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Awakening or not....

by Will

Hi there,

Thought I would drop you a mail after reading your site content.

I suffered from CFS about 3 years ago and regained most of the energy within a 2 year peiod through vitamins, diet, enemas and saunna - which i still do to this day.

Whilst I was ill I had an enlightenment experience one night while doing some yoga - a very cosmic but beautifual experience.

In the past year I have the following symptoms:

- Head tingling and buzzing constantly
- sweetish taste in my mouth
- pressure on my scalp
- insomnia now and again
- nervousness and really revved up
- Heart palpitations - alot everyday

I feel like sometimes I have an abundance of energy and then 30 mins later I feel drained and lethargic.

I have done alot of spiritual reading and feel like I understand the universe and God so much more know. I feel so compassionate towards other that I get really emotional. However I do feel quite rough alot of the time still.

I think I am having a spiritual awakening but keep thinking that my physical sensation are due to some sort of illness. Its really confusing and uncertain.

Any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,


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Aug 13, 2012
Awakenng or not....
by: Anonymous

Hi Will,

"Fools rush in where Angels fear to Tread". We must be prepared 24/7 for 'the call'. Your symptoms sound like overload - caution - always when rendering your vessel for 'readings', etal. It is very easy to absorb the data rather than move it through. [ When absorbed, chaos ensues-in YOU - not the one you are trying to help.]

"Seek ye - first - the Kingdom of [GOD] Heavan and ALL will be given unto you". Those whom we are to help are brought to us, recognizing that the Universe is always the empowered Being guiding all into the Light, the Truth of any need.

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