awaking 2011

by Natalie L P
(Terrell, tx )

Hello, I have come across your page, and would like to share some of the things iam now experiencing...I just turned 22 yrs old on the 17th of April and am suprized to say Its like I have almost changed in an istant! I have had lots of info that has come my way and started wanting to know more, an more about the events of 2012! As I started learning more I noticed I was becomming more aware of why I was truly here, and my purpose...everything stared changing from the way I was percieving things, to the way iam feeling, vison I noticed has changed, I see orbs, specs of light...things vibrating so to adio has changed: tones in the ears, buzzing etc I feel more connected to the world and of its beauty..there is so much more...I first felt like maybe I was the only one experiencing this but I see that many others are too and iam not alone.

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