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bodily heat can indicate a rise in "life force" and cellular cleansing

by Schavi A.
(Farmington Hills, Michigan (USA))

Most people think that when people experience excessive heat in the body, especially if they are in their middle years, that this is indicative of the process known as "menopause" for women and "andropause" for men. Often these are called "hot flashes" or "private summers". However, heat sensations can also be experienced by young and old alike due to the intensity of solar flares (protons, electrons and carbon dioxide gases escaping from the Sun) that are occurring as our planet elevates to a higher vibrational frequency. Our cells have memory--not merely of our experiences in this lifetime but also of those from previous lifetimes. We also have cellular memory regarding the lives of our ancestors. Because we are moving through what is referred to in Sanskrit as the "Kali Yuga" era, which is defined as "Age of Chaos", it is paramount that our cellular records be cleansed and cleared of old paradigms of thought, word, feelings and deeds. Lots of symptoms on a physical, mental, and emotional level occur in order to prepare us to transform from carbon-based to crystalline. Just one of these symptoms is heating-up of the body. I have been having these sensations off and on for several years now as have many of my clients and friends. For thousands of years, ancient Vedic teachings speak of heat as symbolic of the rise of "Kundalini" energy which gathers initially at the base of the spine and rises upwards to the crown, and the pineal and pituitary glands join in spiritual harmony to connect us with the "Cosmic Symphony". Further, "Kundalini" is "life force" called "prana" in Sanskrit, "Chi" in Mandarin Chinese, and "Ki" in Japanese. It is further taught that when we have these experiences of heat, i.e., "Kundalini", we are exuding with "life force", and thus, the heat is a necessary process in order to 1.) transform and refine our life force, and 2.) cleanse the cellular memory of unnecessary spiritual and material debris that could impede the furtherance of greater life force for elevation to higher levels of frequency.
Consequently, taking hormone pills and applying hormone patches on the skin to alleviate heat because of the thought of imbalanced hormones, is not wise. After all, these are artificial hormones which can have dangerous side effects to the organs and glands. In other words, we must realize that this heat is natural and ordained by the "Source" for our good. To relax and move more comfortably through the process of profound change that is occurring on our planet at this time as well as in the entire cosmos, I recommend wearing calming gemstones. Gemstones are actually hardened minerals which work via entering our auric fields, our meridians, our chakras and our cellular records--gently, but powerfully in a gradual manner. Try wearing a therapeutic necklace and/or bracelet of any one of the following gemstones: AQUAMARINE (which also alleviates the symptoms of allergies and colds), TURQUOISE (whose copper content eases aches and pains in muscles), LARIMAR (which also strengthens the immune system), LAPIS LAZULI (which also quickly alleviates stress and anxiety and helps us to think in more spiritual ways), ROSE QUARTZ (which also heals heart palpitations which sometimes may accompany heat sensations, and it also balances hormones, calms the nervous system, and lowers elevated blood pressure, and NEPHRITE (a type of Jade which calms the nervous system and strengthens the heart). Because these gemstones are so calming, they assist with allowing for restorative sleep at night because yet another symptom of the transformative process is periodic insomnia.
We have to begin to look at various physical, mental and emotional symptoms in a new manner. Of course, to rule out any true health challenges, please see a qualified physician (hopefully one who is nature-oriented and who does not recommend potentially harmful chemical medications or invasive procedures). The next time you experience a tremendous heat sensation, it just may be the wonderful rise of greater life force in order to cleanse and clear old worn-out issues. Namaste!

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