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A new me

by Christa
(Ontario, Canada)

In July 2010, I starting questioning my life and why it felt like life was meaningless. I thought about it non-stop, and started doubting the existence of a God.

I started to receive thoughts that weren't my own. Usually they were only a word or a phrase but eventually I learned to research these topics. If I didnt research one of them, it would repeat in my head until I at least wrote it down for later. Sometimes I would get 10 in a day, sometimes 1. Sometimes I wouldnt get one for a week.

God started over with me. He showed me I was living on auto-pilot, never questioning everything but just believing everything about the world and religion without looking for myself. He took down the veils, He showed me the truth.

I became more aware of everything. Putting patterns together, solving problems. Seeing the seasons change and the angle of the sunshine move as fall gets closer... I have never witnessed more beauty.

I am no longer negative, I am able to manifest things for myself and I have a relationship with God I never thought was possible. To actually feel one with God and receive miracles and answers and synchronocities everyday. I am addicted to this feeling and all I want to do is strive to be the best I can be and that involves a lot of re-training my brain and my reactions.

Bible, reincarnation, karma, light, spirit, dimensions, vibrations, chakras, Mother God. To learn of all of this through my own head was quite scary at first but I never imagined the things I wished were real, actually were. The magic is only spreading. I am already seeing a change in my family and friends who are following my guidance.

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