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Acne and boils

by Rehana

Hi I just erupted into a double boil under my arm and a little acne on my face. I'm 39. What could this be?

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Jan 04, 2013
This is very common
by: Anonymous

Hello, have been having similar reactions for 2 years, they come and go. The boils are new for me, though. Had one appear a month ago, and it's just starting to go away. It was on my lip.

I attribute all of this to ascension symptoms, my body being cleansed and made ready for higher input of energy and vibrations.

Your skin is one of the most efficient detoxing systems in the body. I started welcoming the symptoms when I realized everything I get rid of that holds me back is that much less to deal with when I want to move forward with my new operating system. Think of it as dumping unwanted files before you can download new software lol.

I do find changing my diet has helped to vegetarian, with lots of fresh vegetable and fruit juices that I drink within 5 minutes of juicing for the enzyme action.

Hope this helps.

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