expression of the infinite Oneness of God which is beyond time, space and human perception. For this reason, the process of purification which is activated by light, manifests uniquely for each individual soul. During this transitional time on the Earth when the properties of spiritual light are not well known, those souls who are undergoing the process of purification are being guided and supported by the Realms of Light and by their own inner wisdom and guidance, so that help can be given for what can be an arduous process.

Beloved ones, light is healing your physical, emotional and energetic being at all times. Some areas of blockage are released more easily, so you can feel the freedom and new life that comes from living at a higher vibrational frequency. Some areas of blockage are longstanding and chronic. When these places are met by light and are activated, you may feel strange pains, unusual symptoms, or long buried emotions for a period of time, until the releasing process is complete.

My Thoughts on Light Healing

The benefits of receiving greater light are numerous, and include

  • Greater access to inner guidance
  • More feeling of connection to our true selves
  • A feeling of greater connection to God
  • More ability to be fully present in the moment
  • Freedom from past burdens
  • A lighter and freer body
  • Greater fulfillment in relationships
  • Our personal will becomes aligned with the Divine
  • Fulfillment of our soulÂ’s purpose

Despite the many benefits of light, the path of healing and purification can be extremely challenging, as we are presented with those things within us that we have previously not been willing or able to face. Often the process of purification happens in waves, with intensity of past memories or emotions builds, crests and then subsides. As the wave subsides often we are able to feel a new sense of light, hope, healing or new possibility. It is our love for God, and our heart's desire to be whole which can strengthen us during the difficult times, and help us to stay faithful to our soul's intentions.

Additional Light Healing Resources

For more information on the benefits of light healing, please see Purification and The Blessings of Light.

The Realms of Light have offered several guided meditations which bring light into the body for healing. Please see:

Star of Healing Meditation
Healing the Energy Bodies

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