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by Barbara
(Lafayette, LA)

My story is on my blog at

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Oct 07, 2012
hi Barb
by: Anna

I cjecked in at your blog
glad to meet you
love your blog it
you are very authentic
and that is the truth within is hard for many to see through the illusions
I wanted to add am posting here though I would have liked to leave a note/comment on your blog
following the light
mine my blog is just being created my story and journey
I recently realized that we have an authenitc relationship with everyone we meet and that we also act as a catylist for their growth, it changed my whole being to be good with who I have become, it;s so exciting and now up to the third reality where we are supported in this remarkable energy am just going through that mastery too and sharing it with others who are here and not transforming the negativity anymore it is a case of this is yours your projection and with grace I delever it back to you to do the work and own it YEA !
and not to buy into the old world relationship ( if you do for me then I do for you illusions ) though some that are force of love in world are remarkable to behold. Anyways thankyou for sharing and being authentic I appreciate
see you in the lightbody grid where we work together for planetary growth and teachings
hugs :-))
hugs from this heartflame Anna
Lightbodies and friends

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