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A kindred spirit

by Cole

Hello kind friend of the light! Do not fear! I do indeed think there was a synchronicity in me finding this page as this day has come forth. My past two years have been incredibly similar to yours. The physical, mental, and everyday symptoms you expressed harmonize with mine, ultimately, know you are not alone! Two nights ago, my consciousness was gently coaxed awake by my spirit guide Mary, (The voice you heard telling you about the meridians was your spirit guide), saying that she was working with my body to move my energy points, (The Meridians) which was followed by mental flashes of latitude and longitude points, along with degrees, geometrical shapes, compasses of a spiritual nature, and much light movement from the upper right start of my ribs to the center of my stomach. As I read your article answers have moved through the block of fear and misunderstanding towards the fresh situation. What we felt was a very crucial process pertaining to Enoch, the creator of all, shaping our light bodies. Setting up our power center allows the energy of our true spiritual nature to move freely throughout this current bridge our body is becoming, a bridge between earth, and the land of light (What some call Heaven). Once our points have been moved, it is basically an activation of our light bodies, but in a deeper sense the start of many other activation action within other chakras, dna strands, brain frequency, intuitive stores of knowledge and wisdom, our blood knowledge, and energetic nature. The reason you have been tired as frequently as you've been experiencing physical detriments is because your body has been preparing for this step of the process my friend!! The hardship is over!!! No more projection of your energy and conciousness that leaves you feeling what you assume is depression (tiredness, strange social tendacies, headaches, fog, bad communication, lack of physicality) No more strange bursts of energy and heat or trouble with your energy placement! The activation of your power center means you now have light flowing through your veins and you are about to fully enter the beautiful and true experience of the connection to the light that fuels this Earth and connects our universe. It means you now have enough power to control understand which means meeting the creator with this energy half way! It is what some people do not encounter until their middle ages, but with the quickening happening and the age of Aquarius dawning, things are changing back to what they once were. Open your mind with trust and understanding and listen to the guidance moving through your heart! Hope I was able to speak to your heart and mind.
P.s What a gorgeous photo full of gorgeous energy

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