Ascension symptoms

by Melli BlueStar

ThankYou for your report!
I've had ascension symptoms for long time, but they are changing now. The Last weeks have been rushes and sun eksem on my fingers combined with hotter feeds and hands. Healing Hands ;) I've always been hotter in my body, but its increasing now.
I've found your site because I was looking for the symptom of tingling my eye lash left eye. Iam used since many years of the third eye pressure and tingling sensations (downloading;) all over my head, but mostly in the back, where I picture my Silverstring coming out and not from top as described in books.
I think the best way to go though these times is to hang in there and ride it out. (Just Now my kundalini is talking, even though Iam laying down. I don't have need to sit upright to meditate, and when I do Yoga I have to ground myself like crazy, otherwise I would fly off into the sky, haha.
Anyway, Iam doing a 10days past life regression via CD and that works perfectly. I relaxes and grounds me at the same time, and repairs through the CD and Hypnoses old karmic knots from past lives.

WE all have to find our own way.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.



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