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Always Tired and Feeling Angry

by Bob
(Port Orchard, Wa.)

Hello, I'm a new comer to this site which I happened onto from a link "". I have been delving into the dimensions that I've learned from Barbara Hand Clows book called "Alchemy of the Dimensions". After working in the 4rth dimension, I've come across a big, heavy ball of anger from my past and possibly past lives. I don't know how to overcome some of the pain I come across.

Some nights after meditating or learning about the Pleiadians, my mind is buzzing with energy and a lot of strange dreams. Sometimes I dream so much I feel tired when I wake up. I'm also experiencing dizziness and most of the time I'm walking around in a daze. I guess this is part of the change going on on the inside. I'm expecting great things in the future!

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May 19, 2009
by: Brenda McCann

IT's OK to 'feel the anger' and yes I know you're sick of hearing that. LOL Here goes: I've been told and it seems TO WORK, that when we are over come with anger it is our CLUE to simply 'Let it go'.
What I do is release the judgment (anger reaction that is current or that I am 're-living once again, into the LIGHT WITHIN US and all of life.

Most of my anger is due to my judgments that I put upon myself for being duped by someone. Like right now I am a stroke survivor and most of my primary people

OLD NCN Buddy,
Brenda in Idaho USA EARTH
most of the time now. LOL

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