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by Sophia
(Kearny, New Jersey)

Where do I start? First it was just slight fatigue that I chalked up to being in an abusive relationship and that I needed to heal. At the same time I began reading more material about metaphysical and transformation, Kundalini. Then I got the "flu" and was sick for 2months. Well this year it got worse I was so tired emotionally and physically I thought it was because of my job. I am a nurse and was working in a therapeutic rehab for women who were allowed to have their babies with them.It was an extremely negative enviornment however I felt that I belonged there. I got sick with a upper respiratory infection in October that would not leave for the next 4 months> A two week reprieve than came back worse. I was taking yoga classes when I could not raise my right arm I could not even hold a pen the pain was that severe. I thought it was from an old injury. Well fially in February the upper respiratory turned into an lower respiratory on verge of pneumonia in my left lung, stomach ulcer and possible liver problems. I am constantly tired yet there was that inner knowing that I was grieving I was releasing old toxins on a deep cellular level. I had kind of invited the process as I read about transmuting our dna and cellular transformation. I have quit smoking as my body was totally rejecting it. Oh yea I also met this man who I had an instant soul level connection. I have been looking for alternative ways to heal and believe that this is also emotional because the man and I haven't spoke in four months. I am asking for anybody out there who identifies or can help me understand that I am not going crazy. : {

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Jun 17, 2010
Purification and the body
by: dr


I have had many body symptoms that present one way, that I experience as having another purpose. It is most important to honor what you feel happening in your body. There may be times when toxic environments are not what your body needs to be around. Take care of your body on the physical level, and on the energetic level. As your body purifies, find ways to be gentle with yourself.

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Jun 16, 2010
I believe I know what is happening
by: john H

I am going to mention something here that you ay want to look into. I was told from a friend of mine that Europe is going through a plague right now we are not being told about on the news. NOW! don't get worried to much not unless you can find out more information about this, BUT! this is all I know. I was told that in Europe there is a plague happening with upper resperotory infections. People cough and they occassionally bleed from their lungs. They are tired and have flu like symptoms. If you have been to Europe you may have a problem. George Noory from coast to coast radio knows about this plague. Whay we are NOT bing told about it, I have no idea. You may be going through something else though. Sometimes our bodies as you know kick out things it rejects. I am a medical assistant by trade and your a nurse, so we both know that information is true. Monitor your body. Keep track of what you eat and the results of it. Drink purified water, lots of it to cleanse whatever is in there your body may be rejecting. Our solar system is moving into a part of the galaxy that has a different kind of energy we know nothing about. Nasa has comfirmed this. They are wondering if anything is going to work when we get there, and the date is around Dec 21st 2012, that will put us in the middle of our own galaxy. Most people don't know that not only does the earth rotate, but our solar system moves through space as well, that is why our stars change over time. I wish you the best and will say someprayers for you.
John H
Rancho Cordova California.

Jun 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

You must trust 100% that this difficult time period is part of your evolutionary process. You should thank God every day for the purification that you are enduring. I suspect the lessons you are learning are related to letting go and letting God take control. You are a child of God, destined to fully realize your true nature as a God. You can't do that until you realize who you are in relation to the universe. Currently, you are a God in training. Ponies grow up to be horses. Children of God grow up to be Gods. That's how God expands himself. God lives and breathes through you. God experiences his creation in a totally new way through you. He experiences every thought and emotion you have. He suffers with you and rejoices with you. And he wants you to develop your ability to create your own reality. Eventually, you will be able to create your own universes. When you complete your purification process, these difficult times will seem like whisps in the wind, and you will know that you are on your way to fulfilling your destiny to become a God. Right now, trust is the key.

Jun 16, 2010
Not going crazy, just transmuting
by: Anonymous

Yes, that's the spirit. Letting go, letting go letting go..

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