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Body Experiences

by Lois Jean Thomas

I am mostly aware of unusual energy experiences at night. Waves of energy enter my body, generally through my feet, and spread throughout my body. The quality or sensation of the energy can be different from one time to another. Sometimes I am slammed with a massive wave that renders me out of control of my body for a few moments. I frequently feel like my soles and palms are sizzling with energy. I get into states where it feels like my body is made of light and has no particular form. I have energy dreams in which my vibrational level is so high I levitate or am propelled across a room.

Sometimes violent shaking overtakes my body and it feels like I am discharging negative energy. Sometimes I have the experience of coughing up or vomiting negative energy. I can no longer tolerate holding negative emotions in my body.

I also hear unusual sounds at night: high tones of varying pitches, but also singing or chanting. I generally cannot make out the words of the singing, but several times I've woken up abruptly and the singing was loud enough and near enough that I could make out the words, which were of a spiritual nature. The sounds seem to have a vibrational property, and they impact the vibrational experience of my body.

I have images that flash into my inner sight when I am lying with my eyes closed. Some of them seem symbolic, but generally I do not understand what they mean.

My appetite for food is changing. I prefer a lighter diet, simply prepared, with less meat and more fruits and vegetables. My body quickly lets me know if I've made a poor choice in what I've eaten. I've also become more sensitive to odors and scents and am less tolerant of chemical smells.

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Dec 30, 2009
by: Elle

I've heard chanting a couple of times in the last month. It was Gregorian chanting one night and what sounded like female Angels singing on another night. When I hear stuff, I've noticed that I can feel energy pouring in at the top of my head (feels like warm water) and kindof sways me from side to side. When the noises or chanting stops, the feeling on my head stops. That's what lets me know that it's from the Divine. It's a beautiful experience and leaves me feeling very peaceful. You are very Blessed! Much Love to you :0)

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